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The top treks of Kashmir are:

1. Basmai – Soun Valley Trek

Basmai Valley is a beautiful cradle lapped in one of the least explored parts of Kashmir, the Ganderbal and Anantnag region. Skirting Zanskar, the valley is towered by the imposing Kolahoi peak. While the Basmai route is well trodden by trekking enthusiasts, the trail to Soun Valley remains untouched. The trek from Basmai to Soun Valley is a fair moderate trek and carries beautiful views of the Kashmiri Himalayas. Besides being a visual treat for trekkers and nature lovers, the trek also introduces you to the quiet lifestyle of the Bakarwal (shepherds) of the rustic villages that you pass. The trek can be attempted anytime between the months of Mid June to September when the trail comes blooming to life. What’s more, if you plan the trek in June, you can treat yourself to beautiful virgin snow that carpets the valley! If you’re someone who likes to stray off the beaten tracks, the Basmai to Soun Valley trek is an absolute must-do!

Max. Altitude – 4,000 meters

Duration – 5 days

Level – Easy to moderate


1. The trek from Basmai to Soun valley traces some of the most unexplored trails in Kashmir. Stray from the beautiful, albeit a little more frequented trails of Tarsar Marsar, and wander into the solitude that Soun valley promises you.

2. You get a glimpse into the intriguing lifestyle of the shepherds of the Kashmiri villages.

3. Though moderate, the trek can be attempted even by fit first timers.

2. Warwan Valley Trek

One of the best-kept secrets of Kashmir, Warvan Valley is cradled by the barren, mountainous landscape of Ladakh, and the verdant expanses of Kashmir valley! It brims with beauty and adrenaline, the likes of which find no match anywhere else. The trail weaves through some of the remotest and untouched paths of Kashmir, leaving you miles of undisturbed beauty to cherish. The path runs over glaciers, moraines, and narrow treacherous ridges, stretching over 20 km. The entire trek is spread over a mind-boggling 100 km and requires nine days of strenuous trekking. Granted, the challenging terrain of the trek may seem daunting, but the rewards more than makeup for all the fatigues. Everything else, every other emotion pales when miles and miles of untouched, unmarred beauty unwinds before you, leaving you truly fumbling for words. The trek is a paradise of adventure lovers, and demands excellent fitness levels, along with one or two prior experiences of high altitude trekking.

Max. Altitude – 4,405 meters

Duration – 9 days

Level – Challenging



1. Wander into the heart of Kashmir valley, tucked away in some of the least explored parts of Kashmir. Enjoy the solitude and tranquility it grants you.

2. The trek stretches over a couple of icy glaciers, making the entire experience stand out. So many glaciers packed in one single trek is something few other treks can boast about.

3. Witness the beautiful culture of the rustic mountain villages which seem to have been forgotten by time.

3. Kolahoi Glacier Trek

Kolahoi Glacier is a valley glacier in the northwestern Himalayan Range situated 26 kilometers north from Pahalgam.

Kolahoi Glacier is revered by the locals as “Goddess of Light” for being the perennial source of water to major rivers such as Jhelum and Lidder.

The trek to Kolahoi Glacier categorically captures the essence of the charm of Kashmir.

4. Tarsar Marsar Trek

Of all the trekking destinations in India, you can excuse us if we’re a bit partial towards Kashmir, where trekking as an experience is on another tangent of beauty altogether. Amongst countless other stunning trekking trails, Kashmir is also home to the iconic Tarsar Marsar trek. The trek leads to three incredible alpine lakes, namely Tarsar, Marsar and Sundarsar. The trail coils through iconic meadows of Kashmir, stunning high altitude pastures and forests and pastures. The campsites on this trek sit right beside the surreal beauty of these lakes, and a sprawling sky studded with a million stars watch over you. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of an arm of the Milky Way in all its stellar glory. Besides the beautiful terrains, the beautiful mountain valleys and rustic villages of Kashmir leave you awestruck.

Max. Altitude – 4,024 m

Duration – 7 days

Difficulty – Moderate

5. Basmai Pass – Tarsar Marsar Lake Trek

Basmai is a breathtaking hanging valley in Jammu & Kashmir and forms a beautiful cradle within the Himalayas. Perched at a staggering 4000 meters, it is shaded in the Ganderbal and Anantnag district of Jammu & Kashmir, which is wildly off the beaten tracks. The valley is towered by the lofty Kohlai Peak, while the majestic Zanskar fences the other side. This moderate level trek is chaperoned by lovely trees of Oak, Deodar, Bhojpatra, and Pine, accompanied by multitudinous species of wildlife. The northern part of Basmai houses the stunning Kohlai Glacier. As a bonus, it also introduces trekkers to the quaint lifestyle of the village locals.

The most ideal time to do the trek is Mid June to September, when the snow cover begins to melt, leaving behind a blanket of enchanting, lush greenery.

Trek Highlights:

1. One of the most offbeat places in Jammu & Kashmir.

2. Carries a backdrop of the mighty Kolahoi Peak

3. Camping by beautiful alpine lakes- Tarsar, Marsar, and Sundarsar.

6. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

One of the most popular treks in Kashmir The stellar beauty of five alpine lakes lapped in the dreamscape of Kashmir – can you think of a more beautiful combination? Kashmir Great Lakes is a name that sets every trekker’s heart racing – and for good reason! The Kashmir Great Lakes trek is easily the most beautiful, picture-perfect, postcard-worthy trek we run. The trail leads you through five alpine lakes, each as beautiful as the other. The lakes follow one after the other every day, making each day equally exciting. Remember the rush and excitement of a pass day/summit day? Well, multiply all of that by 5, and you have the Kashmir Great Lakes trek – each day a beautiful, new lake to look forward to. What’s more interesting is that you get to see these lakes just as they are being fed by the snow-clad mountains. If you’re lucky enough, you may even chance upon an occasional iceberg floating across the pristine blues and greens of the lake. The beautiful, albeit distorted reflections of the surrounding mountains on the surface of the lake, is also something to look forward to. Given the arduous, undulating trail, Kashmir Great Lakes trekking demands commendable fitness.

The Great Lakes trek plunges into the beautiful, lush meadows of Kashmir, each one competing with the other in terms of beauty. Every day brings a new meadow to explore. From pine and maple lining the meadows to the verdant valleys of Kashmir, the trek is essentially a patchwork of different terrains. On the fourth day of the trek, you can see the sweeping Satsar Plains looking phenomenal as a gurgling stream snakes through the middle. Climbing up to 13,800 ft., the trek is fairly challenging and demands a rigorous fitness regime to be followed. The fitter you are, the more you can explore. If you’re a nature lover, you cannot miss this trek! If adventure and mountain trails are your calling, book your Kashmir Great Lakes trek in India with us. Head to our dates for the Kashmir Great Lakes 2019 and book your slots today.

7. Barafsar Lake Trek – The Highest Lake Of Kashmir

This trek begins from the farthermost alpine village of Kashmir towards the north-east. The town is well-known for guides that take believers to the blessed Amaranth yatra. The trek has three high elevation lakes on its course, one being the highest lake in Kashmir at a staggering altitude of 4605m. On the trail, one encounters two beautiful, vast and lush meadows Kolahoi Pass (most astounding in Sind valley), Thajwas wild life sanctuary, eight technical cliffs and six glacier beds.

Max. Altitude: 4605 m

No. of Days: 5 Days 4 Nights

8. Harmukh Valley Trek

Harmukh Valley trek is an astonishing high-elevation trail and considered as a most wonderful trek in Kashmir. Harmukh is the 4th highest peak in that valley is set with a picturesque foreground of the magnificent Gangbal lake.

Known as the Eiger of Kashmir, it was from Mount Harmukh that Thomas Montgomery, an incredible trigonometric surveyor, first found K1 and K2 Mountains in 1865. The Gangbal Lake is said to be the Ganges of Shivism.

Max. Altitude: 3700 m

No. of Days: 5 Days 4 Nights

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