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“August is a gentle reminder for not doing a single thing from your New Year resolution for seven months and not doing it for next five.” – Crestless Wave


Are you one of those who promised yourself an adventurous year but after a week of New Year became a couch potato? Need not to worry. We have plenty of treks to go for in August which would help you not only do something adventurous but also to enjoy the beautiful weather right in the midst of nature.

August is one of the months in monsoon season. Most parts of India experience rain during August. It is a time where people are dicey about whether to go to the mountains or not. But sipping tea while enjoying rain and mountain is a surreal experience for sure. India is one of the few countries which have cultural, geographical, weather diversity. One can find all kinds of weather and landscapes in India. From deadly summer to chilly winters one can enjoy all the weathers without any hassle.

Be it anywhere in India, one can enjoy treks in August. Some people rejoice rain and some people find it inconvenient. In August, there are few tourists and you can enjoy a less crowded mountain. Mountains become risky to do trekking in August as it gets slippery and there are higher chances of falling but that adds to the thrill and adventure. One cannot expect snow-covered landscape all the time. Greenery should also be enjoyed an experienced as people don’t get to enjoy that in a city anymore. August is the perfect time to explore the mountains and discover the best.

There are various trek tours in August from which one could choose according to the trek that is appropriate for them. We provide you the best treks in August in India and help you in guidance with deciding which one to go for. A trek can never go wrong with good shoes and good guidance. One gets to truly explore the beauty of mountains. It is the perfect time to capture the flora and fauna never seen before and create memories and learn.

There are various hikings in August that brings the trekker close to the hidden beauty of nature and gems in the mountain. Each kind of treks provides a different kind of adventure and experience with its uniqueness, landscape, and the difficulty level. Some of the treks go really well with the beginners and they really have a great experience while some of the treks are even challenging for experts.

With these thoughts and ideas, we have compiled a list of treks from easy to difficult for trekking in India in August.

All the Himalayan treks in August are:

Trek NameNo. of DaysCostDetails
Animal Pass Trek7 DaysRs. 16499/-View Details
Bara Bhangal Trek13 DaysRs. 60000/-View Details
Barafsar Lake Trek5 DaysRs. 12150/-View Details
Basmai Pass Tarsar Marsar Lake Trek7 DaysRs. 15550/-View Details
Basmai Soun Valley Trek5 DaysRs. 14500/-View Details
Beas Kund5 DaysRs. 6250/-View Details
Bhrigu Lake Trek4 DaysRs. 6750/-View Details
Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek6 DaysRs. 11950/-View Details
Hampta Pass and Chandra Tal Trek5 DaysRs. 9950/-View Details
Hanuman Tibba Expedition13 DaysRs. 47450/-View Details
Kalihani Pass Trek10 DaysRs. 23450/-View Details
Kanamo Peak Trek7 DaysRs. 13450/-View Details
Kang Yatse II (6250m)12 DaysRs. 99300/-View Details
Kanji La Trek13 DaysRs. 39750/-View Details
Kashmir Great Lake7 DaysRs. 13750/-View Details
Kolahoi Glacier Trek6 DaysRs. 14550/-View Details
Lamayuru To Padum Trek15 DaysRs. 95450/-View Details
Markha Valley Trek9 DaysRs. 19500/-View Details
Mentok Kangri Trek14 DaysRs. 87000/-View Details
Mt. Kedar Dome21 DaysRs. 135000/-View Details
Nag Tibba Trek2 DaysRs. 3850/-View Details
Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek11 DaysRs. 39550/-View Details
Parang La Trek13 DaysRs. 28500/-View Details
Pin Bhaba Pass Trek8 DaysRs. 16550/-View Details
Pin Parvati Pass Trek10 DaysRs. 29450/-View Details
Prashar Lake Trek2 DaysRs. 31150/-View Details
Rangdum To Lamayuru Trek10 DaysRs. 61500/-View Details
Rumtse Tso Moriri Trek10 DaysRs. 52650/-View Details
Rupshu Valley Trek11 DaysRs. 44150/-View Details
Saboo To Khaltsar Trek7 DaysRs. 34500/-View Details
Satopanth Lake Trek6 DaysRs. 22450/-View Details
Sham Valley Trek6 DaysRs. 16500/-View Details
Spituk Matho Trek7 DaysRs. 17450/-View Details
Stok Kangri Trek8 DaysRs. 19200/-View Details
Tarsar Marsar7 DaysRs. 13750/-View Details
Valley of Flowers Trek6 DaysRs. 8850/-View Details
Warwan Valley Trek9 DaysRs. 20500/-View Details

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Popular Treks in September

Some of the best treks in August are:

1. Valley of Flowers, Uttrakhand

Only during monsoon season i.e. July to September, one gets to experience and visit this mesmerizing place. It is actually a national park which remains open for trekkers and is one of the most beautiful treks. This trek is perfect for beginners to start their trekking streak and explore the true side of the Himalayas. In monsoon, a variety of exotic flowers bloom and makes it breathtaking for trekking. The rainy weather adds to the beautiful scenery and makes it look heavenly. Trekkers enjoy a variety of birds, trees, flowers, and landscape and explore untrodden parts of the Himalaya. It is a very easy trek and is perfect for beginners as well as for experienced to experience surreal beauty.

2. Hampta Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

This trek is situated in Himachal Pradesh. Himachal is one of the most preferred places to go during vacation and to enjoy the mountains. The terrain is an easy one and again perfect for beginners as well as professionals. The surroundings and the scenery make this place mesmerizing and a place worth everything. Especially in monsoon, the rain makes the forest greener and more magnificent. This trek gives you an opportunity to unleash your inner adventurer and explore the true beauty of nature. One should definitely try this trek and experience the real beauty and peace.

3. Sinhagad Trek, Pune

This trek is one of the challenging ones in our list. It is a moderate trek to a seventeenth-century fort. It is seen as a popular spot for a vacation in Pune. The surrounding of this place is truly mesmerizing and definitely worth adventuring.  The sunrise and the sunset is definitely a must watch from the destination. One would forget about all the pains and efforts took you to reach when you soak in the beauty of the destination.

4. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, Jammu & Kashmir

Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places in India. It is truly heavenly and one would feel like it is a paradise on Earth. This trek is one of the most popular treks in Kashmir. The stunning view of the lakes and snow-covered peaks are the highlight. This trek gives you the opportunity to see the unseen side of Himalayas and to experience something never felt before. This trek is a moderate trek and requires prior experience of trekking. It is challenging and is full of adventure.  

5. Zanskar Valley Trek, Ladakh

In monsoon season, this trek gives a new experience of adventure. This trek is famous for its scenic beauty. Trekkers pass through monasteries, hamlets, wild canyons etc. This trek is definitely pleasing for eyes and for the inner adventurer inside you. This trek is a bit difficult. This trek is recommended for someone who has prior experience of trekking.

6. Dzongri Trek, Sikkim

This is one of the most popular monsoon treks we have to offer. It spans from Yuksom to Dzongri. It covers places like Phedang, Bakkhim. Goecha la, mesmerizing view of Kanchenjunga, Mt Pandim. The rain during the monsoon makes the forest heaven for trekkers. This trek is fairly easy and anyone can enjoy this heavenly trek.

7. Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trek, Uttrakhand

This place is one of the most pleasing and peaceful places, especially during the monsoons. The rain adds to its beauty and makes it more beautiful than ever. One can spot exotic flora and fauna and variety of landscape during the trek.

This trek includes at least twelve peaks like Nanda Kot, Changaband, Trishuli and many more. This trek is also one of the challenging treks but beginners can do it and completely enjoy it. This trek is altogether a completely different experience. All the hard work and efforts put to reach the destination would definitely worth the pain. Trekkers prefer this trek for its fantastic beauty and the rich variety of flora and fauna. One can spot exotic animals and plants and learn great things.

8. Pin-Parvati Trek, Himachal Pradesh

This is one of the oldest treks in the Indian Himalayas. It is also known as ‘Valley of Gods’. This valley offers eye-catching scenic beauty to trekkers. This trek is moderate to strenuous and can take around thirteen to seventeen days to finish. This trek is definitely worth trying if you are looking for some challenge and adventure never experienced before. The view after completing the trek would be absolutely worth all the troubles and pain taken and would definitely give you a surreal experience.

9. Stok Kangri Trek, Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the states in India which is at very high altitudes of the Himalayan region. This trek is one of the most engrossing treks in Ladakh. The landscape of this trek is breathtaking and one of the most beautiful. This place not only adored by Indians but around the globe. Every year people around the globe visit this place just to take in all the beauty and to experience heaven. It is quite a difficult trek and needs prior experience. It could be difficult for beginners and challenging even for professionals. This trek is situated at 20,182 ft and can cause problems because of high altitude.

Trekking is an activity which anyone regardless there age can enjoy. Many people from old generations have proven to be more active than youngsters and they are becoming the true inspiration for the young generation. There are various institutions which arrange trekking adventure and encourage students to go for some adventure right in the midst of nature and stay mentally and physically healthy. Trekking gives you the perfect opportunity to explore mountains and yourself. A Trekker has to push their boundaries to really accomplish the trek and quench the thirst of their inner adventurer.

Trekking is not only a fun and adventurous activity but it is also very beneficial for one’s health. One gets fit by walking and doing trekking also one gets mental peace and feels relaxed. The stunning view and the peaceful vibe all adds together and creates a different realm which we enter and hate to exit. Trekking is truly a surreal experience which everyone should experience at least once to gain the knowledge and memories and to truly see the real beauty of nature.