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For trekkers who love to traverse through snow-clad mountains February is the month to go for trekking and exploring the mountains as you emberse your body in the snow and your mind in peace. While summer season is considered best for trekking, because of abundance of greenery and blooming flowers, you hardly find any snow during this season. Also, for those who are experienced trekkers and want to add more thrill and activity into their journey, traversing through snow laden paths will be more suited. Also, for a person who loves snow nothing can be better than seeing it stretch for miles and miles. Here we have a carefully devised list of treks which will be best enjoyed during the month of February. Read ahead to know more about the Top Treks in February in India.

Himalayan Treks in February are:

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Best Treks in February in Himalayas are:

1. NAG TIBBA TREK: One cannot praise this trek enough for the abundance of convenience that it has to offer. As this is a weekend trek you will not have to take any days off. If you are a beginner then this trek is very ideal for you. Also, this trek will be an amazing way to introduce children to the majestic beauty of mountains.

The peak of Nag Tibba is located in Uttarakhand and rises to a height of 9,910 ft. As you will be going on this adventure during February your path will be covered in snow, the white landscape will be stretching all around. Sounds magical, doesn’t it?!

Starting from Pantwari you will reach the top of the peak in just 2 days. You will be surrounded by mountains, and the scenic and the panoramic view are sure to take away any heavy feelings that were troubling you. There cannot be a more perfect setting to just let go of everything and enjoy the beauty that will be all around you.


2. BRAHMATAL TREK: Another one of the top treks in February is Brahmatal trek. The kind of beauty that you will experience during this trek is truly mesmerizing. Situated in Uttarakhand the Brahmatal peak rises up to 12,100 ft.

The trek takes around six days and during this time you will get to witness the majestic mountains of the Himalayas covered in snow. The trail of this trek goes through oak forests and meadows. Rhododendrons are amongst other varieties of flora that you will get to see during this trek. As you will be trekking during February you will find treetops laden with snow and even whole meadows will be covered under a blanket of snow. A sight beautiful enough to make you heave, blinden your eyes, and freeze your nose and also, enlighten your soul.

Apart from all this you will also get to see the frozen lake of Brahmatal, and from the top of the peak the view will leave you stupefied. You will see the peaks of Mt. Nanda Ghunti and Mt. Trishul covered in snow and standing gloriously in front of you. The trek will be rewarding in every aspect and more.

 3. CHANDRASHILA TREK: Chandrashila trek is amongst one of the few treks which are mesmerizing during winters as well as during summers. While during a summer trek you can enjoy lush greenery, during winters you will be able to enjoy snow covering everything around you as far as your eyes can sight.

The highest point of this trek rises up to 13,100 ft. Located in Uttarakhand, this trek will take you from the lake of Deoria Tal to the top of the mountain from where you will be able to bask in the glory of nature. Camping near a beautiful lake and watching some of the famous peaks, like Bandarpoonch and Kedar, from a considerable distance are amongst some of the rewarding highlights of this trek. Venture upon this beautiful journey to experience something thrilling. We also, lovingly call this its summit, one peak to view them all because of the 360-degree panoramic glimpse it offers to you from the top.


4. DAYARA BUGYAL TREK: It is always a delight to explore places which are lesser-known. Dayara bugyal trek is one such offbeat trek. Bugyal means meadows so as the name suggests, you will be trekking through open meadows to reach the topmost point of the mountain. The catch here is that the meadows instead of being green will be covered in white snow, the experience nonetheless will be utterly mesmerizing.

Imagine yourself walking on a huge, open landscape and everywhere you look you will see snow encompassing everything, big or small, sounds charming, right! The highest point of this trek rises up to 12,100 ft, making it a perfect spot for enjoying the beauty of mountains surrounding the peak. From the top of the mountain, you will be able to see the peaks of Gangotri, Bandarpoonch, and the Black peak.


5. KUARI PASS TREK: Another one of trek tours in February that Uttarakhand offers is Kuari Pass trek. Kuari Pass Trek has a lot to offer with terrains that change to give you a fully satisfying experience of the Himalayan mountains.

The trail of the trek goes through vast, open meadows and then through dense forests filled with Oak and Deodar trees. The trail also passes through villages situated in the mountains, so it will get a close peek at the lives of the natives of this place. As you will be trekking during the winter season you will find an ample amount of snow everywhere around you. The highest altitude of this trek is 12,763 ft, at such a height the peak boasts of beautiful, scenic views that will leave you delighted. Looking around from the top of the mountain peak will truly be an achievement and overwhelm you to the core.


6. CHADAR TREK FROZEN RIVER: This one is not for the faint-hearted, and sadly not for beginners either. If you want to experience the ultimate thrilling journey, something that will make sure that you notice every second of this life that you have been bestowed with then trekking on the frozen Zanskar lake is something that you should consider. 

Zanskar lake is perched at a height of 11,100 ft in Leh. The trek will include walking on the frozen lake and hence the trekker must have information about the ice sheets. Walking on a frozen lake can be dangerous, for obvious reasons, and that’s why an inexperienced trekker should not try to go for this trek. The most difficult part of accomplishing this trek is fighting the cold, mentally and physically. As the mind and body numbing cold get to you, make sure you are well prepared or the -35 degree temperature is sure to send you back with your tail between your legs. 

Being aware of the conditions during this kind of trek is very important if one wants to experience the serene beauty of nature. During the month of February, the surroundings will be all covered with snow and Leh being a largely unexplored area, will make sure that your journey is one of a kind. If you think you are capable of venturing into the unknown then this trek will be profoundly rewarding for you.


7. DODITAL TREK: Trek to a lake that is believed to be the abode of Lord Ganesha, sounds quite interesting. Starting from Uttarakhand, the highest point of this trek rises up to 13,165 ft. The trail of the trek goes through dense forests which comprise trees of oak, deodar, and rhododendrons. A delight in summers, the trail turns into a magical fairyland during winters.

You will see the treetops covered with snow, and well, almost everything else will be covered with snow as well.

Traversing through snow-laden path to reach the top of the mountain will give your body a steady dose of adrenaline in the span of just 5 days. This winter trek is perfect for all adventure and thrill-seeking junkies who want to test their limits.

The view from the top will definitely reward your efforts to the top. You will be standing amidst mountains looking over the world, there can surely be no better way for an experienced trekker to spend his/her vacation time.

Here you have at your disposal a brief of the best treks to go on during February. We have made sure to incorporate all easy, moderate, and difficult grade treks so that you can choose the one that suits you best. Looking at snow-clad mountains is the best part of winter treks and all of the above-mentioned treks provide you with that gorgeous view. So, choose one that suits you best and venture on a beautiful journey right away!