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Treks In September

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Top Treks In September

All Treks In September

Trek Name No Of Days Cost View Details
Animal Pass Trek 6 Days Rs 15,599/- View Details   
Annapurna Circuit Trek 16 Days Rs 75,000/- View Details   
Bailey Trek 12 Days Rs 50,000/- View Details   
Bandarpunch Expedition 19 Days Rs 225,000/- View Details   
Baraadsar Lake Trek 8 Days Rs 21,500/- View Details   
Basmai - Soun Valley Trek 5 Days Rs 14,500/- View Details   
Basmai Pass - Tarsar Marsar Lake Trek 7 Days Rs 15,550/- View Details   
Borasu Pass Trek 8 Days Rs 29,450/- View Details   
Chamser Kangri Expedition 20 Days Rs 165,000/- View Details   
Dagala Trek 8 Days Rs 105,000/- View Details   
Devkyara Trek 10 Days Rs 22,450/- View Details   
Dhumdhar Kandi Pass Trek 12 Days Rs 72,500/- View Details   
Dodital - Darwa Pass Trek 6 Days Rs 12,450/- View Details   
Friendship Peak Expedition 9 Days Rs 31,450/- View Details   
Gaumukh Meru Glacier Trek 9 Days Rs 30,550/- View Details   
Hanuman Tibba Expedition 13 Days Rs 64,000/- View Details   
Kalihani Pass Trek 10 Days Rs 23,450/- View Details   
Kalindi Pass Trek 16 Days Rs 135,000/- View Details   
Kanchenjunga Round Trek 16 Days Rs 75,550/- View Details   
Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek 10 Days Rs 26,950/- View Details   
Kang La Trek 14 Days Rs 135,000/- View Details   
Kanji La Trek 13 Days Rs 59,600/- View Details   
Kilimanjaro Expedition 8 Days Rs 302,500/- View Details   
Lamayuru to Padum Trek 15 Days Rs 95,450/- View Details   
Lamkhaga Pass Trek 11 Days Rs 57,900/- View Details   
Margan Lakes Trek 2 Days - View Details   
Mentok Kangri Expedition 14 Days Rs 48,500/- View Details   
Mount Elbrus Expedition 11 Days Rs 140,000/- View Details   
Mount Shitidhar Climb 10 Days Rs 30,000/- View Details   
Mount Valehead Expedition 4 Days Rs 13,150/- View Details   
Mt. Kedar Dome (6832m) 21 Days Rs 135,000/- View Details   
Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek 11 Days Rs 39,950/- View Details   
Nubra Valley Trek 8 Days Rs 40,000/- View Details   
Panpatia Col Trek 13 Days Rs 94,000/- View Details   
Patalsu Peak Trek 4 Days Rs 9,000/- View Details   
Rangdum to Lamayuru Trek 10 Days Rs 65,000/- View Details   
Ripchar Valley Trek 8 Days Rs 40,000/- View Details   
Roopkund Trek 8 Days Rs 14,950/- View Details   
Ruinsara Lake Trek 8 Days Rs 22,000/- View Details   
Rumtse To Tso Moriri Trek 11 Days Rs 52,650/- View Details   
Rupin Pass Trek 8 Days Rs 18,550/- View Details   
Rupshu Valley Trek 11 Days Rs 44,150/- View Details   
Saboo to Khaltsar Trek 7 Days Rs 34,500/- View Details   
Sahastra Tal Trek 9 Days Rs 18,500/- View Details   
Sapphire Lake Trek 3 Days Rs 9,750/- View Details   
Sar Pass Trek 6 Days Rs 10,500/- View Details   
Satopanth Lake Trek 6 Days Rs 22,450/- View Details   
Shingo La Trek 17 Days Rs 110,000/- View Details   
Sonmos Tarsar Trek 5 Days Rs 10/- View Details   
Thamsar Pass Trek 5 Days Rs 25,000/- View Details   
Traill's Pass 20 Days Rs 115,000/- View Details   
Umbrella Peak Expedition 7 Days Rs 15,000/- View Details   
Prashar Lake 2 Days Rs 3,150/- View Details   
Pin Bhaba Pass Trek 8 Days Rs 16,450/- View Details   
Parang La Trek 12 Days Rs 54,500/- View Details   
Kang Yatse II Expedition 12 Days Rs 45,650/- View Details   
Buran Ghati Trek 7 Days Rs 14,950/- View Details   
Bara Bhangal Trek 13 Days Rs 75,000/- View Details   
Dayara Bugyal Trek 6 Days Rs 8,950/- View Details   
Eastern Pinnacle Thajwas Summit 6 Days Rs 14,000/- View Details   
Deo Tibba Expedition 15 Days - View Details   
Markha Valley Trek 9 Days Rs 19,500/- View Details   
Bhrigu Lake Trek 4 Days Rs 6,750/- View Details   
Pin Parvati Pass Trek 11 Days Rs 38,500/- View Details   
Auden's Col Trek 15 Days Rs 92,000/- View Details   
Bali Pass Trek 8 Days Rs 18,950/- View Details   
Beas Kund Trek 4 Days Rs 6,850/- View Details   
Kedartal Trek 7 Days Rs 15,450/- View Details   
Pangarchulla Summit Trek 7 Days Rs 12,450/- View Details   
Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek 6 Days Rs 12,450/- View Details   
Sandakphu Trek 5 Days - View Details   
Nag Tibba Trek 2 Days Rs 3,950/- View Details   
Gaumukh Tapovan Trek 8 Days Rs 15,450/- View Details   
Everest Base Camp Trek 18 Days Rs 85,000/- View Details   
Goechala Trek 11 Days Rs 19,500/- View Details   
Singalila Ridge Trek 7 Days Rs 18,000/- View Details   
Kolahoi Glacier Trek 6 Days Rs 15,500/- View Details   
Spituk Matho Trek 7 Days Rs 17,450/- View Details   
ali bedni bugyal trek 6 Days - View Details   
Hampta Pass Trek 5 Days Rs 9,950/- View Details   
Hampta Circle Trek 4 Days - View Details   
Phulara Ridge Trek 6 Days - View Details   
Mount Kun Climb 21 Days Rs 260,000/- View Details   
Nafran Valley trek 7 Days - View Details   
Gangabal Lake Trek -Largest Alpine Lake of Kashmir 4 Days Rs 9,850/- View Details   
Barafsar Lake Trek 6 Days Rs 12,650/- View Details   
Sham Valley Trek 6 Days Rs 16,500/- View Details   
Valley of Flowers Trek 6 Days Rs 10,500/- View Details   
Warwan Valley Trek 8 Days Rs 36,450/- View Details   
Khemsar Yemsar Trek 3 Days Rs 10/- View Details   
Mount Nun Climb 22 Days Rs 180,000/- View Details   
Kashmir Great Lakes Trek 7 Days Rs 16,450/- View Details   
Tarsar Marsar Trek 7 Days Rs 14,600/- View Details   

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