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31°23'16.8"N 78°08'51.8"E

Buran Ghati Trek

Green meadows adorned with colorful flowers to snow fields, Buran Ghati has everything a trekker can ask for.
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • 7 Days
  • 27 KM
  • 15,055 FT
  • Moderate to Difficult
  • ₹ 14950
    $ 205*
    The price is for a group of 16 people. The charges will be different for a tailormade private trek. The charges in dollars are more as the permit fees are different for non-Indians.

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+91 8800554855
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  • Best Time

    May-June, Sept-Oct

  • Base Camp

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    Janglik, HP

  • Pickup Point

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    Old Bus Stand, Shimla

  • Minimum Age

    For this adventure, we only allow people above this age to ensure the safety of everyone joining this adventure.



  • Buran Ghati is the best example of a trek having such an enormous patchwork of such natural variants.
  • The large stretch of meadows and the snow-chad mountainous scenery leaves one with the needed vigor.
  • The mesmerizing Chandranahan Lake which we come across in Buran Ghati Trek is considered to be the origin of Pabbar River. Trekking in Himachal is incomplete without experiencing these peaceful corners.
  • The Buran Ghati Pass and the other smaller snow slides allow the rush of adrenalin from time to time.


Trekking experience in Buran Ghati is considered to be an amalgamated cluster of all the thrilling adventures that Himachal Pradesh is known for. There is a frequent change of views and vistas that make this trek a creaseless patchwork of the best Himalayan Treks. If you are planning to spend this season of summer or fall amidst the natural circumference, then Buran Pass it is! Trekking in Buran Pass means coming across the best sort of scenic variations that will leave you astonished. The hike wanders through mountainous villages, forests, green meadows, alpine lakes, and pasture lands. The Buran Pass is a dramatic wall of ice in June. Buran Pass altitude is 15059 ft. The panoramic view from Buran Pass is one of the best one can get. Barua village is located in Midnapore Tehsil of Paschim Medinipur district in West Bengal, India. The Barua village has a population of 332 only. The Barua village gives the feel of a beautiful traditional Indian village. Barua village is worth a visit during this trek. You can opt to stay in Barua village to know the typical Indian village.

What better way to start a journey than going back in time with the primitive aura of Buran Pass base camp? Let your inner venturer experience the serenity and simplicity in the mountainous village of Janglik which is known for its cultural richness. The route from Janglik to Dayara takes us through dense forests and leaves us enthralled as we move into the Dayara meadows. You will find lovely shepherds huts through the way from Janglik to Dayara.  The scenic meadows and forests of Oak and Pine on the way to Litham will make your trekking experience even more auspicious. Gunas Pass appears in the distance of trek through meadows and forests from Dayara to Litham. The trail from Dayara to Litham will take through dense forests, green meadows, beautiful streams, and little brooks as you reach an altitude of 737 feet. The trail takes across the meadows towards the Gunas Pass. The views of the snow capped mountains of the Dhauladhar range and Gunas Pass trek is amazing because of green meadows. The Dhauladhar range is part of a lesser Himalayan chain of mountains that rises from the Indian plains having green meadows. The Dhauladhar range lies on its southern spur in above the Kangra Valley, which divides it from Chamba.

Chandranahan Lake is considered to be one of the major highlights of Buran Pass Trek. Lying in the altitude of 14,000 feet, Chandranahan Lake is a natural phenomenon formed by melting snow. What makes Chandranahan Lake even more anticipated is its phenomenal alpine zoning and the landscape that lies beyond it. The locals consider the lake to be emanating from the Gods. Another walloping highlight of the trek is definitely the Buran Pass trek. The sudden steep fall of 60-70 degrees down a 1312 ft. The ice wall will leave your heart beating at its pinnacle and add a sudden excitement to the otherwise blissful trek.

Buran Pass Trek is famous for the kind of completeness it offers in its experience. Every day is filled with a new form of zest and surroundings and green meadows as well. Starting from the culturally abundant village of Janglik to the galvanizing pass and snow slides, Buran Pass Trek provides you with the best of the best. Here in Trekmunk, we shall assist and help you throughout the trek and aim to provide you with the premium sort of experience in a very level-headed rate of Rs. 14,950. Trekking in Himachal Pradesh is by all odds incomplete without the inclusion of Trekmunk's Buran Ghati Pass Trek 2020 package to your checklist. Come with us on this venture of experiencing the merge of jaw-dropping landscapes and a well-knitted clump of adventures. With the snow-covered mountains in the background and a blanket of flowers blooming in the meadows, Buran Pass perfectly depicts the diverseness that this trek can offer.

Best Time to visit Buran Ghati Trek

The weather in Buran Pass is mostly trekker friendly except during heavy snowfall like that which takes place in the month of December. Trekking is mostly prohibited during this time due to excessive snowfall. However, the best time to go for this trek is from the months of May-June and September-October. Since its too cold there so you would need tents sleeping bags to keep you warm.

Brief Itinerary

Detailed Itinerary

The base camp of Buran Ghati Trek is Janglik. We start our journey from Shimla which lies 10 hours away from the base camp— Janglik. Though a little long, the drive from Shimla to our base camp is totally worth the distance. It is breathtaking how the roads run alongside a beautiful river and the scenery starts changing itself into something even prettier as time passes by as if to please its visitors.

As we drive from Shimla and pass via Rohu, we witness small villages which beautifully carry their culture and history within the simple architecture of their houses and surroundings. Rohu is the last spot where you will find an ATM and also, after crossing Rohu you will barely find any network in your mobile phones. Tanglu can be reached following a dirt path soon as we cross Chirgoan. Thereafter, the dirt path dips into the river and takes us across to Diude. A little walking is incorporated from Diude to reach Janglik.

Meals : Dinner only
Accommodation : Homestay
Time Taken : 9 hours
Altitude : 9,200 ft.
Distance : 160 km

The beginning of this trekking journey is indeed the most amusing one. As we walk ahead, we see an atmosphere that seems to be so different from the usual dullness of the urbanized world. Flowers and fields, small colorful houses and gigantic mountains in the background only add up to that finishing touch. As we walk a little more, we come across the most beautiful part of Day 1- a bird's eye’s view of Diude and Tonglu and several other small villages that we have crossed. Reaching this point will be like a mini achievement for the day as you would know that you have earned the view that you are savoring.

Soon we will be amidst oak and pine trees alongside which calming streams will flow. With every step, the trek will get a little more substantial and nourishing. As we keep walking, the trees will narrow out and a greener and the more spacious sphere will take over. These are the Dayara meadows. A large mass of greenery mostly covered by a blanket of yellow flowers that seems to be nothing less than you living a cinematic moment. The cherry on top of it would be the variation of snow-clad mountains at its background.

Meals : B, L, D
Accommodation : Tents
Time Taken : 5 hours
Altitude : 11,075 ft.
Distance : 4 km

The meadows have the best kind of mornings. The green grass seems to change their color as the rays of the sun touch them. You will be mesmerized as you see the nature around you wake up and put up for you the best they have to offer. The trial to Litham from the meadows of Dayara takes a dip into the thick forests. As you start wondering if the meadows are over, nature will send you a chain of charming meadows to quench the thirst which was still to be satisfied.

As we move forward, we come across the Gunas Pass and the snow-covered Dhuladhar mountains. The demarcation between the greens and whites at this spot is remarkably auspicious. Going further we will come across another forest named Bhoj which has an incredibly beautiful setting after which we can see Litham clearly.

The trial thereafter brings us to the highlight of Buran Ghati Trek which is the Chandranahan stream. Across the Chandranahan stream lays our campsite at Litham. Litham as a campsite is considered to cater the best because of its strategically beautiful location. It allows us to explore the Chandranahan waterfall as well as the lake before we settle for the night.

Meals : B, L, D
Accommodation : Tents
Time Taken : 3 hours
Altitude : 11,750 ft.
Distance : 3 km

Chandranahan Lake gives you the best of scenic views that you require after days of exploration. Even though the part of the trek may seem to be a little uphill, trust me, it is all worth it at the end of the day. Chandranahan is surrounded by mountains on every side which more or less resembles a little child being protected by his mother. This day in your Buran Ghati Trekking comes with a cluster of adventures. We retrace our footsteps back in order to reach Chandranahan from Litham campsite following the upstream trail towards the snout of the waterfall; as from the snout, the lake is merely an hour away.

This walk takes us to a view so beautiful that you may just forget that something even more phenomenal could lie beyond it. This is the time when we reach the nose of the waterfall. Walk-in a foot sure manner and all you must do from time to time is look around and take back with you the most splendid vista of all times.

There are numeral things to notice in Chandranahan Lake. We shall give you enough time to savor the big and small details that we lack in our day to day life. That’s what trekking is all about–achieving one step at a time and making memories while doing so. After a long day, the only thing we need to keep in mind is to return to Litham by lunchtime as it is a steep way back.

Meals : B, L, D
Accommodation : Tents
Time Taken : 6 hours
Altitude : 13,900 ft at the lake
Distance : 3 km

Today we start our trek with an enormous climb of 13,000 ft. which will take around two hours to complete. From this point, we will be able to see the Gunas Pass which will be resting over the mountains that are snow-chad. The Dhuladhar Range can be seen towering over the trails. This makes it an amalgam of grey mountains, white snow and the green grasslands of Litham. Every climb that you have had all this time will seem to pay off as you see wonders of nature all around you from Litham on your left to Rupin Valley to your right. This place gives you the first view of Buran Ghati. You can spend quality time there and capture the moment of accomplishment.

Dhunda is just two hours away from the pass. Buran Ghati Pass has been the most awaited part of the entire trekking experience. Hence, we shall have to start climbing and take the shepherd trail that leads to the pass.

You’ll want to freeze the moment, but you must keep walking. The climb to Dhunda is marked well. About an hour into the climb, you reach the ridge top Dhubda, bringing much, much clearer views of the next day’s adventure. Buran Ghati looks phenomenal from up here. Dhunda might even be the prettiest campsite of the Buran Ghati trek, with its stellar alpine views that whet your excitement for the next day’s journey. Not to mention the sublime view of the star-studded night skies that watch over the Dhunda campsite! Retire to your tents for a good night’s sleep before kickstarting the most anticipated day of the trek.

Meals : B, L, D
Accommodation : Tents
Time Taken : 5 hours
Altitude : 13,365 ft.
Distance : 3 km

Buran Ghati Pass- the most-awaited and nerve-racking.

The most exciting, challenging and nerve-racking day of the trek. Begin early in the morning for the River Camp. The snow is almost all melted in September, so crossing the pass isn’t very difficult. The trail goes is strewn with several boulders near the base of the Buran Ghati pass, from where the pass is an hour’s climb, almost entirely on snow. Now comes the best part – the seemingly lethal descent down to the other side. The climb down is extremely steep, and cannot be attempted without a rope. An ice-axe might really come in handy here. The first 100 meters is the real challenge, following which you can choose to slide down the smaller, gentler slopes.

Given the sharp descent, you lose considerable altitude, nearly 3,000 ft., quite rapidly. Two hours later, the snow line ends and the trail dips down to clusters of juniper and some lovely shrubs. A sprawling blanket of greenery rests on the entire valley, beyond which you can see tall, towering mountain ranges dominating the skyline. An hour’s descent and a stream-crossing later, the River camp greets you, right by the first few huts.

Meals : B, L, D
Accommodation : Tents
Time Taken : 10 hours
Altitude : 11,800 ft. via 15,055 ft. at pass
Distance : 8 km

The trail to Barua village entails stunning diversity of vegetation, coupled with stark changes in scenery. Follow the widest of the trails tailing the Barua Khud, as it meanders through beautiful mixed forests. Within 2 hours you reach a makeshift bridge guided by the lovely junipers that mark the way. Once on the other side, treat your eyes to a criss-cross of lovely floral purples. Soon, you come across the first of apple orchards. Multiple apple and other orchards greet you as you reach Barua. From Barua, you’ll be driven back to Shimla, where you can expect to reach by 10:30 PM. This ends your trek. The cab cost is not included in the package prices.

Meals : Breakfast Only
Accommodation : Not Included
Time Taken : 5 hours trek, 8 hours drive
Altitude : 6,700 ft.
Distance : 6 km trek, 250 km drive

How To Reach

We can arrange for a cab for you from Shimla to Janglik and from Barua to Shimla according to your requirements but you will be liable to pay for the cabs. The trekkers can share the cab and its cost. For communications purposes, we will create a Whatsapp Group before the departure date of the trek and will share the details regarding the transportation. 

How to Reach Buran Ghati Pass Trek Base Camp

Buran Ghati's base camp lies in Janglik. But for that, we just need to reach Shimla first as it takes us to Janglik.

By Air

The Jubbarhatti airport is situated at a distance of 22 km from Shimla. Jubbarhati airport allows a good connection to all other cities around India. Hence, reaching Shimla via airways is not an uphill task. There are other airports located around Shimla namely the Chandigarh airport and the Delhi airport which makes traveling to Shimla an easy task.

By  Railways

Kalka is the nearest railway station. A decent number of trains from places like Delhi, Kolkata, etc. are available. One can enjoy the scenic view via toy train which connects Shimla to Kalka which is around 96kms (roughly 7 hours).

By Road

Himachal Road Transport Corporation, as well as private operator's bus, is available to Shimla from major cities from North India. The distance between Delhi to Shimla is 340kms and buses are available from the Kashmiri gate. Fare of the buses will depend upon which bus you choose.

After reaching Shimla, it's almost 9-10 hours of journey to Janglik. First, you need to go to Rohru which is around 115 km and then from Rohru to Chirgaon which is 15 km. From Chirgoan to Tangnu it is 22kms and finally from Tangnu to Janglik is 10 km.

Why Trek With Us ?

Twin Sharing Tents
Eco Friendly & Paperless
Finest Guides
Just Right Group Sizes
Commitment to Safety


  • Accommodations at Trek: All accommodations on the trek will be on twin sharing basis in Tents or Homestays. Any accommodation in a hotel/guest house/hostel will be in a budget hotel.
  • Trek Leader and Guides: An experienced and certified Trek Leader, as well as a professional guide, will accompany you for the trek. The team will have years of experience and well equipped for any emergency situation.
  • Services of a Professional Trekking Team: A team of an experienced Cook, Camp Staff, Porters/Mules will accompany you for all the arrangements on the trek.
  • Meals: All Meals on the Trek are included. We will serve Vegetarian Indian food on the trek which will be cooked by our high altitude chefs. It will be a five-course meal plan.
  • Camping and Safety Equipment: All the camping equipment such as Tents, Sleeping bags, Toilet Tents, Dining Tent, Mattresses, and other things will be provided by us and we guarantee the quality. Safety Equipment including Medical kit, Oxygen Cylinder, Oximeter, Crampons & Gaiters(if required) will be provided by us. We recommend you to bring your own sleeping bags if possible.
  • Trek Permits and Forest Camping Charges: Only for Indian Clients, All the applicable trekking permits, Camping Charges, Forest Entry Fee, etc will be paid by us. Foreigners have to pay these charges if not mentioned.
  • A Life-Changing Experience: We assure you that by trekking in the Himalayas you will have a life-changing experience and we will do everything we can to provide you with the best services and make your venture in the wild an unforgettable one. 

Note: Prior to booking any adventure with Trekmunk, it will be mandatory to sign the waiver form and get a medical certificate from a doctor in due time, without these, you will not be allowed to start the trek. All this will be done online without using any paper.


  • GST and Other Taxes: The goods and services tax is not included in the price mentioned with the trek. They are subjected to change according to the government rules of India.
  • Transportation to Janglik Village and Barua to Shimla: Transportation from Shimla to Janglik village and Barua to Shimla are not included in the package. It will be in a Bolero/ Sumo Cab. Food or any other expenses during this transportation is not included.
  • Accommodation and Food in Shimla: Food and stay in Shimla are not included in the package. You can book your hotels or homestays in Shimla, we can recommend a few good options.
  • Personal Equipment: Your Rucksack, personal clothing, shoes, trek poles, and other personal trekking gear is not included in this package. You have to bring your own gear according to the weather and difficulty of the trek.
  • Portage of Personal Bags(Offloading): We highly advise you to carry your own burden (your rucksack) but due to any reason, if you wish to not carry your rucksack, we can arrange for a porter/mule to carry it. For this service, you will be charged over and above the trek cost. The charges for offloading vary with every trek.
  • Travel Insurance: Travel Insurance is not included in this package. We recommend you to have travel insurance before opting for such adventures. You can buy insurance from us while booking the trek, it is optional.
  • Personal Expenses: Any personal expenses incurred (Laundry, Bottled Water, Beverages, Snacks, Orders at tea houses or dhabas, Tips for guides, Camera fees, etc) are not included in the package.
  • Emergency Expenses: Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, bad weather, landslides, road conditions and any other circumstances beyond our control are not included in the package.
  • Anything not mentioned in Inclusions of the package.

Cancellation Policy And More Information

Booking Terms:

1. Confirmation Policy:

Upon Booking, An invoice will be sent to your mail & within 12 to 24 hours the booking confirmation with additional details will be sent to your mail.

2. Cancellation Policy:

(a) 10 percent of the prices of our trips/treks/tours or product or service is your deposit and is not refundable, in any case.

(b) Cancellation received 45 days or more: 90% refund

(c) Cancellation received 30 - 44 days: 60% refund

(d) Cancellation received 30 - 15 days: 30% refund

(e) Cancellation less than 15 days: No refund

For more details, go to

3. Refund Policy:

Any refund applicable will be processed within 10 to 15 business days as per the company policy.

4. Postpone/Transfer of a booked trek:

1. You can postpone your booked trek for a period of two months (61 days) but we will charge a 20% processing fee. The last date for the postponement will be 15 days before the start of the trek. Failing to book the slot in 2 months (61 days) time, would be considered a cancellation with no refund of any kind. Postpone of a booked trek can only be done once. 

2. You can transfer your booked slot for the trek to any fit person till 15 days before the trek. You just have to mail us the request and rest we will handle. The new person has to get all the mandatory documents duly signed for the trek.

More Information: 

1. We Trek for a Cause: For overall development of the areas we run our operations in, we donate Rs 100/- per booking from our profits which are used for the upliftment of the local people and conserving nature. We have named this initiative as - Trek for a Cause. For more details, follow:

2. We are paperless: We are focusing on Sustainable Tourism and to do that we are trying all measures to convert our trek operations to be Eco-Friendly. Going Paperless is one step closer to our aim. 

3. Single-Use Plastic: Trekmunk does not encourage the use of single-use plastic items. We are ensuring that our team is working together to reduce the problem and educate those around them. We will send you instructions on how to go plastic-free on your adventures.

4. Preparing for your Holiday: Getting some additional exercise makes a lot of sense to spend time before coming on a trekking adventure. The fitter you are, the more enjoyable you will find the experience. Hiking in the hill country is the best training but jogging, squash and swimming are also good for developing cardiovascular fitness and stamina. To read more on how to get fit, follow: 

5. Electricity Supply & Plug: You will get electricity supply till the starting point of the trek. If not Indian, We recommend you check if you require an adaptor for your electrical items at:

6. Currency: The unit of currency in India is the Indian Rupees.

7. Health & Vaccinations: 

Severe Allergies: If you have a severe allergy please inform the Trekmunk office before you travel. We will do all we can to help, but we cannot guarantee an allergy-free environment on trekmunk trips. You will need to carry your own treatment for the allergy with you, as 'adrenaline auto-injectors' are not carried as standard by our leaders and staff. You should inform your leader on the arrival of your allergy, and let them know where you keep your adrenaline pen.

Vaccinations: You should contact your doctor or travel clinic to check whether you require any specific vaccinations or other preventive measures. You should be up to date with routine courses and boosters as recommended e.g. diphtheria-tetanus-polio and measles-mumps-rubella, along with hepatitis A and typhoid. Malarial prophylaxis is not usually required for trips in the mountains, however, if you are visiting rural and remote low lying areas then they might be necessary. 

8. Passport & Visas/Identity Proofs: If foreigner, Validity for 6 months, should have blank pages, and should be kept with yourself all the time.

9. Water: If you are on a trekking or cycling holiday, water is supplied to fill up your individual bottles. This will be boiled or filtered. Additionally, you should take purification tablets or a filter bottle (such as a LifeStraw, Sawyer Filter) to treat your water when in towns or where water is not supplied. We do not encourage the purchasing of single-use plastic bottles.

10. Altitude: This adventure involves going to a very high altitude. This is not something that you should worry about; the human body is quite capable of adapting to a very wide range of altitudes, but it is important that we follow some simple rules in order to acclimatize successfully. We will send you the information in your mailbox about Acute Mountain Sickness and trekking in high altitudes. On this trip, we carry bottled oxygen for use in emergencies.

11. Guidance on Tipping: Tipping is the accepted way of saying thank you for good service. Normally the guide and any other trek staff are given their tips at the end of the trek and this is best done as a group. The main guide will make sure that the tip is appropriately distributed among all the staff members on the trek.

12. Spending/Emergency Money: Approximately Rs. 8000-10000/- (in Indian Currency)should be carried for miscellaneous expenses including porter and trek crew tips, drinks, soft drinks, etc. We recommend that you carry your travel money in the form of cash as the availability of ATM is less in these remote areas. This can also serve as your emergency spending money.

13. Travel Insurance: It is recommended to have travel insurance for these kinds of adventures. When taking out insurance please ensure the policy you choose covers you for the activities and altitude included in your itinerary. We will ask for the Travel Insurance Details over a mail. Indians can buy insurance from us while booking the trek.


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