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Buran Ghati Trek

Buran Ghati Trek

from  16950.00 13950.00

Himachal Pradesh  |  7D/6N  |  15,000 Ft.

May to October

(Janglik to Barua – Above mentioned cost is for a fixed departure)

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  • Vacation Style High Altitude Trek
  • Activity Level Moderate
  • Group Size Medium Group
All about the Buran Ghati Trek.

The Buran Ghati trek is a magnificent melting pot, bringing together the best of all Himalayan treks. Not only does the trek remain blissfully shaded from the mainstream crowd, but also promises an unmatched adrenaline rush, especially when you pass the cross and rappel down a 400-meter ice wall at a dizzying altitude of 15,000 ft.! Besides the daunting rappel, you also get to embrace the child in you that comes shrieking back to life when you go zooming down multiple snow slides. Furthermore, no two days on this trek are the same. The trek is woven with a beautiful patchwork of landscapes that never fail to surprise you. Talk about the verdant Dayara meadows, the alpine beauty of the Chandranahan lake, and, of course, the heart-racing journey of crossing the Buran Ghati pass.

The trek meanders through dense forests, pastures, sweeping meadows, alpine lakes, and mountain villages while enjoying the constant fellowship of snow-clad Himalayan giants. What’s more, thrill doesn’t end when you’re done with the rappelling at 15,000 ft.; the approaching view of Barua village is breathtaking. It is, quite simply put, a village untouched by the wheels of time.

Craving the adrenaline high? Buran Ghati trekking is your surest bet. The journey begins from the peaceful settlement of Janglik, and entails some of the best campsites in India. The untamed surroundings of the Himalayas call out to you like the howling winds, beckoning you into their uncharted boundaries.

If you wish to experience the highlights of multiple Himalayan treks in one single trek, Buran Ghati will not disappoint you. Even with everything that has been said about the Buran Ghati trek, there are several delightful surprises that it sends your way. Quite frankly, you never know what to expect.

While it may seem farfetched, we can safely say that the Buran Ghati trek is the most enchanting of all the treks we run. Book your Buran Ghati trek package with us, and brace yourself for a journey that promises to leave its trails in your memory forever.

Buran Ghati Itinerary

  1. Day 1 : Arrive at Janglik

    Janglik, the base camp for the Buran Ghati trek is about a 10-hour drive from Shimla. As the drive progresses alongside the river, there’s a noticeable change in the view. Leaving behind the swaying wheat fields, the sight of classic mountain villages and their beautiful houses greets you, surrounded by dense and verdant pine forests.

    As you leave Chirgaon behind, the motorable road gives way to a dirt path that you follow right up till Tanglu, from where the path dips into the river and takes you across it to Diude. A short, scenic walk from Diude gets you to Janglik.

    Altitude: 9,200 ft.

    Travel Time: 9 – 10 hours

  2. Day 2 : Trek from Diude to Dayara

    The very first day of the trek, and arguably the most beautiful one. The trail is fenced by beautiful wheat fields and wooden mountain houses, the roofs of which create a striking patchwork of reds and greens. Fifteen minutes into the trail and you bid your goodbyes to the last settlements of Diude. The trail from here ascends quickly. Within an hour, a mesmerizing view of Diude and Tonglu sees you off as you prepare to delve into an oak and pine forest.

    A fifteen minutes’ hike leads you into the forest, and the deeper you get, the more beautiful and easy the ascent becomes. Keep your ears open for the gurgling melodies of streams cutting through the trail. After about a half hour, the trail strays from the tree line, through stretches of wild meadows, and climbs up to little hills. You see a stark twist in the scenery. Engulfed in endless greenery, the sight of the lingering snow atop the opposite cliffs is a welcome change. The trail weaves in and out of the forest before finally leaving it behind.

    Altitude Change: 9,200 ft. To 11,075 ft.

    Trekking Time: 5 hours

  3. Day 3 : Trek from Dayara to Litham

    A relatively easy day, you start by trekking through the famed Dayara meadows bathed in the glorious sun rays. An experience to be truly cherished. Soak in the brilliant morning sunlight as the trail to Litham dips into another thick forest, graced with meadows and streams. The path leads you through the meadows and approaches the Gunas Pass. Entering another pine forest, a stream-crossing awaits you, from where the trail leaves the forest, only to be greeted by the snowy wonders of the Dhauladhar mountains and Gunas Pass. Let your senses be bewitched by the playful contrast of whites and greens sweeping through the landscape, with the mighty Dhauladhar peaks lording over the forests.

    About half an hour later, the trail drops into an old, beautiful silver birch forest before leading you to a lovely stream. This spot also grants you your very first view of Litham.

    The trail soon descends down to and across the Chandranahan stream before giving way to the stunning campsite at Litham. Explore the wonder of Litham campsite, flanked by the gushing Chandranahan waterfall, followed by the Chandranahan lake. Right before you are the majestic set of peaks that conceal Buran Ghati, sparking major excitement. If you look to the right, you’ll be greeted by the lofty mountains that house the famous Rupin Valley. Make the most of the campsite, which is the last meadow you’ll see on the trek.

    Altitude Change: 11,075 ft. To 11,737 ft.

    Trekking Time: 3 hours

  4. Day 4 : Excursion to Chandranahan lake

    A relatively challenging day of the trek. Chandranahan is a glacial lake mothered by the mighty mountains that cradle it. What the lake lacks in length, it makes up for in the spellbinding views that it offers. Getting to the lake is a little adventure in itself, though! Begin by retracing your steps across the stream that brought you to the Litham campsite, following the upstream trail towards the snout of the waterfall that feeds the stream.

    From the snout, the Chandranahan lake is about an hour’s hike away, approaching the heart of the valley. As you near the level surface of the snout of the waterfall, the trek throws one of its first challenges. Maintain a steady pace and do not forget to look around, for the view promises to be burned in your memory.

    Before you know it, you’re right in front of the stellar Chandranahan lake, catching it in all its glory as it is being fed by the colossal snowfields that guard it. There are several waterfalls that run down to join the lake. Behold the placement of cairns that adorn the surroundings of the lake. Take a leisurely stroll around the lake, explore its beauty to the fullest before commencing the trek back to Litham. The steep trail makes the descent a bit difficult, but it’s nothing you can’t beat.

    Try to reach the Litham campsite by lunchtime.

    Altitude Change: 11,737 ft. To 13,900 ft. To 11,737 ft.

    Trekking Time: 6 – 7 hours

  5. Day 5 : Trek from Lithan to Dhunda Trek from Litham to Dhunda

    Camping at Dhunda is an ideal option, considering the pass day that follows. The pass is just about a 2 hours’ climb away from Dhunda. The teasing view of the pass is the perfect motivator and ignites some anticipation. Drink in the sight of the towering Dhauladhar peaks as Gunas keeps a close, playful watch over the trail. The gentle and melodious Pabbar transforms into a wild, ferocious stream that leaves magnificent echoes behind. The trail climbs up more steeply, right up to the u-shaped valley that reveals the much awaited first sight of Buran Ghati. It is inevitable that you’ll stop here, replenishing your spirits with the jaw-dropping view of the pass.

    You’ll want to freeze the moment, but you must keep walking. The climb to Dhunda is marked well. About an hour into the climb, you reach the ridge atop Dhubda, bringing much, much clearer views of the next day’s adventure. Buran Ghati looks phenomenal from up here. Dhunda might even be the prettiest campsite of the Buran Ghati trek, with its stellar alpine views that whet your excitement for the next day’s journey. Not to mention the sublime view of the star-studded night skies that watch over the Dhunda campsite! Retire to your tents for a good night’s sleep before kickstarting the most anticipated day of the trek.

    Altitude Change: 11,737 ft. To 13,365 ft.

    Trekking Time: 4 – 5 hours

  6. Day 6 : Trek from Dhunda to Munirang (River Camp) via Buran Ghati

    The most exciting, challenging and nerve-racking day of the trek. Begin early in the morning for the River Camp. The snow is almost all melted in September, so crossing the pass isn’t very difficult. The trail goes is strewn with several boulders near the base of the Buran Ghati pass, from where the pass is an hour’s climb, almost entirely on snow. Now comes the best part – the seemingly lethal descent down to the other side. The climb down is extremely steep, and cannot be attempted without a rope. An ice-axe might really come in handy here. The first 100 meters is the real challenge, following which you can choose to slide down the smaller, gentler slopes.

    Given the sharp descent, you lose considerable altitude, nearly 3,000 ft., quite rapidly. Two hours later, the snow line ends and the trail dips down to clusters of juniper and some lovely shrubs. A sprawling blanket of greenery rests on the entire valley, beyond which you can see tall, towering mountain ranges dominating the skyline. An hour’s descent and a stream-crossing later, the River camp greets you, right by the first few huts.

    Altitude Change13,365 ft. To 11,800 ft. Via 15,000 ft.

    Trekking Time: 9 – 10 hours

  7. Day 7 : Trek from Munirang (River Camp) to Barua Village

    The trail to Barua village entails stunning diversity of vegetation, coupled with stark changes in scenery. Follow the widest of the trails tailing the Barua Khud, as it meanders through beautiful mixed forests. Within 2 hours you reach a makeshift bridge guided by the lovely junipers that mark the way. Once on the other side, treat your eyes to a criss-cross of lovely floral purples. Soon, you come across the first of apple orchards. Multiple apple and other orchards greet you as you reach Barua. From Barua, you’ll be driven back to Shimla, where you can expect to reach by 10:30 PM. Thus ends your trek.

    Altitude Change: 11,800 ft. To 6,700 ft.

    Trekking Time: 6 hours

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.

Inclusions in the Package:
  • Accommodation: All accommodation on the trek will be on twin sharing basis in Tents or Homestays.
  • Trek Leader and Guides: A team of an experienced and certified Trek Leader, as well as a professional guide, will accompany you for the trek.
  • Services of a Professional Trekking Team: A team of an experienced Cook, Camp Staff, Porters/Mules will accompany you for all the arrangements on the trek.
  •  Meals: All Meals on the Trek are included. We will serve Vegetarian Indian food on the trek which will be cooked by our high altitude chefs. It will be a five meal plan including Morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner. You will be provided with clean mountain water from the streams to drink. You can carry water purification tablets if you deem necessary but we advise otherwise.
  • Trekking and Safety Equipment: All the camping equipment such as Tents, Sleeping bags, Toilet Tents, Dining Tent, Mattresses, and other things will be provided by us and we guarantee the quality. Safety Equipment including Medical kit, Oxygen Cylinder, Oximeter, Crampons & Gaiters(if required) will be provided by us. We recommend you to bring your own sleeping bags if possible.
  • Permits and Forest Camping Charges: Only for Indian Clients, All the applicable trekking permits, Camping Charges, Forest Entry Fee etc will be paid by us. Foreigners have to pay these charges if not mentioned.
  • A Life Changing Experience: We assure you that by trekking in the Himalayas you will have a life changing experience and we will do everything we can to provide you with the best services and make your venture in the wild an unforgettable one.
Exclusions in the package:
  • GST and Other Taxes: The goods and services tax is not included in the price mentioned with the trek. They will be charged once you add the trek in your cart. They are subjected to change according to government rules of India.
  • Transportation to Janglik Village: Transportation from Shimla to Janglik village and Barua to Shimla are not included in the package. It will be in a Bolero/ Sumo Cab. Food or any other expenses during this transportation is not included.
  • Accommodation and Food in Shimla: Food and stay in Shimla are not included in the package. You can book your hotels or homestays in Srinagar, we can recommend a few good options.
  • Flights and Transportation: Flights or other means of transport is not included in the package. Transportation from home to Shimla and vice versa is not included in the package. We can arrange a cab for you according to your requirements but you will be liable to pay for the same. Any expenses occurred during the journey are not included in the package cost.
  • Personal Trekking Equipment: Your Rucksack, personal clothing, shoes, trek poles, and other personal trekking gear is not included in this package. You have to bring your own gear according to that weather and difficulty of the trek.
  • Portage of Personal Bags(Offloading): We highly advise you to carry your own burden (your rucksack) but due to any reason if you wish to not carry your rucksack, we can arrange for a porter/mule to carry it. For this service, you will be charged over and above the trek cost. The charges for offloading vary with every trek.
  • Travel Insurance: Travel Insurance is not included in this package. We recommend you to have travel insurance before opting for such adventures.
  • Personal Expenses: Any personal expenses incurred (laundry, Bottled Water, Beverages, snacks, orders tea houses or dhabas, Tips for guides etc) are not included in the package.
  • Emergency Expenses: Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, bad weather, landslides, road conditions and any other circumstances beyond our control are not included in the package.
  • Anything not mentioned in Inclusions of the package.
Questions about the Trek

What is the Best Time for this trek?

The months of June to October are the best for Buran Ghati, when the snow cover has almost melted, and a lush carpet of greenery paves your trails.

How to reach Janglik?

By Air The nearest airport is Jubbarhatti Airport, situated about 20 km away from the city. The airport is well connected to the major cities of the country, especially Delhi and Chandigarh. Janglik is about a 9 hours’ drive away from Shimla. By Road Shimla is well connected to Delhi (350 km), Manali (280 km), Dehradun (230 km), Ambala (154 km), and Chandigarh (115 km) by road. The journey is beautiful, and an adventure in itself. There are frequent buses plying between Shimla and the aforementioned cities to ensure a comfortable journey. Janglik is about a 9 hours’ drive away from Shimla. By Rail The nearest railhead is Kalka, located about 96 km away from the city. The frequency of trains connecting Kalka to other cities of India is decent, although there are frequent connection Shimla to Delhi and Chandigarh. A viable option is to take a flight to Delhi, and then board a train to Kalka. Janglik is about a 9 hours’ drive away from Shimla.

What things to carry on this trek?

Rucksack, high ankle trekking shoes, one fleece jacket, one down feather / hollofil jacket, 3 pairs of quick dry T-shirts and trek pants, 5-6 pairs of socks, balaclava, a daypack, sunscreen SPF 50+, scarf, towel, lip balm, headlamp / torch, 2 water bottles of 1 litre, and personal medicines. For a complete checklist,  download the checklist from the footer.