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Treks In December

Here we are listing down the Top Treks in December in India that should get a place in your bucket list. Given below are our most adored trips and trails that we resolute to begin the new year with.

The Best Winter treks in December are:

Brahmatal Trek

Called so due to the Brahmatal lake that is hidden amidst the ridges, and also because it is believed to have been the very peak where God Brahma meditated according to the Hindu Indian Mythology, one of the oldest treks on the Himalayas is Brahmatal Trek. The trek is enchanting as it is filled with the exquisite white snow throughout, the terrains are rugged, and the tough ridges makes it overall difficult. You'll be accompanied by the landscapes packed with sprawling trees, shades of the seemingly infinite sky above the ranges of the Garhwal and the widely spread snowfields. After you'll cover the path through the shadows of the tall trees, you'll get a sight and comprehensive view of the remote Himalayas. It's one of the most cherished winter treks too due to its excellent path, which is filled with snowfall, the spread Bugiyals on the path, astonishing landscapes, and overall pleasant composition.

Kuari Pass Winter Trek

The Kauri Pass is one of the best winter treks in India and the whole world. One of the best months to go for this trek is December Starting from the south of the Tibetan Border from the district of Chamoli district of the incredible Himalayas, you walk towards the Kuari, the word can be translated as the "doorway", which further connotes, the pathway to one's inner self. Chamoli in itself is a charming district of Joshimath. It is often called as the hub of faith-filled pilgrims and passionate mountaineers, who rever Himalayas, the Kauri Pass trip thus is a mildly spiritual experience. It makes one fall deep into thoughts about oneself, retrospecting life, death, and the inner-self. The feeling of compassion at times calms one and develops as an aura around many. Thus, the trek is both challenging and at the same time transforming. It takes you closer to the beauty of nature and the grand view of various mountains. The person connects to oneself as they walkthrough. You'll walk through the deep wilderness of deodar and oak trees, reaching the close view of gigantic Nanda Peak.

Sandakphu-Phalut Trek

Hiking in December in West Bengal is not a very cherished destination by many. People tend to opt for states like Uttrakhand and Ladakh. But if you ask us where to go for trekking in December, we will tell you to backpack and go alone to the heaven-like place of Darjeeling, climb on the gigantic heights of northern ranges of the Himalayas which decorates the state of West Bengal. On these ranges, you'll be following the trail of Sandakphu-Phalut Trek, ascending through the eye-pleasing landscape of the West Bengal valleys, getting the glimpses of the world's greatest peaks like the Everest, Kancho Zonda, Lhotse, Makalu, and you'll also see the nature-made structure of the sleeping Buddha, who sleeps on these four Grands, combined and clustered together in one through the image, and finally reaching the crown of Sadankfu, which is above the altitude of 11,920 feet, from the sea-level. The pleasant climate and peaceful environment of the area will make you forget about everything and make you connect to nature.

Kedarkantha Winter Trek

Amongst our list of the Top 10 trekking ideas for December is one the simplest high altitude treks of Uttrakhand, which can be best opted for enjoying winter vacations. This is the Kedarkantha Winter Trek, which can be best enjoyed with a group of friends, strangers or family. It is not just thrilling but an extremely beautiful trek too. Climbing at the feet of 12,500 ft long you'll be going through deep Garhwal ranges, where the Kedarkantha Peak is. It starts from the village of Sankri, and as you ascend through the trail, you'll be able to see beautiful rhododendrons, fringed trees of pine, grand deep green meadows, colorful butterflies, frozen water bodies and snow-laden peaks, which are a number of Himalayan ranges. The Kedarkantha trek is thus one of the most attractive treks which are popular amongst almost everyone, the novice, the learner and the passionate. It is that kind of trek, which will tend to provide you with unforgettable memories and one in the lifetime experience, and that's why it is the best winter excursion in our lists.

Hampta Circle Trek

You'll be climbing 14,300 ft above the sea level, with many others on one of the most popular paths of Himachal Pradesh and India. During your journey towards the peak on the Hampta Circle Trek, you'll be able to see the beautiful apple orchards, maple and cedar trees, and the vast meadows. The whole route is through these majestic landscapes. You'll meet the locals and their culture as you'll climb through the roads of the village of Banara, Dhauldhar, and Pir Panjal. These ravines themselves are extremely enthralling. They are filled with seemingly endless views of landscapes, especially during the sunset and sunrise. Snow in December makes this four-day trip, thrilling and challenging. The slopes become slippery and the ridges are thus tough. That's why the trek is considered to be a moderate one. This trek gives you a totally different view in summers. It is one of the treks, which can be done throughout the year.

Chadar Trek

The Chadar trek is one of the most opted treks in the month of January by the mountaineers around the globe. The reason that it's one of the most peaceful, challenging and extremely pleasing treks is that the trail to Chadar crosses through three to five most beautiful peaks, you'll be climbing on five highest motorable passes, touching two major borders of India, get the view to the second-highest saltwater lake on Earth, and experience various local cultures. The Chadar Trek links to the notably beautiful Zanskar ranges, as they nestle deep inside the mountains. You'll be climbing on the frozen terrain, as the literal translation of the word Chadar might itself explain. Chadar or the blanket is used for ice that is formed on the brook Zanskar.

Trekking in December is amongst one of the most thrilling sports in the season of winter but it is an equally pleasant one. Hiking in December can be a lot more than just going out on holidays. It can be like a pilgrimage for many.  Trekmunk ensures to make its trips as memorable as they can be.

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Top Treks In December

All Treks In December

Trek Name No Of Days Cost View Details
Dayara Bugyal Trek 6 Days Rs 8,950/- View Details   
Sandakphu Trek 5 Days - View Details   
Nag Tibba Trek 2 Days Rs 3,950/- View Details   
Singalila Ridge Trek 7 Days Rs 18,000/- View Details   
Sandakphu & Phalut Trek 7 Days Rs 12,450/- View Details   
Sham Valley Trek 6 Days Rs 16,500/- View Details   
Brahmatal Trek 6 Days Rs 9,600/- View Details   
Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek 6 Days Rs 8,950/- View Details   
Devkyara Trek 10 Days Rs 22,450/- View Details   
Gangabal Lake winter expedition 5 Days Rs 9,850/- View Details   
Hampta Circle Trek 4 Days - View Details   
Har Ki Dun Trek 7 Days Rs 9,750/- View Details   
Kedarkantha Trek 6 Days Rs 9,500/- View Details   
Kilimanjaro Expedition 8 Days Rs 302,500/- View Details   
Kuari Pass Trek 6 Days Rs 9,750/- View Details   
Monpa Trail 8 Days Rs 42,000/- View Details   
Pangarchulla Summit Trek 7 Days Rs 12,450/- View Details   
Talle Valley Trek 6 Days Rs 22,450/- View Details   

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