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Treks In March

For some trekkers all, it takes for a successful trek is to come across snow-covered paths and mountain tops snuggled inside a blanket of snow. Winter treks also bring the opportunity for amateur trekkers to level up, as traversing through snow can be a little difficult and challenging. Trekking in March offers the trekkers the last opportunity to go on treks while there's still snow on mountains. Surely some of the high peaks may have snow patches all around the year but they might not be suitable for beginners. For a perfect vacation in March choose whichever trek suits your situation best. Do read ahead for more information.  Here we have compiled a list of Top treks in March in India

Best Treks in March in Himalayas are:


The mighty peak of Sandakphu is located in West Bengal, although during this trek you enter into Nepal as well. Rising at a height of 12,000 ft., the peak point of Sandakphu provides the trekkers with some mind-blowing views.

As you traverse through the snow-laden paths, and through dense forests of rhododendrons and magnolias, you will be accompanied on your journey by the majestic views of some of the highest peaks of the world- Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Makalu, and Mt. Lhotse. This is reason enough to go on this trek, but wait there's more, from a considerable height you will be able to the "Sleeping Buddha", a structure formed by the mountain of Kanchenjunga and some other peaks. Doesn't it all just sound mesmerizing?! During March the trek will be utterly delightful.

This trek is perfect for people who have been on one or two easy grade treks. This trek will be an ideal way for you to stretch your limits so that you can go on exploring other mountain ranges as well.



Getting a chance to at least be near to the glorious peak of Mount Everest is something that every trekker would appreciate. A trek to Everest base camp will give you the same opportunity. With a peak that rises up to 18,192 ft., trekking to Everest base camp can without a doubt be considered one of the best treks in March in India.

The trail through Gokyo Ri is much less explored than other trail leading to the top of Everest base camp and thus will provide you with a very unique experience. As awe-inspiring as the trek is you cannot attempt it if you don't have enough trekking experience. Getting acclimated is a must for this trek so you need to be familiar with high altitude treks.

During the trek you will come across many lakes and how can one forget, you will be in the presence of the highest peak in the world. This is not something that can be taken for granted.



Another one of popular destinations amongst treks in March is Har ki Dun Trek. The highest point of this trek rises to an altitude of 12,000 ft. The trail to reach the highest point is also called the stairway to heaven, as it is believed that this route was taken by Pandavas to make their way to heaven. It's always fun to explore a place of such mythological importance.

The trek route comprises of going through meadows, and forests. Though, as you will be trekking during winters you will find everything covered with snow. Camping beside a river and looking at snow-clad mountains from the top makes this trek very popular amongst trekkers.

This trek is perfect for someone who has some experience of trekking and wants to get more familiar with the wonderful world of mountains. As the trek gradient ranges from easy to moderate, beginners who are in good shape can also opt to go for this trek. All in all this trek will provide you with amazing views and when you go back home after a week your heart will be filled with beautiful memories of this place.



One of the best Himalayan Treks in March that you can opt to go for is Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Also known as Annapurna Sanctuary trek, Annapurna base camp trek takes you through dense forests and landscapes situated high on the mountains. Located in Nepal, the highest altitude of this trek is 13,550 ft.

The trek?s trail also goes through the Annapurna Sanctuary and hence you will be able to witness the beautiful and diverse range of flora and fauna of this place. During the trek, the peaks of Annapurna Massif and Machapuchare will accompany you, and from the top of the peak you can look at these majestic peaks from a closer distance. The view from the top will definitely take your breath away.

The grade of this trek ranges from moderate to difficult, so it is not recommended for beginners. The trail will consist of strenuous activity and thus, you need to have some prior trekking experience before venturing on this trek.



While hiking in March is supposed to be about trailing through and amidst snow, we have something for those who love greenery and forest trails. During March, snow will be melting away and flowers will be blooming all over and there is no better way to experience this change of season than to go on Chandrashila trek.

This six-day trek in Dehradun will surely excite joy in you because of the beautiful trail that you will be going through. Roaming through dense rhododendron forests and looking at colorful flowers will be utterly pleasing to your senses.

The highest point of this trek rises up to 13,100 ft. The grade of this trek ranges from easy to moderate so beginners, who are in good shape, and experienced trekkers, both can opt to go for this pleasurable hike.



This one's for beginners, those who want a new hobby that will get them out of their houses. The peak of Nag Tibba rises up to 9,910 ft., making it ideal for a family outing as well. On top of this, you can complete this trek in just two days and thus there will not be any need for taking any extra leaves.

The trail of this trek is quite pleasing. It will be more beautiful as you will be trekking during winter. You will find that everything will be covered with snow. When you reach the top of the peak you will be greeted by a mesmerizing view. Everywhere you look you will see mountain peaks covered with snow. This trip will definitely leave you in awe of the natural beauty that mother earth has provided us with and you will surely be coming back again and again for the experience.



Another one of Trek Tours in March that you can go on is Kedarkantha trek. This one is quite famous among trekking enthusiasts and for all the right reasons. Your way will be lined with pine trees, the tops of which will be covered with snow. Apart from this, you will be walking on beautiful snow-covered landscapes. On this trek, you will find lush greenery and abundance of snow clapped together almost a trekker's paradise.

The highest point of this trek reaches up to an altitude of 12,500 ft. The grade of this trek ranges from easy to moderate, thus making this trek ideal for beginners as well as experienced trekkers. Beginners would need to attain a certain level of fitness though before opting to go for this one.



Brahmatal trek is perfect to go on during the month of March. This trek will offer you mesmerizing views of frozen lakes and mountain tops covered with snow. One of the major highlights of this trek is the view of Mt Trishul that you get to see when you reach the top of the peak.

Located in Uttarakhand, the peak point of this trek rises up to 12,250 ft. Your trail will go through open meadows, which during winters will be under a blanket of snow. Traversing through the snow will make your journey all the more thrilling and adventurous. After a challenging climb when you finally reach the destination, you will see that you are surrounded by snow-clad mountains from all sides. Now this will truly be a sight to behold.

The grade of this trek is moderate so some prior trekking experience will make your journey more enjoyable. Although even if you are a beginner you can start training for the trek a while earlier and then you will be ready to go on this beautiful journey.

Now that you have some information about treks in March you can make an informed decision. Trekking through the mountains during the winter season is truly an offbeat experience as you get you to traverse places that are not that much explored and even with famous trekking destinations people usually choose to go for summer treks, so you will away from civilization for good for at least a few days.

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All Treks In March

Trek Name No Of Days Cost View Details
Kanchenjunga Round Trek 16 Days Rs 75,550/- View Details   
Ruinsara Lake Trek 8 Days Rs 22,000/- View Details   
Dayara Bugyal Trek 6 Days Rs 8,950/- View Details   
Sandakphu Trek 5 Days - View Details   
Nag Tibba Trek 2 Days Rs 3,950/- View Details   
Everest Base Camp Trek 18 Days Rs 85,000/- View Details   
Singalila Ridge Trek 7 Days Rs 18,000/- View Details   
Sandakphu & Phalut Trek 7 Days Rs 12,450/- View Details   
Sham Valley Trek 6 Days Rs 16,500/- View Details   
Brahmatal Trek 6 Days Rs 9,600/- View Details   
Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek 6 Days Rs 8,950/- View Details   
Devkyara Trek 10 Days Rs 22,450/- View Details   
Gangabal Lake winter expedition 5 Days Rs 9,850/- View Details   
Har Ki Dun Trek 7 Days Rs 9,750/- View Details   
Kedarkantha Trek 6 Days Rs 9,500/- View Details   
Kolahoi Glacier Trek 6 Days Rs 15,500/- View Details   
Kuari Pass Trek 6 Days Rs 9,750/- View Details   
Monpa Trail 8 Days Rs 42,000/- View Details   
Talle Valley Trek 6 Days Rs 22,450/- View Details   
Stok Kangri Winter Expedition 12 Days Rs 85,000/- View Details   

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