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By my signature I acknowledge the following terms:

I agree not to sue Trekmunk Pvt. Ltd. And its staff or representatives for any personal injury, death or loss occurred as a result of me being a part in an adventure excursion with them, due to any cause whatsoever, including any laxity on behalf of Trekmunk Pvt. Ltd or its staff. I accept the risks that come along with this excursion(personal injury, death, or any sort of personal loss), some of which may arise due to rigorous physical activity for which I did not prepare myself despite of the constant reminders by Team Trekmunk, Adverse weather situations, remoteness from medical facilities. I assure that registering myself for the excursion was in my own personal interest and Trekmunk Pvt. Ltd. Had no part in influencing me. I give Trekmunk Pvt. Ltd. The right to arrange medical treatment and take all the necessary actions they consider essential for my safety, in case I suffer any sort of injury or illness. Indulging in this agreement, I am not relying on any vocal or written statement other than this by Trekmunk Pvt. Ltd. Or its staff.

I confirm I have read the entire terms and conditions before signing it by my own free will and agree that this agreement shall be binding upon my family, heirs, friends and administrators.