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Sahyadri Treks


Altitude: 2,160 ft.

Duration: 1 day

If you are someone who loves nature and all its beauty, but you do not consider yourself fit enough for a proper trek, though surely a little bit of workout and determination will change that, then Andharban Trek is just the thing for you. Unlike most treks the path of this trek is descending, making Andharban trek extremely easy and almost too perfect for beginners. The trek starts at Pimpri Dam which lies at a convenient distance of 200 meters from Pimpri Village in Maharashtra. During this offbeat trek, you will pass through glistening streams of water, get to enjoy the diverse flora and fauna of Andharban forest, and at the end reach Bhira Dam; all of this will just take 4-5 hours.

The best time to go for this trek is during the monsoon and pre-monsoon season. As the name suggests venturing into this dark, dense forest will be much more interesting when the forest is covered in fog. The only thing that will make this trek just slightly tricky will be the slippery path, but other than that you will be able to enjoy the scenic beauty of this place without any obstacles whatsoever.

If you want to make the most of this trek and add a little bit of thrill in the journey, a night trek will take care of all those things for you. Wandering through a dark forest at night seems like something that has come right out of Harry Potter novels. Just make sure you follow the trail of the trek carefully, in order to not get lost in the valley, and you will be good to go.

Andharban trek is just the thing you and your friends need to get a little bit of relief from you daily, boring lives. Just a weekend will be required for this trek so you can venture into your own little fantasy land without any complications.


Altitude: 3,400 ft.

Duration: 1 day

Got no plans for the weekend but craving to do something fun?! Here's an idea for you, Bhimashankar trek! Sure, it is a one-day trek, but do not try to underestimate the amount of pleasure it could stir up in you.

Why this trek you ask? Well, this trek combines the fun of going through dense forests, stream crossing, rock climbing, and going over ladders. Not too bad for a one-day trek right? It will take you about 6-7 hours to complete the whole trek.

The trek starts from Khandas village and from there you will have two trails to choose from to reach Gupt Bhimashankar: Sidhi Ghat and Ganesh Ghat. Though after around 3-4 hours both the trails merge together. If you are a more seasoned trekker then Sidhi Ghat will be the appropriate choice for you. This trail will take you through laddered paths, and after that through a rocky path. It will be a little tricky to climb the rocks so make sure you are prepared for that.

The trail through Sidhi Ghat, though easier, is just as beautiful. Pass through dense forests, and then walk in open, wide meadows, and find yourself again in the company of trees as you move. This option will be suitable for beginners. After you reach Bhimashankar temple through any of the paths, you will cross trickling streams and finally reach Gupt Bhimashankar.

As the trail of this trek is through a wildlife sanctuary, you will get to see a variety of flora and fauna. The best season to go for this trek is monsoon but it can be done throughout the year. Monsoon season will just add a little more thrill into your trek.

Isn't this trek the perfect time pass for your weekend, because while binge-watching shows seem cool trekking will rejuvenate the hell out of you.


Altitude: 2,000 ft.

Duration: 1 day

Sometimes the best remedy for boringness is to let out your inner child, let everything else go, and go mad. Devkund trek offers you the perfect opportunity for this. You can enjoy to your heart's content at this breathtakingly beautiful waterfall. Devkund is also a very less explored place as it came into the limelight just recently, this fact just makes the trek more irresistible.

The trek starts from Bhira, a little village in Maharashtra. Bhira also makes for a very interesting campsite as the Mulshi dam is located here. From here trek to the gorgeous waterfall of Devkund, which is also believed to be the originating point of river Kundalika.

During is a trek you will go through open meadow and then through a dense forest, where you can revel amongst the greenery. The path of the trek is fairly easy and the trail is not too steep, but still, good stamina would make your experience more satisfactory. After passing through the forest you will have to climb up a rocky path for like 10 minutes, and after that last bit of effort you will be staring on to the water falling gloriously into a pond.

At the waterfall, you can get into the pond and enjoy the coolness of the water. Just take care to stay behind the line of control. Going near to the point where waterfalls directly are not allowed as the flow is heavy, and the pond is deep at that point as well. There have been casualties at this place before so it would be wise to respect the rules. But other than that, you will be able to bask in the beauty of this place and go home with a content heart.

Perfect getaway for your weekend, Devkund is also amazingly suited for beginners. Explore this hidden gem and I assure you that you will not regret this decision.


Altitude: 3,200 ft.

Duration: 1 day

Whether through movies or some other source we have all come across the word or more accurately name, Lonavala. A popular weekend getaway for Maharashtrians, Lonavala also houses the popular peak called Duke's Nose.

Duke's Nose was named so because of the bizarre reason that it is shaped like the nose of Duke of Wellington. Also called Nagphani, because the peak seems to be shaped like the hood of a snake, Duke's Nose attracts trekkers and tourists alike.

The peak is ideally situated between Lonavala and Khandala, and can be reached by both the railway stations of Khandala and Lonavala.

This trek is perfect if you want an adventurous little holiday. Though the trek is completed in just a few hours, the path of this trek is quite steep, thus making sure that your journey does not lack thrill. Your path will be covered with greenery throughout the way and you will be able to enjoy the different glories of nature. When you reach the top, you can look down and see the beautiful town of Khandala. The height of this peak will make for a great spot for your pictures, which is something that cannot be ignored obviously.

Apart from trekking and rock-climbing Duke's nose is also famous for rappelling, so, that's another thing to look forward to. Along with all the adventurous activities, a temple of Lord Shiva is also located on the top of the peak, adding a little bit of divinity to the journey.

This trek will make for an amazing adventure. Not that sitting around in the comfort of your own home, in pjs, is not fun, but a tiny dose of adventure and thrill added to your regular life will only enhance its quality. Perfect for beginners and experienced trekkers alike, Duke's Nose trek could be an interesting next little escape of your life.


Altitude: 2,137 ft.

Duration: 1 day

Awesome news for Mumbaiwalas, there is a peak just three hours away from Mumbai, which is a blend of forests, a tiny fort, caves, and waterfalls. Gorakhgad Trek will make for a perfect weekend getaway.

Gorakhgad is named after the saint Gorakhnath, he used to perform his sadhana here, and the fort was used as a stopover place between Junnar and Naneghat during the time of Shivaji Maharaj.

For a one-day trek, Gorakhgad has a lot to offer. The nearest railway station is Kalyan and from there the base of the peak will be reached by bus, and then you can embark on a fun-filled journey. During the trail, you will pass through dense forests. If you an experienced trekker then this trek will not disappoint you, as the climb after the forest consists of a steep, rocky path that requires a bit of strenuous activity.

Also, along the way, you will pass through many ancient caves and they make really good spots for clicking pictures and taking rest before you start for the more adventurous part of the trek. While going up through the rocky path may seem like a challenge, descending back may prove a bit trickier, so you need to take extreme care during that part.

The best time to go for this trek is during the monsoon season, the forest will be blooming at this time with wildflowers and greenery, making your journey all the more surreal. Monsoon season will also add more thrill to your trek as the slippery slopes will make for a harder climb. Other than that, the trek can be done throughout the year. Starting early in the morning is advisable for a better experience.

Start making your plans right away for this adventure-filled journey. After all, what is better than looking over ghats from the top of a peak.


Altitude: 2,625 ft.

Duration: 1 day

Garbett plateau still remains one of the lesser-explored places in Maharashtra. While there are many one-day treks to choose from for people living in Mumbai or Pune Garbett plateau will be the most suited for you if you are looking for a secluded place away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

The trek starts from Diksal Village, and the closest railway station to reach the base camp in the village is Matheran railway station. What makes this trek special is that you will be surrounded by the lush greenness of this beautiful place throughout your journey.

You will walk along the shimmering Bhivpuri Lake and Dhom Dam. Also, along the way, you will get to see many waterfalls, one thing that could never cease to amaze people. As you move forward you will pass through Sagachiwadi Village, here you can fill up your water bottles. After climbing for a while more you will finally reach the Garbett point, and from up there you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous views of the valley covered with greenness beneath you. It will be a sight to behold and remember.

The trek is considered to be of moderate level as the path is quite steep at places and will require a fair amount of physical activity. Best time to visit Garbett plateau is during monsoon season as the whole place will be blooming during that time. Night trek is also an amazing option to consider. You can reach the top by early morning and witness a beautiful sunrise over the lake and the valley; sunrises and sunsets, among other things, are what make this trek a very considerable option.

If you are tired of listening to vehicles make noise everyday then this trek will make your wish of visiting your dreamland true. Embarking on this small, but the spectacular journey could be your highlight of the month.


Altitude:4, 650 ft.

Duration:1-2 days

One-day treks are perfect for letting off some steam when you don't have the option of going on a week-long vacation. But most one-day treks are easy and do not prove to be too much thrilling for experienced trekkers. Harishchandragad trek though cuts through all those issues and offers you an adventurous package.

Located in Malsej Ghats in Ahmednagar district, Harishchandragad is an ancient fort, thus making for an ideal historical background for your trek. The base camp for this trek is Belpada Village, which can be reached by the railway station of Kalyan. There are various routes through which you can get to the top: via Khireshwar, via Pachnai, and via Naalichi Vaat.

Pachnai route is the easiest out of all the routes, and it is advisable to take this one if you are a beginner. For more seasoned trekkers Naalichi Vaat route will be more suitable. This route will require you to climb over huge rocks and thus some trekking equipment might come handy as well. The path is quite steep so only experienced trekkers can opt to go via this route.

Konkan Kada, a concave fall is the main attraction of the trek, along with the cave of Kedareshwar and the temple of Harishchandreshwar. Konkan Kada also makes for an amazing camping spot. From the top, you can enjoy the majestic views of the surrounding mountain peaks.

Best time to go for this trek is from October-February. The monsoon season may make climbing up the rocky path more challenging. If you are up for the challenge then good for you, but if you are not that experienced avoiding monsoon season is advisable.

Rarely such opportunities come for regular explorers, so do not miss out on one of the most challenging treks of Sahyadri. After all, you won't have to plan for a week-long vacation and you will be able to leave behind your regular life, even if it is just for 2 days.


Altitude:3,700 ft.

Duration:1 day

Finding a secluded place in India, with all its population, is literally like finding heaven on earth. In these days when people have found ways to explore every corner of the world, a place that is not filled with people all around is a blessing. Irshalgad fort is one of such places.

Located in Panvel, Karjat, Irshalgad plateau and pinnacle lies among the other forts of this area. Though comparatively smaller, the fort provides amazing views of all the forts surrounding it. From Panvel, a bus will take you to Chowk Town from where you can reach the base village.

The base village for this trek is Irshalwadi from where you continue on a zig-zag path. As you walk you will be surrounded by lush and green grass on one side and will see the glittering waters of Morbe reservoir. It will be a very charming walk indeed. After a walk of about 2-3 hours, you will reach the Irshalgad plateau and it is a steep climb from there to the pinnacle, but the climb could be done without the help of any gears. From the top, you can revel in the beauty of nature, and see all the surrounding peaks from a perfect height.

The trail of this trek is not too hard and can be attempted by beginners easily. Monsoon trek to this place adds to the existing gorgeousness of the journey. The greenness of the place will be more alluring and you will see the pinnacle covered with clouds and fog, a truly magical sight. Though climbing the pinnacle during monsoon season is not recommended as the rocks become slippery and the fall could prove fatal. But you will surely be able to enjoy the scenic view from the top of the plateau.

This trek could be ideal for you if you are tired of seeing buildings, and people, and vehicles all around you. Running back to nature and enjoying the solitude is always a great way to forget your problems for a while.


Altitude:2,300 ft.

Duration:1 day

After a week's hard work and being tired of sitting in a chair, eyes glued to computer screens, day by day, rejuvenation is necessary so that you will be able to endure the next few days of work without being bored to death. For the completion of this extremely important task, we have Kalavantin Durg trek for you.

Located next to Prabalgad fort, Kalavantin Durg was used as a watchtower due to its soaring height, which also makes this trek a thrilling adventure.

Thakurwadi is the base village for this trek. As you start going up the trail you will see mountains and villages on your side, and everything covered in lush greenness. Also, along the way, during or around monsoon season, you will come across many beautiful waterfalls. The midpoint of the trek is Prabalmachi plateau- where you can rest for a while, fill up your water bottles, stock up on food, and obviously, don't shy away from clicking pictures of the amazing view that you will see.

After passing Prabalmachi the trek becomes extremely thrilling. The path leading up to the top is made up of rocky stairs with no ropes or any other kind of support. While the journey will be a little tricky, with a little bit of care you will be able to bask in the mesmerizing scenery around you. After the adrenaline-packed journey, you will reach the top, and you will be able to see all the other gorgeous mountains from a vantage point.

The best season to go for this trek is from August-March. Although the monsoon season will add more thrill to your trek, climbing up slippery stairs may prove quite challenging, so extra care is advisable during that time.

One-day treks that are also thrilling are a rare find, so make sure you do not pass on this journey away from the utterly regular city life.


Altitude: 5,400 ft.

Duration: 1 day

Maharashtra has a wide variety of one-day treks to choose from, but I don't think any of them can compare to the joy of climbing the highest peak of Maharashtra. Apart from that Kalsubai peak trek is also challenging and thrilling so experienced trekkers won't feel that it is too easy for them. That being said beginners who think they have enough stamina are always welcome.

The base village for this trek is Bari. After crossing the village, you will walk in fields covered will yellow grass for a while, and then the scene will change and you will find yourself walking on a rocky path amongst trees. Sound quite surreal, doesn't it? But wait, that's not all this trek has to offer. The fun and thrill-filled parts are the next one, as you move closer to the top you will walk on iron ladders. It might get scary on the last ladder, so make sure you are properly prepared for the ascent and the descent.

Reaching the top will be all that you imagined and much more. The panoramic view of the surrounding ranges will be breathtaking and so worth all the hard work you have put in getting to the top. You will be able to see all the forts that surround Kalsubai Peak from a perfect spot. Do not forget your cameras as you will definitely want to capture the beautiful scenery.

A night trek to this place will be just as rewarding, if not more. You will reach the top just in time to see the sun rising over the mountain ranges. The place will be dripping with gorgeousness. Trekking during monsoon time will be more thrilling for seasoned trekkers, you will just have to take extra care on the rocky path and on the ladders, as they will be super slippery during this time.

Doesn't it all sound very appealing?! It definitely will be, you just need to take one day out of your schedule to explore this majestic peak.


Altitude:2 ,500 ft.

Duration: 1 day

The idea of one-day treks, which lets you escape the regular reality without any hassle, is appealing. Now, imagine your joy elevating exponentially when you see a lake at the top of a peak, which will only take an hour and a half's trekking. Sounds like something that should not be missed, right? Kavnai fort trek is truly something heavenly.

The trek starts from Kavnai village, which is located in Igatpuri, Nasik. After crossing the village, the path starts to descend. The trail is hard to find without the guidance of someone who knows their way around. You take one wrong step and you will find yourself heading back towards the base village.

After climbing up the rocky path you will finally come across a ladder, put there by the locals, that leads up to the entrance of the fort. As you reach the top you will pass through a cave and then moving a little ahead will bring you face to face with the shimmering lake situated on top of the fort. You can bask there in the sunlight, sitting along the lake, and enjoy the panoramic view of other neighboring ranges. Temples dedicated to Parvati and Ganesha are also situated on the top.

It becomes too hot during summers to go for this trek so a monsoon trek is more recommended. Months from October-March will ensure the gorgeousness of your trek. The path leading to the top is quite easy and thus beginners can easily opt to go for this trek.

Kavnai fort remains among one of the few secluded places in Maharashtra. The fort has not been explored much and thus, embarking on this journey will leave you immensely satisfied if you are the sort of person who likes peace and quiet. Solitude is something we all crave for sometimes and what better place to revel in your solitude than alongside a lake, looking over green mountains and valleys all around, right!


Altitude: 3,200 ft.

Duration: 1 day

There are times when just lazing around during the weekend doesn't satisfy you, and it definitely doesn't prepare you for another loathsome week in the office. For these times the best thing to do is to run into the arms of mother nature and let it rejuvenate you. A trek to Kohoj Fort will do the trick and will rejoice your soul and body.

Kohoj fort was one of the 22 forts that were surrendered by Shivaji to the Mughals in the Purandar Treaty. The base village for this trek is Wahgote in Palghar. From there the trail is quite easy.

The path to the top could be easily traced. As you move towards the top your path will be covered with lush greenness from all around. Also, on your way to the top, you will pass through tiny, beautiful lakes: Narayan Lake, Shelte lake. Various little temples also come along the way.

Second half your trek will include passing through a meadow with yellow grass, and then finally you will reach the top of the plateau. From there you can enjoy the mesmerizing scenery consisting of other mountain ranges, valleys, and Shelte lake. The best attraction of this place though is the pinnacle shaped like a human being. It became so because of wind erosion, which over the years carved out this bizarre but interesting pinnacle. As you stand on different angles different shapes could be made out of the pinnacle.

The whole journey takes about 4-5 hours. Although this trek could be done throughout the year, it is advisable that you dodge the summertime, as the heat will turn this otherwise beautiful trek unnecessarily tiring. Monsoon and pre-monsoon times are the best to explore this fort, as everything will be blooming with lush greenness. As the path is quite easy this trek is perfect for beginners.

So, try and get some time off from your daily life as you don't want to miss on this refreshing journey.


Altitude: 200 ft.

Duration: 1 day

Meditation is an art that is lost nowadays, but it is never too late to return to a place where it was practiced vigorously and calm your mind in the aura of that place. A trek to Kondane caves offers you this chance.

Hidden amongst the forests of Kondana Village is a set of four caves which are collectively called Kondane Caves. Their discovery dates back to the 1stcentury BC. A place which was used by Buddhist Monks to practice their calm and simple lifestyles, Kondane caves enclose the caves of Chaitya and Viharas. Stupa structures and stone carved beds can also be found in the caves.

Trek to this beautiful place starts from Kondana village. The path is quite easy and is descending, so beginners can easily opt to explore this place. It takes around an hour to reach the caves from the base village, the journey will consist of a pleasant walk through the forest before discovering the waterfalls. After reaching the caves you can enjoy the sight of water falling from a height of 200 ft, and explore the caves.

The architecture of the caves is quite interesting, you can check out the ancient carvings on the walls. While you are in such a holy place to let go of your troubles and try to absorb all the divine energy.

Best time to go for this trek is the monsoon season, from June-September. You will be able to see the water falling from the top of the caves gloriously, and as the path is easy there is no risk in trekking during the monsoon season. Your trek will only become greener and more gorgeous.

It is rare that you get a chance to explore places like Kondane Caves. Where else will you find such a serene environment which is perfect for contemplating your own self?!


Altitude: 3,018 ft.

Duration: 1 day

If you are in Lonavala, Pune, Mumbai, or any other place near Lonavala, and are looking for a place where you can spend your weekend doing something fun, Koraigad Fort trek is the thing to consider. The place is away from city life, providing a perfect background for getting lost in nature (not literally), and spending the time that is refreshing but calm as well.

Located 20 km away from Lonavala, Koraigad fort was built in the 15thcentury and was a part of Shivaji's dynasty. Trekking to this place will be a mesmerizing experience, especially during the monsoon season.

Monsoon season adds more charm to the existing gorgeousness of the fort and the route leading up to it. The trek starts from Peth Shahpur village. As you start your trek from this base camp you will see the fort covered in fog and clouds, a magical sight really. Your path to the trek will be just as beautiful as the view from the top. The trail will be covered with greenery from all sides forcing you to stop and admire the view at various points. You may even encounter waterfalls on your way.

After walking for a while, you will come across rocky stairs which will take you to the top of the range. There you can bask in the glory of nature. Enjoy the remnants of the fort and the beautiful lakes which you will find on the top. Looking around, you can marvel upon the view of the green valleys and other mountains surrounding the peak. Everything about this trek is appealing.

Just an hour's journey to Koraigad fort will leave you stupefied and you will be returning home with a heart full of joy. The trail is also quite easy making this trek perfect for beginners. Make your weekend count by exploring this beautiful place!


Altitude: 3,100 ft.

Duration: 1 day

Sometimes a long walk amidst green trees is all you need to leave a dreary feeling behind. Trekking to Kothaligad fort, though it's a bit more than a long walk, will take away all your blues and will leave you feeling refreshed and rejoiced.

As the case is for most Sahyadri treks, monsoon season is the best time to go for this trek. If you are not afraid of a little rain (if that happens to rain) then you will be in for a treat. Imagine walking on a path and seeing just calming green color all around you, how enchanting!

The base village for this trek is Peth, which is also the reason why Kothaligad fort is sometimes called Peth fort. Although starting the walk from Ambivali village will be more rewarding. You will come across little nooks and crannies with water flowing in them.

The path leading up to the fort is a little steep but is quite easy. Beginners can easily make the climb. As it will be the monsoon season you will encounter many beautiful waterfalls on your way, and see the pinnacle of the fort sometimes hiding amongst clouds.

Now about the fort itself, the pinnacle is hollow from inside and a set of stairs from inside the pinnacle leads up to the top. Before the stairs are a series of caves, the largest cave has intricately carved pillars. This makes for a major attraction of this fort. Reveling between such beautiful things created by man has charms of its own.

Past the caves, and after climbing the stairs, you will reach the top and the view will be utterly surreal and sublime. From the top enjoy the scenic gorgeousness that will be before your eyes. This one-day trip will be nothing less than extraordinary, and hence considering it might help you cope with your regular life with a light and a happy heart.


Altitude: 3,389 ft

Duration: 1 day

Monsoon is a tricky season. While it leaves some people complaining about the rain, others like to walk freely, whether it's raining or not, amidst nature at its best. If you belong to the second category and have a weekend at your disposal to spare then Lohagad fort trek will not disappoint you.

Built-in the 18thcentury, Lohagad Fort is a UNESCO world heritage site and was also used as Shivaji's treasury. It is a huge fort and the structure's condition is quite good, which is why it is extremely popular amongst the tourists. The place may not be as secluded but the beauty of it makes up for that fact.

A series of stairs lead up to the top of the fort. The fort itself has four entrances: Ganesh Darwaja, Narayan Darwaja, Hanuman Darwaja, and Maha Darwaja. Do not miss to notice the intricate and careful carvings on Maha Darwaja. This fort drips with historical significance and its preserved condition makes it a highly considerable option for your weekend plans.

This trek is very easy, which makes it highly suitable for beginners. The base village is Lohagadwadi village and from there one just needs to climb up the stairs to reach to the top of the fort. If you are someone who wants to take a longer route, you can start the trek from Bhaje village. The route is just a little confusing, so make sure you ask someone about the path.

Because you will be trekking during monsoons the water cisterns at the top of the fort will be filled with water. Rain may make the stairs a little slippery, but still, there is no risk as such. Just with a little bit of care, you will reach the top and here you can enjoy the beautiful view that will be spread before your eyes. What better way to spend your weekend than to look upon green valleys and mountains, right?!


Altitude: 2,600 ft.

Duration: 1 day

If the weekend is just around the corner and you have no plans to enhance its quality, consider trekking to Naneghat Fort, because if you are not living a life of quality is it even worth living?! Now the idea of a good life may vary from person to person, but for those who enjoy trekking, we have got your weekend sorted.

Located in Thane district of Maharashtra, Naneghat is a famous destination for trekking enthusiasts, mostly because of its famous pass that has solid, rock walls on its sides. Very less now remains of the actual fort but still, you can see ancient carvings on the walls of caves that have survived. A number of artificial caves have also been built at this place. It will be an amazing walk through the historical lane.

The base village for this trek is Vaishakhare. From there the trail consists of passing through streams and a small dam. Then you will walk amidst the green, and leafy thickets present on the sides of the trail. After a while, you will come across rocky stairs that will lead to the inside of the caves and then to the top of the fort.

Now you can relax and bask amidst the ancient creations. From the top of the pinnacle, you will see a panoramic view of the surrounding area, all covered in lush greenery. A number of water tanks and reservoirs are present near this place, and looking at them from the top of the pinnacle will make for a very pleasant sight.

Monsoon season is the best time to go for this trek, otherwise, the scorching heat may ruin your trek. Monsoons also ensure that the place is not dry and is fresh and blooming. If you are a beginner then this trek will be ideal for you. Looking over the world from the top is always a good way to let go of your troubles.


Altitude: 4,264 ft.

Duration: 1 day

India being a religious nation has a countless number of temples devoted to many gods at every corner. But the temple devoted to Anjani Mata, mother of Hanuman, situated on Anjaneri hills, is the only one devoted to her. So, how about exploring the birthplace of Lord Hanuman this weekend?!

Located near Nasik, Anjaneri fort invites a number of trekkers because of the easy trail and beautiful surroundings. Like most Sahyadri treks, monsoon season is the best time to go for this trek. Walking amidst the rain-drenched forests will be utterly refreshing.

The trek starts from the base village Anjaneri. From there embark on a rejoicingly beautiful journey. As you start walking you will see the two pinnacles- Navara and Navari- perched upon the mountain. You will walk through lush green forests, and as you will be trekking during the monsoon season you are bound to see waterfalls on your way to the top. Also, along the way, you will come across caves which have ancient carvings on the walls. Seeta cave lies near the fort and can accommodate about a dozen people easily.

A series of stairs lead you to the top of the plateau. The view from the top is nothing less than mesmerizing. Anjaneri temple requires you to trek upon two other mountains. On the way to the temple, Indra Sarovar lake is also one of the gorgeous sights you will see. After reaching the top of the plateau housing the temple you will look down upon the valleys and mountains covered with fog and greenery, a very pleasing sight indeed.

The trail of the trek is very easy and beginners can easily make the climb. Rain during the monsoon season makes the stairs slippery, so take care during that part of the trek, other than that there is no risk factor. A perfect plan for your free weekend, the aesthetic walk will fill your heart with joy.


Altitude: 2,300 ft.

Duration: 1 day

If you are living in Maharashtra, which has gorgeous mountains and hills spread all over, and you are still spending the weekend binge-watching movies, you need to change your priorities. A one-day trek to Prabalgad fort will not only make your weekend worthwhile but will also make sure that you come back with a light and rejoicing heart.

Walking through paths and seeing lush greenery all around you will be utterly refreshing and that is exactly what this trek offers. Located near Panvel, Prabalgad fort was basically a watchtower. The base for this trek is Thakurwadi. From there it will take you a couple of hours to reach the top of the fort.

Monsoon season is the best time to go for this trek. During this time the forests will be soaked with freshness, and walking amidst dense, green trees will please you immensely. Also, during the monsoon season, you will be able to see a number of waterfalls on your way. You will just have to take care while climbing the steep path, as it may become slippery because of all the rain.

You can opt to go for a summer trek as well, though during summers a night trek is more recommendable. Your journey will become more adventurous and thrilling, and absolutely nothing is better than reaching the top of the mountain just as the sun's rays start hitting the surface. Watching a beautiful sunrise would raise the quality of your weekend exponentially.

Upon reaching the trek you will see everything covered under a green blanket. From the top of Prabalgad fort, you can also see the peak of Kalavantin Durg and Matheran plateau.

The climb to the top will be a moderate one and beginners can easily choose to go for this trek. So, add some quality to your weekend and explore this beautiful place.


Altitude of Rajgad Fort: 4,182 ft.

Altitude of Torna Fort: 4,603 ft.

Duration:2-3 days

Most treks in Maharashtra are one-day treks, and while they may be satisfactory for beginners, more experienced trekkers can feel a bit skeptical about those treks. But fret not we have a perfect trek that will require a certain amount stamina and physical fitness.

Trek from Rajgad to Torna is one of the few fort-to-fort treks in Maharashtra. Rajgad was capital of the Maratha empire for a long time before Shivaji shifted the capital to Raigad. Rajgad fort is also famous for the reason that Shivaji spent about 25-30 years in this fort (longer than he ever stayed anywhere else). Torna fort was the first fort that was captured by Shivaji, also Shivaji was responsible for the major construction of this fort.

Rajgad fort is divided into four sections: Padmavati Machi, Suvela Machi, Sanjevani Machi, and Ballekilla is at the center. Torna fort is divided between Zunjar Machi and Budla Machi. As both the forts are perched upon a good height, the view from atop both the forts will be mind-blowing.

A trek through not one but two places of major historical significance will definitely be worthy of your time. Base villages for Rajgad and Torna fort are Gunjavne and Velhe respectively. The trail leading up to Rajgad fort is quite easy. A ridge connects both the forts, which will be needed to cross for getting to Torna from Rajgad. The path leading up to Torna fort is rocky and steep. You will need to be careful while climbing on steep rocks.

Trekking during the monsoon season will be thrilling, but as the trail of Torna fort is steep and rocky, monsoon trekking is only advisable for experienced trekkers.

How often does one get a chance to explore two huge forts during one trek? Not very often, so pack up your bags and get going soon.


Altitude: 2,710 ft.

Duration: 1 day

Are you ready for an offbeat trek, to be bewitched and to have your mind blown?! If yes then we have the perfect trek for you. Rajmachi Fireflies trek will be totally different from anything you have ever experienced. The aura of this place will leave you enchanted.

Monsoon season brings with itself a countless number of insects. While most of them are annoying, you wouldn't want to miss looking at hundreds of fireflies glowing in dark. Sounds magical, right? A night trek to Rajmachi fort will let you witness this beautiful scene.

You will start your trek from Tugarli Dam and then proceed to walk through the dense forests of Rajmachi village. Here you will be trekking alongside numerous fireflies, witness the beautiful, natural phenomenon of insects glowing to attract their mates. It will definitely be a surreal sight.

Rajmachi fort was under the rule of Shivaji like many other Sahyadri forts, and there are two fortified structures that make up this fort: Shrivardhan and Manaranjan. Now Rajmachi fort is a protected monument.

Trekking up to the fort at night, during monsoon will be a thrilling and adventurous experience. The path of the trek is steep and rocky and that's why extra care must be taken while climbing the rocks. Although this trek is of a medium grade, beginners can opt to go for this trek if they are confident and physically fit.

Reach the top of the fort and you can see a beautiful sunrise. Bask in the ruins of a historically significant fort. From the top of the fort, you will see a panoramic view of the valley stretched below and also other glorious peaks of Sahyadri.

Who would want to miss out on the chance of trekking alongside glowing insects?! A perfect weekend trek, which will leave you utterly refreshed and stupefied. So, pack your bags right away!


Altitude of Rajmachi Fort: 2,710 ft.

Altitude of Kondane Caves: 200 ft.

Duration: 2-3 days

A trek to Rajmachi fort and Kondane caves might be one of the most interesting treks in Maharashtra. Covering two great places that are of great historical significance is bound to make your trek worth every penny.

Rajmachi fort was a place of strategic importance during Shivaji's reign as it looked over the trade route of Borghat. There are two fortified structures that are part of this fort: Shrivardhan and Manaranjan, on east and west respectively. Start your trek from the village of Rajmachi, and then go up to explore Shrivardhan. You will see a beautiful view from the top of the area surrounding the fort. After that, you will move on to explore the fort of Manaranjan on the eastern side.

Trekking through this beautiful place will be a rejoicing experience during monsoon season. The place will be blooming with greenery and you will be able to see a number of beautiful waterfalls on throughout your journey.

Speaking of waterfalls, the next major part of this trek will consist of exploring the eminent Buddhist Kondane caves, and witnessing water falling from a height of 200 ft. Trekking to Kondane caves will consist of an easy descend, nonetheless, the experience will be mesmerizing. The caves were excavated back in 1stcentury BC. There is a total of 16 caves divided amongst Chaitya and Viharas. Exploring the place where Buddhist monks practiced meditation will be strangely calming.

Best time to go for this trek will be during the monsoon season. This trek is a perfect plan for your weekend. The grade of the trek moves between medium and easy and thus it is suitable for both experienced trekkers, as well as for beginners.

It's not every day that you get an opportunity to discover such places, that too in just one weekend. This trek will refresh you and the beautiful, scenic views will rejoice your heart.


Altitude of Ratangad Fort: 4,255 ft.

Altitude of Harishchandragad Fort: 4,650 ft.

Duration: 2-3 days

This one is for more seasoned trekkers living in Maharashtra who do not have time for a week-long trek. Most one-day treks in Maharashtra are easy and thus may not provide trekkers with a thrilling experience. But range-to-range trek from Ratangad fort to Harishchandragad fort will be full of adventure.

Part of the Kalsubai ranges, Ratangad Fort, as the name suggests, is actually a jewel among the Sahyadri ranges. Located in Ahmednagar, the route to the fort goes through Ratanwadi, a small village. The trail of the trek will be just as beautiful as the view from the top. From the top of the fort, you would be able to see Bhandardara dam. Also, you will be looking over some of the most gorgeous ranges of Sahyadri. Everything covered in greenery and you standing on top of it, it will be almost like standing on top of the world.

From Ratangad the route to Harishchandragad passes through Katrabai mountain pass, which itself stands on a height of 4,300 ft, and has its own scenic views to offer. Pass through dense forests, enjoying the lush greenery of the place, and then you will reach the caves of Harishchandragad.

Harishchandragad again is a place of great historical significance. This fort is located in Malshej ghats of Ahmednagar district. The main attraction of this place is Konkan Kada, which is a concave fall. Along with that, the cave of Kedareshwar and temple of Harishchandreshwar are also the main tourist attractions.

Monsoon season will make your trek more thrilling. The trail of the trek is quite hard as compared to the other treks of this region. So, if you are not an experienced trekker getting proper training before embarking on this trek is recommended.

There is no reason why you should be missing out on this amazing experience. Embark on a rejuvenating journey, which will be rewarding in all aspects, right away!


Altitude: 4255 ft

Duration: 1 day

Maharashtra is filled with treks that take just a day or two. It's only fair that people living nearby should take full advantage of this situation. Another one of Sahyadri treks is a trek to Ratangad. Ratangad peak is also among the few peaks of Sahyadri from where you can witness the beautiful view of all the surrounding peaks. The trek starts from the village of Ratanwadi, where you can also pay your respects in Amruteshwar temple and see its intricately carved walls. You start your trek walking alongside the river Pravara and in the village fields. Next comes crossing the dam that is built on the river. This place makes for a good stopping point to admire the beauty of your surroundings. The trek is quite easy as you start, and the trail starts ascending gradually. After crossing the fields, you get to walk amongst trees in a dense forest. There are only a few things better than a forest trail so savor this time as you walk amidst greenery.

Next part of the trek consists of a rocky path, but steel ladders are built to facilitate the climb. The ladders will take you straight into the caves of Ratangad fort. Do not forget to notice the carvings and scriptures here. You can also plan to stay in the cave; it can easily accommodate 20-30 people.

From here the path to reach the 'eye of the needle' is slightly tricky. Take care while you are ascending. Along the way, you will also come across a water cistern in another cave. You can refill your water bottles here. After another 15 minutes of climbing, you will reach the top of the peak, the view from the top will definitely take your breath away. Enjoy the mesmerizing sights of surrounding peaks, valleys stretching below you, and of the Bhandaradar dam.

The trek is of a medium grade and requires a certain level of fitness.


Altitude: 4,255 ft.

Duration: 1 day

Monsoons in Maharashtra are something to look out for. Some people may get sick of the pouring rain, but if you are someone who enjoys it then trekking to Ratangad will be an amazing and rewarding experience for you. Monsoon season brings with itself fresh air and being away from city life and amidst the glories of nature is something that shouldn't be taken for granted during this time. The base village for Ratangad trek is the village of Ratanwadi. Also, situated here is Lord Shiva's temple Amruteshwar. The trek starts off quite easily amidst the fields. After crossing the dam on Pravara lake the trail starts ascending.

The path from here goes through dense forests, which will be in full bloom during the monsoon season. Seriously, you wouldn't want to be anywhere else during this magical time. After crossing the forests and the clearing the trail leads to a rocky path.

This is where extreme care is required especially during a monsoon trek. Although you don't have to climb rocks, as there are steels ladders that lead straight into the cave of Ratangad fort, climbing the stairs might prove a challenge itself. The rain will make the stairs slippery, and also, some stairs are broken along the way, so you will need to watch your step.

After reaching the cave another hour's trekking will lead to the highest point of the trek, 'eye of the needle' or 'Nedhe'. From here you can marvel at the sight in front of you. Looking at the panoramic view of surrounding peaks covered with fog will be immensely pleasing. As you look down you will see the valley stretching beneath you, and the Bhandardara dam will also make for a beautiful sight.

The trek is of a medium level and the monsoon season will add to the thrill of it, but will also make the trek a bit risky, so make sure that you are prepared accordingly.


Altitude: 1,357 ft.

Duration: 1-2 days

Alibag has a special place in the heart of Mumbaikars. Apart from being a famous vacation place for Mumbai Walas Alibag is also blessed with amazing trekking destinations. Sagargad is one such destination where you can head to for the weekend to get away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

The base village for this trek is Khandale village, one can reach here from Panvel railway station via a bus. The trek starts from a dirt road in the village. Following that, you will reach the stairs that lead to the Siddheshwar temple. An ashram is also present here if one wishes to stay. On the way, you can see the beautiful waterfall named Dhondana.

As you follow the trail through forests and clearings you will come across the ruins of Sagargad fort. This place is full of cultural significance as it dates back to the Satavahana dynasty, it is also amongst the 33 forts that Shivaji handed over to the Mughals as part of the Purandar treaty. The fort was later used by Britishers to build their quarters as well. Most of the fort doesn't exist now, but you can see the walls that have survived along with the ruins of British quarters. Also, present on the top of the fort is a lake that becomes the waterfall on the other side of the plateau. Another major attraction of this trek is Vanartok Pinnacle. From the top, the view is absolutely beautiful. It is an easy to moderate level trek, so beginners can opt to go for it. Best time to go for this trek is monsoon or winter season, as it will make your walk amidst nature all the more pleasing. If you do plan to go during summers a night trek will be more suitable as the hot climate during the day may make the experience unnecessarily exhausting.


Duration: 1 - 2 days

If you are an experienced trekker and are looking for an offbeat trek that will quench your thirst for a thrilling weekend then do consider Sandhan Valley trek. While most of the Sahyadri treks are easy and require no prior experience Sandhan Valley trek is recommended only for experienced trekkers. This trek is also different from the other Sahyadri treks as the trail descends amidst water bodies and rappelling, rock climbing, and camping add to the excitement and thrill of this trek. This will definitely be a very different and thrilling experience for you.

The valley is located near Bhandardara, Igatpuri and is a gorge between the AMK (Alang, Madan, and Kulang) forts. The base village for this trek is Samrad village. As you start the trek from the village you walk amidst water bodies. Later the descend requires the use of ropes to descend down the rocky patches. Climbing rocks while a stream flows alongside you will surely test your trekking skills. Imagine walking in the deepest part of the valley, with high, rocky walls on both your sides, where even the sun's rays don't reach. It sounds nothing less than a magical experience. After completing the trek camping during the night under the stars will only increase the charm of your trek.

While this trek can be done throughout the year, winter and monsoon season are more recommended as walking in the valley during summers in the scorching heat can put a damper on your experience. Only experienced trekkers are advised to go on this trek as it is quite challenging. Rock climbing and rappelling are sure to test your fitness level. The monsoon season may also make the trail quite risky so make sure you watch your step at every point.

There can be no better way to spend your weekend than to indulge in this adrenaline-filled adventure, so start making your plans right away.


Altitude: 1,200 ft.

Duration: 1 day

Taking up a new hobby is always exciting, and it becomes more and more exciting if the hobby that you want to take on is trekking. Trek to Sondai fort could be your opening ticket to the world of wilderness explorers.

Sondai fort was majorly a watchtower and is part of the Matheran ranges. Nothing remains of the structure anymore, but the trek is still worth venturing upon for the amazing view that one can see from the peak point. Another fact that makes this trek considerable is that it is one of the lesser-known treks and you could be among the few people who have explored this beautiful place. Base village for this trek is Sondewadi; the nearest railway station is Karjat station. From here the walk is quite easy and aesthetically pleasing, as you get to walk amidst the abundance of greenery. There are water cisterns present during the path, however, the water may not be clean so make to check it properly before filling your bottles.

Next part of the trail consists of walking in the dense forest, surrounded by trees. For best experience go on this trek during monsoon season. Nothing can beat walking amidst trees in the presence of clean, fresh air. As you make the climb you will see the steel ladder that takes you the top of the fort. Most of the path is easy, apart from a few rocky patches, where special care should be taken during the rainy season. After reaching the top take a deep breath and enjoy the scenic view of Morbe dam, along with the view of the village stretching below you. Revel in the lush greenery that will be all around you. Also, present on the top is a sculpture of Sondai Devi, here you can pay your respects.

So, for making your weekend more interesting and for a refreshing experience do visit this beautiful place.


Altitude: 1,970 ft.

Duration: 1 day

If you are feeling like doing something exciting and adventurous for the coming weekend rather than just lying on the sofa in front of your laptop, venturing on Sudhagad trek might be a good option. The route of the trek is easy making this trek perfect for beginners.

The hillfort is situated in Pali, Maharashtra, which makes it easily accessible from both Mumbai and Pune. The fort was almost chosen as the capital of Maratha empire by Shivaji, but in the end, he went with Raigad.

Thakurwadi village is the base village for this trek. The trail is quite easy, the path starts ascending as you start walking past the village. After that climbing two steel ladders will lead you to rock stairs. The stairs are in good shape and can be easily traversed. The easy level of this trek also makes it quite suitable for family outings, almost everyone can make this climb. The path is through green and open meadows. Revel in the beauty of nature as you make the climb. The rocky stairs will lead you through Pacchapur Darwaja and then after walking for a little while more you will make it to the top of the plateau.

Here you will come across a lake and rajwada, a courtyard with a pillar in the middle. Also, present on the top of the plateau is Bhorai Devi's temple. Pay your respects at the temple and enjoy the lush greenery unfolding in front of you. The top of the plateau makes for a good camping spot.

Like most Sahyadri treks monsoon season is the best time to go for this trek. The summer season may not make the journey as refreshing as you would want it to be. Do make some time to explore this beautiful place and get away from the normality of urban life.


Altitude: 2,700 ft.

Duration: 1 day

Feeling a lack of adventure and thrill in your life? Tired of the same routine that you have to go through every day? Trekking to Dhak Bahiri cave and fort are sure to cure you of these blues. This offbeat trek will kick start your weekend like nothing else. Being one of the very few Sahyadri treks which are difficult, this one is not for beginners.

Dhak Bahiri fort is located near Karjat. The trek route is accessible from Karjat, Jambhivali, Sandashi, and Rajmachi. You can choose whichever route suits you best. From the villages, the trek route ascends to take you to the top of Dhak Bahiri peak.

Walk amidst the green and lush meadows to reach the top which provides a magnificent view of the surrounding peaks and villages below. While most of the Sahyadri treks end at this point this one doesn't. After reaching the fort, to visit the Dhak Bahiri cave you will go through an adrenaline-packed journey.

The climb to the cave requires you to make use of ropes on an almost vertical plane. Stone steps are present to make the ascend a bit easier but don't take the difficulty level of this trek for granted. One wrong step and you might put your life in danger. As you rappel your way up, enjoy the cool breeze and the amazing views that surround you.

While monsoon season is the best time to go for this trek the rain may also make the trek riskier. Extreme care should be taken when you reach the rappelling section of this trek during monsoon season.

It is not every day that an experienced trekker gets to go through an adventurous journey over the span of just one day, so do not miss out on this opportunity if you want to up your trekking level.


Altitude: 3,500 ft.

Duration: 1 day

Looking for a weekend getaway to escape your regular, scheduled life? Consider trekking to Tikona Fort for a refreshing experiencing. It is important to revel in the arms of nature every once in a while and this small trek will definitely help you do that.

Located in Lonavala, near Pune, the shape of this mountain is like a triangle, hence the name Tikona. Tikona Peth is the base village for this trek. For best experience visit this fort during monsoon season. The abundance of greenery all around you during this time is sure to fill your heart with immense joy. The ascend to the top point is quite easy. Walk amidst greenery with an open heart while enjoying the scenic view that surrounds you. Green valleys and numerous waterfalls along the way will make this small journey satisfyingly pleasing.

The trek starts with an easy ascend that leads to a cave. After passing the cave stone steps take you to the top of the hill. The steps can be quite slippery during rainy season so take care while climbing these. From the top,z you can in the magnificent views of peaks surrounding you- Tung fort, Visapur Fort, and Lohagad fort. Also, from the top, you can see the beautiful Pawna lake and dam.

A small temple is also present on the top of the fort. Nothing much is left of the fort except for some walls and gates. But the journey will leave you feeling refreshed and rejoiced and you will be ready to take on another week of work with a happy heart. Monsoon season will make sure that your way is laden with lush greenery, and you will be able to enjoy the cold breeze that will be flowing around you properly as it will be free from all the pollution.


Altitude: 4,603 ft.

Duration: 1 day

Monsoons are a time when sitting at home, while nature outside is blooming, is just not acceptable. Getting out and exploring is the only fair thing to do, especially if you live in Mumbai and Pune, as there are a number of treks to choose from near these cities. One such trek is Torna fort trek.

Located in Pune, Torna fort was the first fort that was captured by Shivaji; it was a place of importance during the reign of Maratha empire. The fort is quite large in size and hence is also called Prachandagad.

Velhe is the base village for this trek. Just after walking for a while you will come across a man-made dam and a stream. The view of lush greenery all around you and flowing water is sure to fill your heart with delight. After crossing the stream the path starts to ascend. As you make the easy climb you reach the ridge from where you can witness the surrounding beauty properly, greenery all around and views of valleys stretching below will be utterly mesmerizing.

After this, the hard part of the trek begins. The path becomes rocky and the climb is steep, although steel railings are present at this point to facilitate the climb. After climbing the stone steps you will reach the first gate of the fort. Some of the fortifications are quite intact, so exploring the fort will be another adventurous experience. While monsoon season is the best time to go for this trek, rain may also make the rocky path slippery and risky. So, for those who are not experienced trekkers winter season will be more suited. Also, during winters one can explore the fort properly, which is not possible during monsoon because of the fog.

So, stop thinking too much and venture on this adventurous journey to get a look at the historical remnants of Shivaji's reign.


Altitude of Alang fort: 4,852 ft

Altitude of Madan fort: 4,841 ft.

Duration: 2-3 days

The sound of venturing upon the toughest treks in Sahyadri is quite beguiling. Sahyadri ranges provide Maharashtrians with a huge number of treks to go on, most of which are easy. For an experienced trekker this may become monotonous, so for those who want to test their limits Alang-Madan trek is something to look forward to.

Alang fort is located in Nasik and your journey starts from here. The trek's trails will require you to walk amongst trees in a dense forest. Do not forget to witness the diverse range of flora and fauna present in the forest. The top point of Alang fort is a large plateau, two caves are present here so your overnight stay will be quite amazing. A number of water cisterns are also present on the top of the fort.

Next part of the trek consists of rappelling and rock climbing. For reaching Madan fort you will be required to rappel down from Alang plateau using ropes. The carved steps are in ruins now so climbing the rocks will test your trekking skills properly.

Madan fort is smaller than Alang fort, the top consists of two water tanks. The view from the top the Madan plateau though will be utterly mesmerizing. Enjoying the scenic view of greenery below you will be more satisfying and rewarding after a hard and testing trek.

Due to the difficulty level of this trek, the area has not been explored by too many people, leaving the place away from the clutches of humanity. The trek requires proper fitness level and some prior trekking experience, so it is not recommended for beginners. Winters will be the best time to go for this trek as monsoon season may make the climb riskier.

This trek is a must for anyone who craves thrill and adventure, it is also a good option for those who want to increase their trekking level.


Altitude: 3,842 ft.

Duration: 2-3 days

People living in Maharashtra have plenty of options to choose from for weekend treks. Each one has a different appealing aspect of their own, but among so many treks some are bound to stand out. One such trek is Vasota jungle trek.

The trek is quite different from all the other Sahyadri treks as the trail of this trek goes through Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. Vasota Fort, also known as Vyaghragad fort, is located near Bamnoli in Satara. Another thing which may make you consider this trek is that the base camp of the fort can only be reached through a boat ride on Shivsagar Lake.

The climb to Vasota fort is a hard one, so this trek is not recommended for beginners unless you are in really good shape. It will take around 3.5-4 hours to reach the top of the fort. From here enjoy the pristine beauty that surrounds you. Looking at Koyna backwaters from such a height will make for an immensely pleasing sight. The panoramic view of Western Ghats from the top is sure to leave you spellbound.

But this is not all that this trek has to offer. Camping on the banks of the beautiful river is another thing that makes this trek satisfactory and pleasing. Camping amongst trees after a stressful week is the sort of distraction you need to refresh your mind. The thing that you have to be careful about though is the presence of wild animals around you. Do not leave your group as being alone in the jungle may cause problems.

Best time to go for this trek like all other Sahyadri treks is during the monsoon season. The rain will make the path a little bit harder but then a thrilling experience is what a true trekker looks for. So, think no more and take a break from your everyday life to visit this beautiful place.


Altitude: 2,100 ft.

Duration: 1 day

Matheran is a popular destination for Maharashtrians to head to during vacations. The hill station offers amazing activities to get one's head out of ordinary life. A popular excursion to go on while you are in Matheran is trekking to Vikatgad fort.

Located near Neral, Vikatgad fort is called so because its pinnacle is shaped like the head of Lord Ganesha. The fort is known as Peb fort; the name is derived from the local deity named Pebi. The fort was under the rule of Shivaji during the reign of Marathas.

The trek is considered amongst the most beautiful treks of Sahyadris. The trail is covered with lush, green grass and the surrounding areas provide beautiful views of landscapes covered in greenery. Your trek will start from Fanaswadi, the base village for the trek, in Neral. From there you will venture on a mesmerizing journey.

The trail of the trek goes through forests and meadows. Nothing can be more refreshing than walking amidst trees during monsoon season when nature is in full bloom. Everywhere you look you will be welcomed by greenery. Along the way, you will also come across a beautiful waterfall. The grade of the trek is moderate as you will have to cross some rocky patches and climb a ladder in order to reach the top of the fort.

On the top, you will be welcomed by a fresh breeze and you can enjoy looking over the valleys that lie beneath you. The caves present on the top of the fort also provide for interesting exploring places. Explore the fort which drips with historical significance and do not forget to look down from the bastion of the pinnacle. The sight will be awe-inspiring.

To add more thrill to your trek consider climbing the hill at night. This trek is perfect for beginners but one needs to be careful while traversing on the rocky patch and the ladder, especially during the rainy season.


Altitude: 3,556 ft.

Duration: 1 day

During monsoon when nature is getting bathed and is bursting with freshness it is almost a crime to sit at home and do nothing. A weekend trek to Visapur fort during monsoons will raise your spirits like nothing else will.

Built by the Marathas as the twin of Lohagad fort, Visapur fort stands taller than its twin and boasts of splendid views from the top of the peak. The fort is located in Pune, and the base village for this trek is Bhaje village. While the trek can be ventured upon throughout the year monsoon trek will be most rewarding as you will be traversing through waterfalls to reach the top of the fort. A waterfall trail, doesn't happen very often, does it?!

You will start walking through the waterfalls and amidst trees to reach the top of the plateau. Here you will find everything covered in a blanket of greenery. On the plateau, you can explore the water tanks and some wall fortifications that are still standing. A temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman is also present on the top of the plateau.

From the bastion looking over everything that lies beneath you will stir your soul. Miles and miles of earth covered with lush greenery! Also, from the top, you can see other Sahyadri peaks ' like Lohagad fort, Tikona fort, and Tung fort. Bask in the views of valleys and hills covered in fog and it will surely take any weight off your heart.

This trek is perfect for beginners as the route is short and easy to traverse. Although rain might make the path quite slippery but with a little bit of care, you will be able to reach the top of the fort safely. Don't waste any more time and start packing for this very rewarding journey right away.


Location: Ratnagiri

Duration: 2 days

Despite the presence of so many nature lovers out there, the earth is constantly being degraded and polluted, in short, is being destroyed slowly. Clearly, we are not doing everything in our power to save our own planet.

While most of us like to sit in the comfort of our houses, the villagers residing in Velas are doing something amazing to save at least a little part of this planet we live on. Velas beach located in Ratnagiri is home to the eggs of Olive Ridley turtles. Thousands of turtles come out on the shore of Velas beach in order to lay their eggs. The villagers living near the area provide a safe environment for these turtles and are working with an NGO named Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra in order to conserve this endangered species of turtles.

What the Velas Turtle Festival then consists of is watching these tiny turtles come out of their eggs and going into the sea. A marvelous sight indeed! Velas turtle festival has been attracting nature lovers from all over the country for a while now to witness this enchanting scene.

Along with being part of this very offbeat experience, you can see other variety of species present near the beach. You can stay in the homes of locals residing in Velas, which will only increase the charm of your visit. Getting to know about this mind-blowing activity from the people who are directly working for it may incur in you a sense of doing your part for the conservation of nature.

This festival happens during the months of March and April. It's not every day that you come across something so exquisite and enlightening. Being a part of this delightful event will be an experience worth remembering. There's no reason why you should miss out on this miracle so make your plans right away to go on this journey.


Altitude: 4,288 ft.

Duration: 1-2 days

Part of the Alang-Madan-Kulang ranges, trekking to Kulang fort will be an experience filled with thrill and adventure for any trekker. The highest of the three ranges, Kulang fort trek will make your weekend worthwhile. Instead of lying around in your home waiting for the inevitable end of the weekend, you can venture on this journey to refresh your wits.

The fort is located in Nashik. The base village for this trek is Ambewadi village. Right, when you start your trek you will be able to see the mighty peak of Kulang. The trail goes through grasslands and the climb becomes quite steep after a while. Next, the trail takes you through a forest, the crossing of which will lead you towards a beautiful waterfall.

The path will keep ascending and you will eventually reach the ridge. From here you can look at the beautiful valleys which will be present on both sides. After the ridge, the climb will become a bit harder as you will have to traverse through a rocky patch to reach the stairs that lead to the fort. The final part of the trek will consist of getting through the stairs safely. The stairs are narrow and some steps are broken as well, so will need to go through this part with utmost care.

After the hard part though you will be on the highest peak of Sahyadris. The view from above will simply take your breath away. A cave is present on the top of the fort where you can choose to spend the night.

For an experienced trekker monsoon season may thrill to Kulang fort trek. But for those who are beginners, a winter trek will be much more suitable as the trail is hard, and the rain may make the rocky path more dangerous.

Embark on this adventure-filled journey and you will not regret it, climbing the highest peak of Sahyadris is a must for every trekking enthusiast.


Location: Tarkarli

Duration: 1 day

Nature is filled with marvelous things. Apart from the beautiful mountains, landscapes, lakes, beaches, etc, there is a wide range of interesting fauna present in the areas which are not touched by civilization too much. Dolphins are amongst such creatures that create a feeling of joy in one's heart when one witness these majestic creatures.

Tarkali, a small village in Maharashtra, provides you the chance of looking at these beautiful creatures. Dolphins are present in large numbers on the shorelines of Achara and Nivati. These areas are not polluted too much by the presence of humans and thus dolphins can be easily spotted in these places.

Head to Tarkali, sit on a boat to go to the areas of the ocean where dolphins frequently come and you will be returning home with a pleasant memory of experiencing something magical. Other than watching the dolphins there are a number of activities that you can do while you are in Tarkarli. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and parasailing are some of the popular activities. There are many interesting places in and near Tarkarli where you can spend your vacation time leisurely.

Tarkarli is the place to be for every sports, nature, and adventure enthusiast. Living in Maharashtra has many perks and one of them is never running out of places to spend your weekend at. While most places provide you with normal sigh-seeing activities, Tarkarli village provides you with a chance to go on an exciting excursion.

There are other places where one can go for dolphin spotting in Maharashtra but Tarkali village is the best option as it not crowded by tourists too much. Exploring this place filled with charm, and fun and adventurous activities will make your tiny vacation worthwhile. So, don't think too much and pack your bags to venture on this amazing trip.


Altitude: 2,330 ft.

Duration: 1 day

If you are looking for an adventurous trek to go for the weekend in Maharashtra then trekking to Chanderi fort will be an amazing experience. During the monsoon season, you will feel refreshed and rejoiced while you are climbing the hill to reach the top of the fort.

The fort was under the rule of Shivaji after he captured it from the Mughals. The fort eventually went into the hands of Britishers like many other Sahyadri forts. There aren't any fortifications left on top of the hill but the trek to the top will be just as exciting and adventurous.

The hillfort is located in Badlapur in Thane region of Maharashtra. Base village for this trek is Chinchavali village. It will take you about 4 hours to reach the top of the fort from the base village. The trail will be beautiful during the monsoon season. You will walk amidst thick foliage in forests and everywhere you look you will be surrounded by greenery.

A trek during monsoons also ensures that you get to see beautiful waterfalls on your way to the top. On reaching the top you will find numerous water cisterns and a cave where you can choose to spend the night. From the top of the hill, you will be able to see a panoramic view of your surroundings and many of the Sahyadri peaks including the peaks of Prabalgad, Kalavantin, Irshalgad, and Vikatgad.

The gradient of the trek is moderate. However, the path from the cave to reach the pinnacle of the hill is quite dangerous. Landslides are frequent and rain may make the path slippery as well. So, if you are not an experienced trekker do not attempt to climb the pinnacle of the hill. The climb may even prove dangerous for experienced trekkers so traverse this part with utmost care.


Altitude: 4,250 ft.

Duration: 2 days

Maharashtra is a place which has stories of great historical significance tucked away in its many hill forts. Rajgad fort is amongst such forts. Standing at a height of 4,250 ft the fort boasts of being the place where Shivaji spent 25 years of his life. Rajgad was also the capital of the Maratha empire before Shivaji Maharaj decided to shift it to Raigad.

Trekking to this amazing hill fort will leave you feeling satisfied and may even bring you closer to appreciating the historical significance of this place. The fort is located near Karjat, and the base village for this trek is Gunjavane village. For inexperienced trekkers, though it is recommended that they take the Pali route.

The trek starts with walking on a dirt road till you reach the base of the fort. From there you will be walking in a huge, green meadow. Your path now will start ascending as you climb up the ridge. After climbing up this path for a while, you will be able to see the fort. Keep walking ahead and you will see the Gunjavane Darwaja of the fort. After continuing on this path, you will eventually reach the rock patch, where the climbing is facilitated with an iron ladder.

Finally, you will reach chor Darwaja and enter the majestic fort. The fort is quite large so will need a day to explore it. For reaching Balekilla, Suvela Machi, and Padmavati Machi you will have to climb a steep path which is about 500 km. The view from the top of the fort will be mesmerizing. You will be able to see other Sahyadri peaks rising nearby as well.

For best experience trekking during monsoon season is recommended. It will be a memorable trek for you as you will be able to explore the remains of a civilization that has long ceased to exist.


Location: Bhandardara Hill Station

Duration: 1-2 days

People living in cities often start to get tired of their everyday routines. During these times what one needs is to seek respite in the arms of nature. There are many options in Maharashtra to choose from for going on weekend getaways. Most of the places are well known, but if you are looking for a less commercial place consider a trip to Bhandardara lake.

Bhandardara lake has somehow managed to stay away from the clutches of civilization. The lake and its nearby areas still remain one of the least explored places in Maharashtra. The most beautiful experience in this hill station will be camping near the lake. As the lake is situated away from the hustle-bustle of city life, you will be able to spend a peaceful and calming night under thousands of stars. And of course, if a person hasn't slept under the stars then he/she has done nothing at all.

This experience will refresh your mind and your night will be nothing less than magical. Also, while you are in the hill station you can go for trekking to Ratangad fort, and trekking to the highest peak of Sahyadris, Kalsubai range. There is definitely nothing more refreshing than going on a trek to get your wits together after a long and hard week.

Visit this beautiful lake during the monsoon season and you will see many beautiful waterfalls along your way. Umbrella waterfalls, Radha falls, and Reverse waterfalls are a few which you can choose to explore.

Really, a weekend filled with so many exciting activities is not something that should be overlooked. Getting in touch with your aesthetic side every once in a while is important and a trip to Bhandardara lake will surely help you do that.


Location: Pawna lake, Lonavala

Duration: 1-2 days

As the weekend starts nearing people often start to look for things to do in nearby places in order to escape the grueling and regular circle of life. If you are living in Maharashtra then you always have a plethora of options to choose from. Maharashtra is blessed with numerous places where one can go to get rid of their weekend blues.

A visit to Pawna lake, situated in Lonavala, provides for the same kind of escape that you are looking for. The pristine, and beautiful lake is situated near the Pawna dam, and during monsoons is covered by lush greenery from every side.

Camping at this beautiful lakeside will fill your mind and body with utter delight and pleasure. This place is tucked quite nearby the never stopping city life and thus you won't be too far away from your home. You will be able to sleep under glittering stars nearby a shimmering lake. Does it get any better?! Also, while you are here, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful sunset and sunrise. The sight will be awe-inspiring truly!

If you are also looking for adding a little thrill to your weekend you can plan to go for Tikona fort trek in the morning and then come back to Pawna lake for a magical evening and night. Monsoon season is something that spreads beauty all over Maharashtra and thus, it is advisable to go on this excursion during this season. You will be able to see many waterfalls and your trek will become a thrilling and adventurous journey.

Camping alongside a lake that is nestled between mountains and greenery is something that will appeal to everyone. Spend an enchanting night here and you will be going back with a much lighter heart and a refreshed mind.

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