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Treks In June

The summer in India starts around in the middle of March and stretches out till June. In June various places experience different kinds of weather. The northern region is sunny and hot while the southern region starts to experience the monsoon. The monsoon usually hits south of India by the end of May or beginning of June. In most parts of India, June starts as a summer season and is another hot month and usually, it ends with relieving rain. Summer can be difficult to handle for everyone. In summers everyone gets tired and wants to get away from the burning heat. It is quite difficult to run away from heat as everyone is stuck within their work schedule.

Nevertheless, mountains are a perfect option to hide from the unbearable summer heat and to do something fun on vacations. Mountains give us the scope to be alongside with nature and experience serenity right within the magnificent greenery. Trekking is one of the most famous activities done in the mountains. Trekking in June is very popular among people as everyone loves to spend some quality time in the mountains. There are various treks in June which one can enjoy. India offers one of the best treks around the world.

Best Treks in June are-

Roopkund Trek

Summer treks in Uttarakhand are very popular in India. Highlights of the trek are its alpine meadows. They are absolutely eye-catching and breathtaking. They are so perfect in the way they are spread. This trek is ranked as one of the top treks in India. This trek is perfect for first-timers who are looking for some Himalayan adventure.


Rupin Pass Trek

This trek is considered one of the treks which can be repeated a number of times without monotony. The scenic around there changes so rapidly that one needs to look back again at the eye-catching sight. The campsites of lower as well as upper Rupin waterfall are out of movie sets. This is the only trek in which you cross a river various times over a beautiful snow bridge. Many trekkers expect all trek to be like this trek as this place has so much to offer to everyone.


Har Ki Dun Trek

Har Ki Dun literally means ?valley of God?. It is a delight for the first time trekkers. It takes you to least explored and traveled places in the Garhwal region in Uttarakhand. The best time to visit this place is from March to June. The scenery around is place is absolutely worth it and would definitely make all your stress and tiredness vanish like magic.


Beas Kund trek

This trek in Himachal Pradesh is considered as a beginner-friendly trek, as it is one of the easiest yet very beautiful trek in India. Trekkers trek past glaciers, forest slopes, mountain streams, etc. It is a picture-perfect place. It is one of the top treks in India for the gorgeous view and amazing weather.


Bhrigu Lake trek

Located in the heart of Kullu valley, it is one of the most popular treks in the summer season. This easy trek begins in Manali and takes you through forests, mountain villages with an amazing view of snow-covered peaks. This trek also gives one opportunity to visit the famous hot water spring in the Vashisht village.

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All Treks In June

Trek Name No Of Days Cost View Details
Animal Pass Trek 6 Days Rs 15,599/- View Details   
Annapurna Circuit Trek 16 Days Rs 75,000/- View Details   
Bailey Trek 12 Days Rs 50,000/- View Details   
Bandarpunch Expedition 19 Days Rs 225,000/- View Details   
Basmai - Soun Valley Trek 5 Days Rs 14,500/- View Details   
Basmai Pass - Tarsar Marsar Lake Trek 7 Days Rs 15,550/- View Details   
Borasu Pass Trek 8 Days Rs 29,450/- View Details   
Dagala Trek 8 Days Rs 105,000/- View Details   
Devkyara Trek 10 Days Rs 22,450/- View Details   
Dhumdhar Kandi Pass Trek 12 Days Rs 72,500/- View Details   
Dodital - Darwa Pass Trek 6 Days Rs 12,450/- View Details   
Friendship Peak Expedition 9 Days Rs 31,450/- View Details   
Gaumukh Meru Glacier Trek 9 Days Rs 30,550/- View Details   
Hanuman Tibba Expedition 13 Days Rs 64,000/- View Details   
Kalihani Pass Trek 10 Days Rs 23,450/- View Details   
Kalindi Pass Trek 16 Days Rs 135,000/- View Details   
Kilimanjaro Expedition 8 Days Rs 302,500/- View Details   
Lamkhaga Pass Trek 11 Days Rs 57,900/- View Details   
Mentok Kangri Expedition 14 Days Rs 48,500/- View Details   
Mount Elbrus Expedition 11 Days Rs 140,000/- View Details   
Mt. Kedar Dome (6832m) 21 Days Rs 135,000/- View Details   
Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek 11 Days Rs 39,950/- View Details   
Nubra Valley Trek 8 Days Rs 40,000/- View Details   
Panpatia Col Trek 13 Days Rs 94,000/- View Details   
Patalsu Peak Trek 4 Days Rs 9,000/- View Details   
Ripchar Valley Trek 8 Days Rs 40,000/- View Details   
Roopkund Trek 8 Days Rs 14,950/- View Details   
Rumtse To Tso Moriri Trek 11 Days Rs 52,650/- View Details   
Rupin Pass Trek 8 Days Rs 18,550/- View Details   
Rupshu Valley Trek 11 Days Rs 44,150/- View Details   
Saboo to Khaltsar Trek 7 Days Rs 34,500/- View Details   
Sahastra Tal Trek 9 Days Rs 18,500/- View Details   
Sar Pass Trek 6 Days Rs 10,500/- View Details   
Satopanth Lake Trek 6 Days Rs 22,450/- View Details   
Shingo La Trek 17 Days Rs 110,000/- View Details   
Thamsar Pass Trek 5 Days Rs 25,000/- View Details   
Traill's Pass 20 Days Rs 115,000/- View Details   
Prashar Lake 2 Days Rs 3,150/- View Details   
Pin Bhaba Pass Trek 8 Days Rs 16,450/- View Details   
Buran Ghati Trek 7 Days Rs 14,950/- View Details   
Bara Bhangal Trek 13 Days Rs 75,000/- View Details   
Eastern Pinnacle Thajwas Summit 6 Days Rs 14,000/- View Details   
Deo Tibba Expedition 15 Days - View Details   
Bhrigu Lake Trek 4 Days Rs 6,750/- View Details   
Auden's Col Trek 15 Days Rs 92,000/- View Details   
Bali Pass Trek 8 Days Rs 18,950/- View Details   
Beas Kund Trek 4 Days Rs 6,850/- View Details   
Kedartal Trek 7 Days Rs 15,450/- View Details   
Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek 6 Days Rs 12,450/- View Details   
Nag Tibba Trek 2 Days Rs 3,950/- View Details   
Gaumukh Tapovan Trek 8 Days Rs 15,450/- View Details   
Kolahoi Glacier Trek 6 Days Rs 15,500/- View Details   
Spituk Matho Trek 7 Days Rs 17,450/- View Details   
ali bedni bugyal trek 6 Days - View Details   
Hampta Circle Trek 4 Days - View Details   
Phulara Ridge Trek 6 Days - View Details   
Gangabal Lake Trek -Largest Alpine Lake of Kashmir 4 Days Rs 9,850/- View Details   
Barafsar Lake Trek 6 Days Rs 12,650/- View Details   
Sham Valley Trek 6 Days Rs 16,500/- View Details   
Khemsar Yemsar Trek 3 Days Rs 10/- View Details   
Markha Valley Trek 7 Days Rs 19,500/- View Details   

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Why Trek in June?

India is a very vast and diverse country. The diversity of India is very unique in nature. India is diverse in various aspects. From weather to culture, one can find a variety of everything. Diversity varies from place to place. Each and every region has its own culture, language, and weather and offers something new to everyone. India is one of the few countries around the globe which encompasses all the weather in the world. Be it summer, spring, monsoon or winters, one can enjoy all the seasons in India without any hassle. The different region has different seasons and sights to enjoy. Each and every place is different from other and offers something new and adventurous. While in June the intensity of summer slowly decreases and the weather slowly shifts towards monsoon.

June can be one of the best times to go for a trek in northern as well as in the southern region. There are various trekking in India in June 2019 which would be perfect for everyone this year to enjoy as well as to try something new and adventurous. Hiking in June is famous in the northern region as the southern region experiences rain.

Amongst India's most popular June trekking - Har Ki Doon valley, Goecha La, Rupin Pass, Roopkund, Kedarkantha, Pin Parvati Pass, Everest Base Camp, Hamta Pass, Sar Pass Trek, Jammu and Kashmir, Nilkantha, etc. These are the popular treks to go in June. These treks are not only popular among Indians but are also very popular around the globe. All these treks are absolutely beautiful yet different from one another. Some of these treks are perfect for children as well as old people. Some are perfect for professionals and learners. The journey can be challenging and adventurous as one would experience something completely new and surreal.

Summer is a prosperous season. Everything blossoms and glows in summer. Summer season nurtures and helps nature to grow. Summer is also the season of vacation and relaxing. Trekking has been a popular option for all age groups. Anyone with good health can trek. There are various trek tours in June which vary from easy to difficult. Summer treks are one of the most preferred treks in India. Everyone prefers mountains in summers are it is one of the best options. Trekking is emerging as a very popular activity and everyone is enjoying trekking. It is an activity that brings you closer to nature and serves your inner curious adventurer as well.

Doing trekking for the first time would be completely different and out of the world experience. Some people consider it a risky activity but with proper shoes and guidance, nothing can go wrong. One gets the chance to feel the adrenaline rush while enjoying the glorifying greenery. One would definitely go back with a lot of experience and stories to tell. And I bet you would not want to go back to your home and leave such a mesmerizing place. The aura and the beauty of the mountain calm one down and relax everyone. With exotic flora and fauna and exotic fruits, observing them and learning new things brings tranquillity.

Trekking is an activity that anyone despite their age can do. There are various children and old people who love to trek and motivate youngsters to appreciate the beautiful world and look up from their technologies. Trekking is known as one of the most beneficial activities as it has mental as well as physical benefits for everyone. It makes people physically fit and creates a peaceful and beautiful vibe around them and refreshes them completely.

The eye-catching view and surreal experience one gets when they finish the trek is something one cannot describe. All the tiredness and complaints would be worth it for that view. No one who has trekked would ever want to go back one. People who have trekked at least once always go back and trek again and again.

Curious and passionate people love to try something new and out of the box all the time. Nevertheless, trekking would be perfect to quench the thirst of your curiosity. Trekking gives you the opportunity to see nature from a completely different perspective. As you trek, you explore unexplored places and hidden gems of nature that no ordinary human eye would find. Trekking helps you to cross your limits and challenge yourself. Who would want to miss out on such a beautiful experience? Trekking in June is one of the absolutely worthy treks and everyone around the globe visits India to enjoy these treks and enjoy the heavenly beauty of India. Each and every mountain is different from another and offers different scenery and adventures.

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