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Monsoon Treks in India

Published On 01 Mar 2020 by Oshank Soni

India is one of the few countries which provide variety in geography, seasons, weather, culture, etc. From summer to winter, one can find all the possible weather around India. July is the season of rain and monsoon. Monsoon is loved by everyone. The rain calms the earth after a deadly summer and soothes everyone. The rain beautifies nature and makes everything glow. Monsoon gives us the break we all require after a long and dreadful summer.

Be it north, south, east or west, all the places in July experience monsoon. Some people really enjoy the rain whereas some find rain as inconvenient. India gives us the opportunity to experience monsoon to the fullest and see a variety of it. Mountains can be a tricky place to visit while monsoon as the path might get slippery. But nevertheless, there are various treks to go in July. These treks are open for everyone and are completely safe to go. These treks give an opportunity to see nature in a completely different manner and experience rain in a completely different form. There are easy treks as well as challenging ones. One gets to choose among a variety of treks as there are various trek tours in July. Treks in July are getting very popular and recognized as they provide a completely surreal experience which no weather can provide. Around the world trekking in July is preferred more as this month provides more challenges and adventures.

July can be a little difficult for one to choose trekking, as some of the famous trails get really risky due to the constant risk of landslides and falling. Hiking in July gives us the opportunity to discover the unexplored beauty of nature not only in the northern region but also in the central and southern regions. There are various treks which are getting popular from the southern regions. They are equally mesmerizing and eye-catching.

Some of the famous trekking in India in July 2020 is - Valley of Flowers, Kashmir Great Lakes trek, Hampta Pass Trek, Sinhagad trek, Roopkund Trek, Pin Parvati Trek, Zanskar Valley, Dzongri Trek, Nanda Devi Sanctuary etc. These places would definitely spellbound you with the scenic beauty and the peaceful vibe. These places are not only famous in India but are also very well known around the globe. These treks are very beneficial for everyone as they have the power to relax mentally as well as physically.

With these thoughts and ideas, look at these best treks in July India.

1. Valley of Flowers Trek

A high altitude easy trek that can be best done between July to September, during the monsoon season. You'll climb at an altitude of 14,000 and will be entering the majestic ravine, filled with eye-treating flowerbeds. This is actually a National Park that remains open to all the tourists and locals. It turns out to be spectacular during the monsoon period when the diverse number of flora are in their full bloom, providing you with the breathtaking landscape. Along with these blankets of millions of unique flower species, there are thousands of unique insects, colorful butterflies, and a number of animals. The melting snow just adds to the beauty of this bio-diverse park and valley. Along with these, on the route towards the Hemkund Sahib, you'll be visiting the lake where the tenth guru in Sikhism, is believed to have meditated. This is said to be, Govind Ghat. You'll also be able to click fantastic pictures of the seven snow-capped peaks that adorn around the valley of flowers.

2. Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta pass trek in India has remained amongst the most popular trekking trails in the whole of Himachal Pradesh, not only because it is easy but as it is thrilling, scenic and an exceptional one at the same time and thus no doubt, Hampta pass trek package, is amongst the most opted treks by tourists. Hampta Pass Trek is not only the favorite one of the foreigners traveling to Himachal, exploring India but also between the people of the nation itself. Nevertheless, Hampta pass trek in India and the whole of the world is not the most sought one, but still amongst the most famous ones. This is due to its enormous number of flora, lush green open pastures, spectacular landscapes, valleys covered with the glacier, easily accessible routes, regions, and people, and an overall adventurous yet relaxing expedition plan. The best time to climb this peak is a monsoon, between the months of May to October, as at this time the snow could be seen at the slopes, fields, and ravines. If you are a novice and want to trek the Himalayas then Hampta Pass should be your first choice.

3. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek in India is not just one of the most popular trek in Kashmir but the world. It is due to its dream-like landscape, moderate difficulty levels, that is, it is not a very difficult trek though needs a prior trekking experience and good fitness levels, and also due to the brilliant campsites that it provides the climbers with at night. Kashmir Great Lakes Trekking in India has remained amongst the most sought destination of the professionals in India. The trek takes you to the five alpine lakes, which come one after another, in a row. This week-long journey will make your experience and introspect, near a new lake each day. You'll be spending your time with the snow-laden peaks surrounding you and the glaciers.  It is also a challenging trek, due to the dropping temperatures at night, uneven passes and demanding strenuous trail. The best time to opt for this trek is between July to August as, at this time, the path becomes rich with colors of blooms, and greenery embellishes the whole region. Also, it is easier because the snow starts to melt, but at the same time, the thrilling part is, the terrain becomes slippery. Nevertheless, the lush shades of the area will make it a pleasant journey.

4. Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trek

Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trek is amongst the moderate level treks in our list, as the trek is relatively the one which requires the skills or at least prior climbing experience on the Himalayas. You'll climb at an altitude of 12,800ft and will be reaching the second highest peak of India, that is, Nanda Devi. This is the pair of two huge peaks that are just differentiated as East and West Nanda Devi Peaks. You'll spend your night at the East Base Camp of Nanda Devi which gives a glimpse of both the majestic crowns. During the journey, you might encounter snakes as you go through the Bamboo Forests, and you'll also be touching the alpine green meadows, remote village areas, and the most cherished ravines in the region. If you are a seeker of various cultures, then you might also be happy to get introduced to the culture of the Johari Tribe, in the Munsiyari area. The month of July increases the chances to see exotic animals like Brown bears, Serow, Bharal, Himalayan Thar, Himalayan Musk Deer, and Snow Leopards. You?ll also get the glimpses of at least twelve significant peaks, like Nanda Kot, Panchachuli, Changaband, Trishuli and many more.

5. Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Pin Parvati Trek is one of the ultimate treks in our trek list and takes around two weeks to get completed. The landscape varies, from the deep and dense greenery, alpine forests and colorful flowering shades, through which you'll climb above 17,100 ft reaching the crown of the destination. You'll be camping at night amidst the breathtaking views of valleys of Rudranath, Tunda Bhuja, and Thakur Kuan. You'll also see a spiritualistic bath in the common hot bath at Khir Ganga. Stunning sea ends, cold waterfalls, spreading an aroma of peace and love in the environment will just add into the beauty of the whole expedition as the area is of the least polluted ones. You might also be able to see various old monasteries, snow leopards, and also the grand Pin Ravine of Himachal Mud.

6. Stok Kangri Trek

Stok Kangri Trek will take you to the worlds one of the most extraordinary places, Ladakh to the Stok Ranges. These ranges are nestled charmingly on the Great Indian Himalayas and are amongst the most alluring places of Ladakh. Stok Kangri is at 20,182 ft and attracts the tourists and professionals from around the globe as firstly, Leh, Ladakh in itself is a place filled with the calmness is located around 11,975 ft above the sea level, thus making the state adventurously adorable and secondly, as the ranges give space to solitude, difficult ridges and an endearing landscape in winters. Stok Kangri trekking in India has remained amongst the toughest excursions between the trekkers on the Great Himalayas. The trek needs skills, mental and physical fitness, optimistic attitude and demands a professional streak. Also, Stok Kangri Trek in India is amongst the most famous hiking paths, not only amongst the professionals but also between the novices, and the tourists, as it is one of the most challenging and extremely scenic summits of the world. The best time for enjoying this trek to its fullest in the monsoon period of the country, that is between the months of July to October. After the mid-Octobers, the trek becomes highly challenging due to excessive snowfall, harsh winters and extremely chilling blows of wind. You can experience all of it in their mild forms during the month of July.

July is a month in which everyone wishes to sip tea while enjoying nature. What better option could one think of other than mountains? Mountains are known as the gateway of heaven on earth. And truly they are. Rain completely redefines nature and shows us nature as completely different. The surreal experience of an aura around the mountain cannot be felt anywhere else.

Doing trekking for the first time is definitely a memory worth remembering forever. Trekking for a long time has been popular among all age groups and is encouraged even by schools. July is not one of the most preferred times to trek as it is a difficult month to trek but the difficulty and the difficulty and the challenges add to the trekking and excite people. Trekking is one of the few activities which give you the opportunity to be right in the middle of nature and enjoy unexplored beautiful places.

Trekking could be done by anyone. It does not have any age limitations. Old people are enjoying doing treks and encouraging young people to stay fit and to enjoy nature to the fullest. Youngsters are engrossed in their technologies and have lost the track with nature. Trekking gives them the opportunity to catch up on physical as well as mental health. Trekking is not only fun and full of adventure activity but it is full of benefits for everyone.

The mesmerizing view and the peaceful vibe is something that pulls people towards these places. The experience one feels standing there and enjoying the view after finishing the trek cannot be explained through words. One needs to actually be there and experience it to understand it. All the pain and hard work would be worth it when you hit the final destination. Trekkers would go back home definitely with a lot of memories and proud moments, as they challenged themselves and have accomplished such a great task. Just by observing and sitting in between nature brings tranquillity. When it gets to experience different exotic plants and animals and various landscapes never seen before.

Some people think of trekking as a difficult activity but actually, it is super fun and easy to do. Nothing can go wrong with good trekking shoes and good guidance. We assure you that the experience would be worth every penny you pay. The greenery around the mountain soothes our eyes helps us to forget all our worries for a while.

Curiosity and passion is something that today's young generation is lacking. Trekking has awakened the inner adventurer of many people. Trekking is the perfect solution to feed the inner adventurer and get back in touch with nature and health. Trekking completely changes one's perspective of nature. As you see nature from a different angle. While trekking, one explores less traveled roads, places, and hidden extraordinary places. Trekking helps you to challenge yourself and to do something out of the box and even connect with new people which trekking.

  1. Oshank Soni : Co-Founder at Trekmunk. Has travelled to 28 Indian States, has led more than 50 high altitude treks in the Indian Himalayas. He is an Investment Banker by profession but a traveller by passion. He has led treks in Kashmir, Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Sikkim and Nepal. He is a NOLS certified First Aid Responder. Chasing the sun is his full-time job, a Storyteller, Travel photographer and Videographer at Insane Traveller Productions.

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