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5 Best Monsoon Treks in Himalayas

Published On 01 Mar 2020 by Oshank Soni

During monsoons, most of the treks are shut down due to heavy rainfall and landslides in higher altitude regions. But as they say, exceptions are always there. We have listed down the 5 greatest monsoon treks to kick-off your adrenaline. No more waiting for the monsoons to go away.


Perched gracefully under the watchful eyes of the towering Himalayan peaks, the valley is situated at an altitude of 3,858m above the sea level. When the snow melts every monsoon and the sun shines brightly on this field, the entire valley comes alive and bursts into an array of colors. With a carpet of million species of wildflowers, snow-clad mountains in the backdrop and diversified species of butterflies and insects; this rich in bio-diversity valley is a paradise for every nature lover. The trek entrails from Govind Ghat, on the route to Hemkund Sahib. According to the holy Granth Sahib, Guru Gobind Singh(10th guru of the Sikh faith) had meditated on the bank of this lake. Encircled by seven snow-clad mountains and their associated glaciers, it reflects its surroundings enchantingly on its crystal clear serene waters.


Cradled in the lap of ravishing Himalayas, lies the crowning glory of India, the land of Kashmir, which is proudly denoted as paradise on earth simply for its serene pristine beauty that till date remains unmatched to any location across the globe. Get enchanted with Kashmir, a celestial land nothing short of a fairy tale. A surreal destination, there are many natural gems tucked away here. One of those gems is the Kashmir great lakes trek. Perfect for a monsoon trek it is a feast for the eyes. This trek is like an orchestra building up momentum with surprises of scenery every hour or so. With every step, the trek throws up a new vista to see, new scenery to unfold.

The trek is full of extensive mountain walking with some steep climbs and sharp descents. Honestly, this particular trekking trip is not only a pleasure for the adventure seekers but it is an ideal expedition for the nature lovers too who finds it a privilege to bask in the undisturbed beauties of nature.

This trek is guaranteed to leave you awestruck as it simply unwraps the mesmerizing beauty of the region filled with sparkling high altitude lakes amidst alpine meadows and beautifully dotted with amazing colorful orchids. Alpine and snow-clad mountains, green meadows, rocky terrains, gurgling streams, silver birch and other untouched beauties of Mother Earth make for a varied and complete trekking experience.


The Mughal emperor Jahangir was so intimidated by the beauty of Kashmir that he exclaimed "Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin asto" (If there is a heaven on earth, it's here, it's here, it's here). Tarsar-Marsar is just the right trek to do justice to that quote.

This trek encompasses a journey to the two beautiful almond-shaped twin lakes Tarsar and Marsar surrounded by the peak of Kolahi mountains. The trek's highest Peak that is achievable is 13,000 ft. The lakes are surrounded by stunning alpine trees and the experience is even more commendable during the summer when the alpine flowers form a radiant sheet reflecting on the water. Also, the other traceable floras include blue Poppy, Geum, Gentian, and Hedyseram. Camping next to high altitude alpine lakes is what you will never forget. Waking up to see a vast water body is just as mesmerizing as it gets.


Situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh, this is a perfect trek for beginners. Hima means snow in Sanskrit; so Himachal translates to in the lap of snow. The mountains of the state are used for many varied adventure activities ranging from paragliding to trekking. Hampta pass connects the Kullu valley to Lahaul Spiti valley. Manali's vivid typography makes this one of the most preferred monsoon treks. The variation in the train makes every day different from the previous one. The trek trails through open green pastures, meadows and glacial valleys. 1 extended day to visit Chandratal (an alpine lake) is just a cherry on the top.