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Hampta Pass Trek vs Hampta Circle Trek

Published On 01 Mar 2020 by Oshank Soni

Hampta Pass Trek Altitude: 14,100 ft.
Hampta Pass Trek Duration: 5-6 days

Hampta Circle Trek Altitude: 10,826 ft.
Hampta Circle Trek Duration: 3-4 days

India is blessed with an exceptional number of mountains to choose from to go on a trekking expedition. In fact, one may become overwhelmed because of the large number of options to choose from. It would not be an exaggeration to say that almost all the treks can provide one with fascinating experiences. But it would be helpful if someone can suggest just which trek destination to opt for your next adventurous trip. This article will help you do the same. I am going to talk about Hampta Pass trek and Hampta Circle trek, and you can make an informed decision about which trek suits you best.

Let's talk about Hampta Pass and Chandratal Trek first. This one is a well-known trek and for all the right reasons. The beautiful trail of this trek will leave you mesmerized. The scenic views change from meadows to forests to waterfalls to glaciers, and of course, looking at the nearby rising peaks is a perk.

Hampta Pass trekking starts from Jobra, which is just one hour's drive from Manali. From there you venture on a fun-filled journey. Starting from the base camp you will walk amongst the forests of pine and maple trees. Walking alongside the river Rani or Rani Nallah will be utterly pleasing. Also, throughout the route, you will be able to see beautiful waterfalls.

The next part of Trek to Hampta Pass includes going through lush green meadows and feasting your eyes on snow-clad mountains. Another reason to consider Hampta Pass and Chandratal Trek in Manali is the beautiful fauna you will come across during your trek. Enjoy the sight of colorful flowers as you make your way to the top.

Reaching the pass after an adventurous journey will be just as rewarding as you thought. The pass looks over the panoramic view of the valley below and mountains covered with snow in front of you. The scenery comprises of the desert-like view on one side and then changes drastically, on the other side you will see lush and green pastures. There are not many treks that provide you with such a change of scene, which makes this trek even more considerable.

If all of this wasn't enough, as a part of this trek you get to see the sparkling lake of Chandratal. You trek to Chatru and then drive for an hour to reach Chandratal and then come back to the beautiful campsite of Chatru for a night stay. Sitting by the moon-shaped lake, you cannot help but give in to relaxation.

The Hampta Pass Trek Distance is about 26 km. This Trek in Manali is considered to be of easy to moderate level. A bit of experience will definitely be useful and if this will be your first trek make sure you flex your muscles properly. Also, the descent of this trek may prove a bit tricky because of the stony path, so, if you are a first-timer make sure you take extra care while traversing through the boulders.

Best time to do the Hampta Pass Trek is from June to September, Hampta Pass weather remains quite pleasing during this time but sudden rains are always there. If you do decide to go for Hampta Pass Trek in June you will encounter snow-laden paths, which will enhance the charm of the route. Hampta Pass Temperature will require you to be ready for battling the cold winds.

For an amazing experience of Trekking near Manali, Hampta Pass Trek with Trekmunk is recommended.

While Hampta Pass trek is quite popular among trekking destinations Hampta Circle trek is lesser-known, nonetheless, just as beautiful and enchanting.

Also, Hampta pass trek may require a bit of experience but Hampta Circle trek is perfect for beginners as it an easier alternative. If you want to plan a hiking trip with your family, considering the Hampta circle trek is recommended as it is suitable for children as well.

Rising at an altitude of 10,826 ft, the Hampta Circle trek is located in Manali. The base camp for this trek is Jagatsukh, which is 6-7 km away from Manali. From the moment you start the trek you will be welcomed by beautiful apple orchards. The trail requires climbing stairs from Jagatsukh to reach the next part of the trek which is Barnara village.

While you are in villages, interacting with the local villagers will make your experience even more memorable. You can get to know all about how life is led by common people in the mountains.

After leaving the villages behind, Hampta Circle Trek in Manali will take through dense Pine forests, which are really quite enchanting. After the forests, green meadows will be under your feet. Really there is no shortage of greenery in Hampta Circle. Camping amongst this lush greenery will make you forget about all your worries.

Hampta Circle Himalayan Trail is best known for its immensely pleasing campsites. As you finish walking in the meadows for the day you can rest and enjoy the alluring view of the valley below you and look at the glorious peak of Hanuman Tibba covered with snow in front of you, and it goes without saying, do not forget to feast your eyes on the beautiful flowers that grow here. The peak provides a scenic view for some pictures.

This easy trek in Himachal is sure to leave you mesmerized and refreshed. The grade of this trek ranges from easy to moderate. For beginners, it is recommended to go during the sunny season, as the Hampta Circle Temperature will be quite pleasing during this season. For a summer trek, you can opt to go during the months from May or June.

But if you want to add more thrill to your journey Hampta Circle Autumn and Winter Trek will be the right fit for you. Months from September to January will prove fit for an Autumn and Winter trek. Make sure you are prepared for sudden changes in the climate. The rain may also make the stairs and boulders slippery, so extra care should be taken during this part of the trail.

Hampta Circle Trek in 2020 may change your life forever if you are in fact a beginner. You will not be able to forget the enchanting beauty of this place, and this trek will make sure that you start packing your bags for going on treks frequently.

Check out the Hampta Pass Trek Itinerary and the Hampta Pass Trek Guide on our website right away. You will also find the Hampta Pass trek Map on the website.

Now that you have abundant information about both the treks you can choose whichever one suits you better. Trekking in Manali is always an amazing option to spend your vacation time on. There can be no better alternative for rejuvenating your mind and body than to go in the arms of nature. Exploring mountains can give your life's aesthetic side a whole new direction.

  1. Oshank Soni : Co-Founder at Trekmunk. Has travelled to 28 Indian States, has led more than 50 high altitude treks in the Indian Himalayas. He is an Investment Banker by profession but a traveller by passion. He has led treks in Kashmir, Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Sikkim and Nepal. He is a NOLS certified First Aid Responder. Chasing the sun is his full-time job, a Storyteller, Travel photographer and Videographer at Insane Traveller Productions.

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9 Days
USD 450 / INR 31,450/-
Location : Himachal Pradesh
Difficulty : Difficult
Best time : May-June, Sept-Oct
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