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Rajesh Krishna Prasad
It was my 1st trekking experience we did with trekmunk...preparation before trekking was very good....we 29 trekkers enjoyed a lot from greeny KGL...special thanks to Kitchen department... Make us very healthy... It was dream Trek. I enjoyed a lot with my family members, especially with my daughter. She was 12 years was very happy Totally very good teamwork lead by Harshith & Saddam & Salman
Sutonuka Majumdar
Unlike most other organizations,Trekmunk doesn't make you feel like any other trekking group but it makes you part of the team. I had a great time with Trekmunk during the Stok Kangri trek. Thank you for a good experience.
Jayati Bist
Our 7 days trip to Meghalaya was truly a memorable experience. Thank you insane traveller for arranging such an adventurous backpacking trip and a special thanks to Mohit Goswami our trip leader for giving us an experience of what true travelling is. From hitch hiking to traversing the unknown places to eating delicious Momo's to climbing 3000 steps, we did it all in those 7 days which came to end so quickly and none of us wanted to go back home. Such an experience where you just pick up your rucksacks and walk down the roads of a traveller could have been only possible because of insane traveller! Can wait to go on such trips with you guys again!!
Jithamithra G R
We went to the Tarsar Marsar trek via Trekmunk in August 2018. We chose Trekmunk as we wanted to trek with only our small group of 7-8 people instead of a larger crowd. The trek was excellently organized with first-rate equipment, food, and facilities. The support crew was very friendly and obliging. Our trek leader was Oshank, one of the founders. He was easy going and fun and yet paid attention to each of us individually ensuring that we were safe and sound. Had a wonderful experience!
Nisha Moudgil
I did Tarsar Marsar trek with Trekmunk, it was my first trek and I am glad I did it with them. They made the whole experience a great one. They made sure that each member of the group is comfortable and enjoying the trek. No one was left unattended at any point of time and they kept a vigilant eye on the health of all the members. I personally enjoyed this trek a lot and can't wait for my next trek with these guys.
Devdatta Deshmukh
Trekmunk arranged a trek for Stok Kangri from 18/08/18 to 25/08/18. In terms of Food, it was like an exotic fusion of Ladakhi, Western and Indian cuisine with a daily dose of surprises. No repeats and no boring Dal & Chawal. Trek leader Salman was a Leader in real sense personally ensured safety and security of all trekkers. Talked less did more. Trek guides Lappu & Sonam were very professional. Lappu has other thrilling options like rock climbing, rafting etc which he offered us at a very low price just because we had a reference of Harshit & Oshank . Overall it was a well coordinated, well planned, well managed excellent Trek arranged by Trekmunk.
Rupinder Kaur
Tired of the 9-5 routine, I was desperately looking for a holiday to break the monotony of life. A friend mentioned about Insane Traveller and their upcoming Leh bike trip, something that was on my list ever since i was a teenager. Packed my bags and left with a heart full of anxiety and excitement. All i invested was some money and a leave balance (anybody in the corporate world would know how precious it is). The return has been memories of a lifetime and some friendships i would cherish for life. Thank you Insane Traveller for making my first solo trip unforgettable and as insane as your idea of travelling!
Vaishali Puranik
"Chadar Trek !!!!   Lucky to witness the nature's wonder. A dream. A fantasy. The ultimate bucket list item.  I can honestly say that this journey was everything I hoped it would be and more! From the beginning TrekMunk was super helpful in preparing for the trip. The packing list provided was extremely conducive to what was truly needed for the trip. The briefing that took place the night before allowed us to meet our group. Our trek leaders gave us a great overview of the adventure ahead . TrekMunk team truly did a flawless job of making our trek a stress free experience. Having the company so organized allowed me to enjoy the journey without having to worry about anything except being right there in the moment, taking it all in. The camps were always set up by the time we arrived and the porters cheered us on as we celebrated making it through the walk. I do not know how the porters managed to do various activities so effortlessly , was truly blessed to know some amazing people up close. It felt great to be welcomed so warmly after a day of tough walk on a frozen river. I think our small group size of 9 people bought together by common interest helped the bonding process with other members and have a meaningful experience compared to some of the other larger groups we saw. Trekking with TrekMunk is like going on an adventure with friends .It's obvious that Harshit ,Oshank & Mohit love the outdoors and they did everything possible to make our Chadar trek a fantastic and safe experience. I will choose and recommend TrekMunk again when looking for another adventure!!!  Thank you team TrekMunk!!"
Shivna Pandya
Recently we took a trekking trip to Hampta pass with Trekmunk as our organizers. We are 16 young adults, studying medicine to become doctors. Now I ain’t boasting, but as to-be-doctors we are taught very definitively that ill planning and lack of organisation can cost life. And Trekmunk made sure that, we 16 hard-to-please white collars, had the most amazing time of our lives. A perfectly detailed trip with absolutely no ill planned calamities. So what made us choose Trekmunk over the other organizers? Truthfully, their presentation. Once we had contacted them, their follow up emails and links had a quirky touch! Professional yet very friendly approach. Eventually, once we had a deal struck, from payment installments to pre-trip planning, everything was handled without a fuss. We also received time to time emails ranging from exercise routines to develop stamina, to list of things that we must carry! I realised that Trekmunk believes in two things firmly. One, to take care of you And two, to take care of the nature. And they make sure that none harms the other. At the base camp, the trek leaders briefed us in detail (the irony!) about all the health hazard and precaution, the itinerary and of course the very basic, how to smart-pack your bag! Their scientific approach was pretty impressive too. Oximeter readings everyday and regulated water intake, they take your health pretty seriously. As for the food and the stay, it was satisfactory and up to the mark. The tents were well maintained and so were the sleeping bags and mattresses they provided. So comfortable and cosy was all of it, that you literally would want to stay in there all day long! They also pitched a big canopy tent, where the entire group would huddle and revel, once the day’s walking was over! The food was amazing. Among the mountains where all the resources are scarce, they sure whipped scrumptious meals with a touch of local ingredients. Also offered us apples every day, a filler snack while walking. Don’t worry they weren’t trying to keep us to-be-doctors away, just taking care of us! And yes, they are pretty serious about protecting the nature. Hence after-camping-cleaning routine and not-a-single-wrapper littering, are rules they strictly abide by. In a nutshell, Trekmunk, a brain child of three dreamers, ensures you services of a professional organization but the ambience of unpretentious nature lovers. Their logo reads Go Alpine Or Go Home. I’ll tell you a secret, you don’t have to choose. They help you feel at home among the alpines.
Shalu Yadav
Raw. Raw is what you're looking for when you decide to travel with insane traveller. If there's an insane bug in you who wants to get out of the comfort zone and push all boundaries, just know that you will be in good company with these guys. I have hiked/travelled with them twice over the last one year, and it has been an absolute rocker of an experience! These guys are like those 'quiet daddies' who allow you to get in trouble and learn from your own experiences.... and then they smile from a distance 😉 No pun eh! At the cost of sounding cliched, guys keep rocking and thanks for an insanely wonderful time on the Ladakh bike trip! 🙂 Can't wait for the next bout of insane!
Shivam Patel
I did Chadar Trek with Trekmunk last January. It was One of the best experiences of my life. We had very happening 6 days full of adventure, thrill, excitement and of course lots of Chilly winds... And I must say trekmunk guys are best in business, if you want to do any treks then there's no better people than them... Also to mention that I'm just 20 and it was my first high altitude trek and the way they handle every situations is absolutely amazing... Looking forward to join Trekmunk for more treks real soon...
Manasvi Shah
Travelling with these people is surely an insanely enthrilling experience. This is my second backpacking trip with these people and the way I had imagined a backpacking to be has been fulfilled by them and they have given me surely more. The best thing about travelling with these people is that you understand the true meaning of travelling and experience it very closely. You are given a great freedom but at the same time taken care off. You participate into the process of backpacking. You have a trip leader with you but he acts more like a friend as the days pass by! We attended the hornbill festival and did a wonderful trek to dzukuo valley in Nagaland with the leadership of this group. You break the boundaries of yourself when you travel like a true traveller and that is possible with these people.
Sushil Chauhan
Chadar trek is considered to be one of the most difficult and dangerous treks, which requires a lot of skilled trek leaders, a perfect guide and a strong team of porters. I choose Trekmunk for Chadar and they proved they are a perfect team. Highly skilled trek leaders, professional skiers, gave us details how to walk on slippery ice. Professionally trained and certified with wilderness medications programs always ready to take your care in any condition and travelers themselves. One will enjoy their company, their travel stories and their way leading a trek. Cheers to team Trekmunk.
Avinash Kumar
No words for the bike trip from Srinagar to Leh. One should experience it to feel it and all this because of the management of Trekmunk especially Mohit and Harshit whose efforts even made the hardest of the ride exciting adventurous and above all safe. Although some hindrances which is quite common like bike issues and medical problems arose with our co-riders but I liked the way these two guys handled it dexterously. I went with one of my best friends and came with a lot more and the trip turned out to be memories which can be cherished for a lifetime. Thanks team Trekmunk for giving me a wonderful experience.
Suhas Yadake
From the orientation (first meeting) to the conclusion of the trek, it has been an experience I will cherish forever! Guides highly qualified in mountaineering and first-aid, who were always keen to help and aid us in whichever aspects they could. The food was delicious to say the least and the kitchen staff even prepared the dishes of our choice ( which were not naive to them). To conclude, in the most beautiful place I have ever been to.. I was able to be in a pleasant state of mind, by feeling assured about the guides and the staff, knowing that I was in professional hands!!
Tvara Mehta
They surely offer the best trekking packages. I have known these guys since quite sometime now and finally got a chance to go on a trek with them. While most backpacking/trekking trips are commercialized, they come up with unexplored places and the trips are also planned in an offbeat, exciting manner. There is a freedom to choose what to do, whenever possible. We explored the beautiful terrains of Nagaland and enjoyed the very popular Hornbill festival. The Dzukou valley trek is one of the most wonderful trails I have been on. We completed this trek while enjoying the beauty of the valleys and hills, thanks to our trek leader Mohit. They are friendly, know their job well and ensure safety for everyone. Highly recommend them for a truly unique experience.

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