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Why Us ?

Why Choose Trekmunk?

You won't find any fluffy language or marketing hype here, just honest, straightforward answers to that fundamental question of why us? The responses below are deeply rooted in our ethos, which is to create meticulously curated, personalized adventures that allow our guests to experience a destination in the most immersive, inspiring, and energizing way possible. At Trekmunk, we believe that travel has the power to change us and things around us. Now coming to the point, why choose us?

Here's why,

1. Just Right Group Sizes

While many outfitters consider 20-30 (a bus-load) a small group, we find smaller is so much better. We've capped our trips at 16 guests, and have a 5:1 guest-to-guide. Our small groups and personalized service allow you to enjoy the beauty, culture, flavor, and excitement of a new land not from the well-trodden tourist track, but from the perspective of an insider.

2. Finest Guides

You can expect the finest experience from our incredible private, specialist, and trained trek leaders, guides, and local support team.

3. Eco-friendly & Paperless

We are completely paperless, you don't have to print anything; all will be done online. All our adventure operations are eco-friendly and we have been trying to go plastic-free as a part of our sustainable tourism approach.

4. A Commitment to your Safety

At Trekmunk, your safety is paramount. Our guides are hired on this principle and trained not only to keep you safe out in the field but to be ready for the unexpected "the flash flood, the lightning storm, the civil unrest" those off-the-itinerary events you weren't accounting for. Our equipment is always top-notch and carefully maintained, and also a means through which we protect your safety.

5. Travel with Heart

Our core ethos of "Care of the Land and People" drives all that we do. When you travel with us you make a small contribution to the 'Trek for a Cause' initiative which helps people and nature in the remote areas of the Indian Himalayas. On top of that, the vast majority of your money will go straight to support and grow local economies.

6. Outstanding Guest Service

With Trekmunk, you travel in expert care from the moment you make your reservation until you board your flight home. Our outstanding guest services team takes care of every last detail of your trip, ensuring you have the best possible adventure experience.

7. Owned by Travelers and Operated

We are a small boutique adventure tour operator, owned and operated by Travelers who have left everything to travel and take people to the most remote and amazing places in a sustainable way. Give us a call or shoot us an email and chances are you'll hear back from Oshank - Co-founder, Photographer, Trek Leader or Mohit - Co-founder, Photographer, IITian, Trek Leader, or Harshit - Co-founder, Biker, Cinematographer, Trek Leader. Over the years, we have seen it all, from industry roll-ups to foreign acquisitions of name brands, and more. We have remained true to our mission throughout, treating our guests as we do each other like family. We couldn't be prouder of who we are and what we do. Read our stories on

8. We've got your back

Things happen. Plans change. We get that. If life throws you a curveball, we won't throw back a penalty. We will help reschedule trips or travel dates so you can focus on all the good to come, not on feeling let down. When you travel with us, you will get what you hoped for (and more!) out of your precious vacation time. If we fail to hit that mark, we will work with you to make it right.

9. Secure & easy booking

Once you are happy with the trip, you can easily book via Trekmunk's secure payment platform.

10. Exceptional value, without compromise

Every year, we take a close look at how we stack up value-wise with our competitors, and then we adjust our rates, terms, conditions, and inclusions. We promise you to provide you exceptional value without compromising on quality.