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Get enchanted in the grassland trek of Bhrigu

Published On 15 Mar 2021 by Mohit Goswami

The trek to Bhrigu Lake takes a leap into the spine-tickling, surreal beauty of the Himalayas. Encompassed within the beautiful bright green grasslands; the Bhrigu lake trek is cradled amidst alpine meadows of the Garhwal Himalayas in Kullu district of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The Bhrigu lake also enjoys mythological importance and is said to have been a place where the Maharishi Bhrigu is known to have meditated. Besides the thrilling tales about Bhrigu lake, the grasslands around Bhrigu Lake are what pull adventure enthusiasts from all over the world to venture into this interesting journey. The sight of green, refreshing and fragrant grasslands stretched far and wide, painting the landscape into beautiful bright green hues is majestic and soothing in its own way. If you are one of those who go gaga over the aesthetic beauty of wilderness then the trek to Bhrigu Lake has to be the smoothest escape for you to get enchanted in fresh and endearing grasslands of the Himalayas. 

The trail to Bhrigu Lake begins from Manali and gradually ascends to an altitude of approximately 14,000 ft which gives every fresher an opportunity to witness the panoramic views of a high altitude expedition but with lesser hassle. This package offers opportunities to view the serene beauty of snow capped mighty mountain ranges such as the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar Ranges which aren?t usually easily discovered, it also allows you to witness the exotic grasslands with admirable wildlife such as wild horses and sheep that are found grazing all around the valley. Overall, the pleasing weather and the dramatic ambience of the valley together make the trek holistic and add texture to enhance and facilitate the surreal experience of trekking in the Himalayas. The trek to Bhrigu Lake remains open for only 4-5 months of the year. It commences from mid- May and can be done by the end of October at most. Depending upon your expectations from the lake, the lake can be visited anytime throughout these months. Since the lake is located at a high altitude, it receives heavy snowfall during peak winter seasons which increases the possibility of a distasteful episode as well as makes it tricky to hike to the top. It is precisely because of this that the Bhrigu Lake trek remains prohibited during the months of winter; December, January, February and even March and April.

To begin the excursion, get hold of a vehicle that will ferry you to the checkpost of Gulaba from the main land of the hill station of Manali. A swift drive through dense forests of Pine and Oak, Birch and Cedar trees will lead you to the entrance of the village of Gulaba from where you will begin your trek towards Rola Kholi situated at an altitude of 12,566 ft. As you move upwards, you will encounter a couple of steep climbs along with gradual ascends that will open into spellbinding views of Mt Hanuman Tibba as well as fascinating frames of the peaks of the Seven Sisters resting at a distance. Halt at Rola Kholi to wash off the exhaustion and grab some rest. Next morning, embark on the trek from Rola Kholi to Bhrigu Lake. The trek from Rola Kholi to Bhrigu Lake is 5 km long and is usually covered in approximately 2-3 hrs of steady trekking. The trail is found to ascend, descend as well as remain flat at different heights of the landscape encompassing the trek. Fog, mist and a cozy weather happen to remain constant here for most part of the year. The lake changes in colour and texture with the changing seasons and switches from appearing royal blue and crystal clear during summers to appearing milky white and frozen during winters. However, what remains unchanged throughout the different seasons is the eternally alluring and bewitching charm and glory of the lake. Enjoy the picturesque aesthetic beauty of the nature before you and begin to descend to return to Rola Kholi in time. Retrace the route that you took to reach the top to return to the bottom, the next day. The descending trek is always easier and merrier than the trek that requires you to ascend to the top. Enjoy the freshness of air, the attractive and pleasing grasslands around and bid adieu to the enchanting landscapes as you make your way towards the bottom to successfully bring your trekking excursion to an end.

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