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A walk through Paradise- Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Published On 21 May 2020 by Harshit Patel

If you want to experience heaven on the earth, remember the name "Kashmir". It is a beautiful Himalayan valley with breathtaking mountain scenery, crystal clear lakes, lush green vegetation, and splendid forests. You feel like soaking your memories in a warm cup of Kahwah Tea while enjoying the diverse landscapes of Kashmir. You can synchronize your heartbeat with the gushing clean waters that travel from the glaciers above. Dusting the snow off your shoulders after a long ascent up a valley and watching the sun-kissed, snow-laden mountains right in front of your eyes will surely take your breath away. If this doesn't give you travel goals, nothing else can.

The Kashmir Great Lakes trek is a thrilling and adventurous trip, which the wanderlusts are bound to enjoy. The serene flowing of lakes in the vicinity will turn you into a nomad. This trek is one of the top treks in India. The Great Lakes of Kashmir trek comprises of a group of majestic seven lakes - Dal lake, Vishansar lake, Gangabal, and Nundkol lake, Azure lake waters, Yamsar lake, Gadsar Lake and Satsar lake. The calmness of the trail is certainly overwhelming and joyous. This is a unique trek as there are many destinations throughout the trail. Every day there is a new lake to look out for as the lakes tend to come right after one another. The competition of every single lake to showcase their superior beauty feels so divine that you can't resist falling in love with all of them. The vibrant green shores of the lakes make the trail even more wonderful. The snow patches and icebergs that feed these lakes will certainly make you wonder about the serenity that this place offers to mankind.

The Kashmir Great Lakes trekking elevation is encircled around 13,800 feet. The Kashmir Great Trek Lakes distance is approximately 63 kilometers. It requires around 8 days to comfortably complete the trek along with acclimatization. The base camp is at Sonamarg which is 93 kilometers of a drive from Srinagar. Srinagar is connected directly with airways and roadways. The nearest airport is in Srinagar and the nearest railway station is at Jammu.

Although the trek is breathtaking all year round, the best time to get along with the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is in July and August. This part of the year entitles viewers a clear and pristine glimpse of all the seven lakes. Kashmir Great Lakes trek will ensure you a lifetime experience which will be worth the tiredness.

The Kashmir Great Lakes trek difficulty is considered to be moderate. It is a cross over a trail that goes through passes. The trail is considered to be one of the safest trails in Kashmir. Your mind must wonder about political tensions in the region but the path is quite peaceful. We would still recommend you not to plan a Kashmir Great Lakes trek solo trip if you have some prior trekking knowledge or rather travel with us to avoid any problems that might arise during the trek.

Kashmir Great Lakes trek with Trekmunk will be a magical experience for the trekkers. As per the Kashmir Great Lakes trek reviews, Trekmunk is the best trekking company in India that provides the best service. Kashmir Great Lakes trek cost is around 13,000 bucks which will include an experienced trek guide.

The Kashmir Great Lakes trek starts at a little distance from Sonamarg which is on the Srinagar highway. The campsite is generally on the banks of the Sindh River. You won't find any kind of shops, ATMs and mobile network here. So make sure you are fully prepared with the requirements of the trek.

The next step is Sonamarg to Nichnai via Shekdur. The complete trail is 9 kilometers long and it takes around 6 hours to complete it. You will find a lone Dhaba where you can have snacks. After this, you won't come across any kind of store until the endpoint of the trek which is in Naranag. There is a long and steep ascent followed by a short descent. You will come across tink brooks, dense maple forest, and small peaks with a powdering of snow on it. The green meadows, the pine and silver birch trees act as a feast for the eyes. You can watch them again and again without even a tinge of boredom.

The next phase is the trail from Nichnai to Vishansar lake via Nichnai pass. The climb to Nichnai pass is moderate, which is at a height of 11,500 feet from mean sea level. A small descend followed by a long walk will take you to the Vishansar lake. You will come across a diverse range of scenarios changing at regular intervals. The huge Vishansar lake is deep blue in color but tends to look greenish-blue at the arrival of the evening sun.

From Vishansar lake, we need to reach Gadsar via Kishansar lake. The trail is 10 kilometers long and takes around 5 hours to complete it. A steep ascent is followed by a steep descent. The Kishansar lake is massively spread and has an amazing blue tinge. The further ascent will advance you to the Gadsar pass which is the highest point for the complete trek. It is located at an elevation of 13,800 feet above mean sea level. You can get a panoramic view of both the Kishansar and Vishansar lake together.

A gentle descend followed by a steep ascend from Gadsar and some distance of flat meadow walk will let you close to Satsar. This whole trail is 12 kilometers long and it takes around 6 hours to reach Satsar from Gadsar. You have to cross a stream, pass along flat meadows in order to reach Satsar lake. This lake is pretty big accompanied by a green ambiance with mountains in front.

A mild ascent followed by gradual descent will mark your way to Gangabal twin lakes from Satsar via the Zaj pass. The terrain is barren and rocky. The whole path consists of upward and downward trails. On your way, you will witness the Nundkhol lake. In no time, with a little trek, you will come across Gangabal lake. Both the lakes are famous for trout fishing.

The last step in this beautiful trek is the trail from Gangabal to Narang. The whole journey is 11 kilometers long and consumes around 6 hours. You will come across pine trees, meadows, and a trace of civilizations. The discovery of the stone-paved village track will mark your destination in the form of Narang. This trail is quite challenging and demands some sort of endurance.

The Kashmir Great Lakes trek is a paradise on earth. The beauty of trekking alpine lake in the Himalayas will cast a magical spell that you will continue to cherish throughout your lifetime. It's high time to unleash the wanderlust that's hidden inside you. Pack your bags and get along on this wonderful journey of heaven that is Kashmir Great Lakes Trek 2019 with us.

  1. Harshit Patel : Co-Founder at Trekmunk. A certified Mountaineer, Skiier, has led more than 50 high altitude treks in the Indian Himalayas. He is an Engineer by profession but a traveler by passion. He has led treks in Kashmir, Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Sikkim and Nepal. He is a NOLS certified First Aid Responder and has covered 185,000+ km on Motorcycle. A Poet, Drone Pilot and Videographer at Insane Traveller Productions.

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10 Days
USD 370 / INR 26,950/-
Location : Sikkim
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