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We believe that doing your bit, as little as it maybe, makes a big difference. Holding onto that thought, TREKMUNK came up with a social initiative called ‘trek for a cause,’ under which we try to take the basic amenities to high altitudes or leave them in a better condition then what we get. Setting up medical camps, supporting women empowerment, opting eco- friendly trekking options are some of it.

We somewhere read that there was a hospital study done on more than 100 elderly people facing death close to their last breath. They were asked to reflect about their lives biggest regret. Nearly all of them said they regretted not the things they did, but the things they did not do.

The risks they never took;

They dreams they never pursued;

The people they did not help,

The lives they did not save’

And we asked ourselves, would our last words be ‘only if I had?’

HEY YOU, WAKE UP! Why do we exist? We are all humans born from the same 5 elements made to reduce to the same.

So we don’t know much but we do know this,

When we see how big a difference a simple medical camp(or for that purpose any act of kindness, no matter how small) makes; when we see an old man crying with tears of all the 7 emotions mixed into one because of a small initiative,

The only thing that matters is the impact you leave on the lives around you.

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We came across some small villages(Gangard and Osla, which are both above 11,000 ft) during a trek called Har ki doon in Uttrakhand last year. Trekking through those small villages and getting to know the simple life of the innocent mountain folks we discovered that they are ripped off of all the basic amenities and had no source of treating medical ailments.  The nearest clinic is situated 15-20 kms away accessible only through trekking. Taking into account the huge amount of trekkers and adventure seekers this valley attracts every year, it pained us to realize that nobody ever tried to come to the aid of these villagers. Driven to do something about how we feel, we organized a trek for a cause initiative at Har ki dun valley for doctors who believe in our agenda too. The sole purpose to host this was to help the people residing in the villages that fall in our way by providing them with basic medical amenities and hopefully treating illnesses. Over 200 people and 15 medical illnesses were assisted. The response was heartwarming and the feeling of affecting over 200 lives for good was eye-watering.



After receiving such a positive response from the last trek for a cause initiative, we decided to set up yet another round of medical camps in the same villages to provide them with regular medical facilities and aspirin. This time we plan on taking it by a notch by setting up the camp for longer duration and providing medications for all the more different kinds of illnesses and taking a larger number of doctors then what we had last time.

Our future plans include setting up these medical camp every six months to ensure regular treatment for the village folk. We aim to adopt these villages for their overall development which will include health facilities, education and other basic amenities.



Walking for hundreds of kilometers and setting up medical camps(which includes tens of medications, doctors and equipment), even with everyone working for zero or bare minimum compensation while not compromising on quality or dedication takes some resources to achieve. Your extremely valuable contributions will help us with:

  • Transportation of all the equipment.

  • Aspirin, injections, other medical equipment.

  • Fee of the trek guide and cook.



We have some set of rewards, letters and post cards from the medical camps, T-shirts, luggage tags to adorn backpacks or you suitcases, access to the documentary before it’s public release, and even an opportunity to volunteer. So go ahead, take a look and contribute. If you cannot contribute monetarily. even sharing this on your social media sites will be of great help!

Join us as we spread kindness around like confetti.