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Pin Parvati trek: The most beautiful trail in whole of Himachal

Published On 15 Mar 2021 by Mohit Goswami

The trek to Pin Parvati Pass is a holistic package of thrill, pleasure and adventure amalgamated. The variety of landscapes found at Pin Parvati Trek open the opportunity to explore the deepest corners of mountains and to traverse through surreal, unbelievable and enchanting high altitude locations. From lush green and vibrant surroundings, powdery moraines and snow capped mighty mountains to steep climbs, river and stream crossings, the trek to Pin Parvati Pass introduces travelers to different faces of wilderness and allows them to experience nature like never before. The expedition is cost-effective and spans over a good number of days and is an easy gateway to paradise, really. It allows travelers to extensively explore and witness up and close the unexploited and naked beauty of mountains and landscapes that remain treasured at different places along the trail in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh. Pin Parvati Pass that offers sneak peeks of the mind and heart-boggling charm of the state of Himachal Pradesh is unique and enjoys great fame and craze amongst adventure enthusiasts. The map of the trail trespasses interesting alpine meadows, thick and dense forests, many lush green valley and opens into a beautiful glacier at the Pin Parvathi Pass making it unsuitable for solo travelling. From the exotic deserted mountains at Spiti, fascinating landscapes of Kaza, exotic routes between Mud and Gulling, Brown snow smeared Pin Parvati Pass to the bright green meadows of Odi Tach, Thakur Kuan, Tunda Bhuj and the alluring pine and oak forests of Kheerganga, the entire trail passes through exciting and fascinating wilderness and makes for a wholesome adventurous package that is sure to spike waves of adrenaline rushes in travelers. The best time to visit the Pin Parvati Pass is usually between the months of June and September when everything about the place seems to be just about perfect for a wholesome experience at the excursion. 

You will have to reach Barshaini and trek to Kheerganga to inaugurate the excursion. The trek starts from Barshaini which can be easily accessed from various cities through private and local buses/rented cabs.  A 9-10 km trek through beautiful forests of oak and pine trees will lead you to Kheerganga where you can take a hot water dip and relax for the day. Resume the excursion, the next day with a trek from Kheerganga to Tunda Bhuj. The distance between Kheerganga and Tunda Bhuj is approximately 15km which can be covered in about 5 hours. The trail between the two locations is vibrant with delightful bright green meadows decorated with beautiful wild flowers. Tunda Bhuj is a good location to chill and retire for the night. Next morning, hop onto a trek from Tunda Bhuj to Thakur Kuan to enjoy views of landscapes with mesmerizing and electrifying boulders, streams and meadows. With gradual elevation, Mt Kuller Eiger along with many other peaks and glaciers begin to unfold appearing majestically charming. Halt at Thakur Kuan and soak in the pleasing vibes of the surroundings. Wake up to a refreshing morning and restart the journey from Thakur Kuan by trekking towards Odi Thatch. Lined with little streams of waterfalls, the trail from Thakur Kuan to Odi Thach is fascinating as well as a little challenging. The tricky points along this route add thrill to the experience with a river crossing that can send shivers down your spine. The cliffs, refreshing greenery and the dramatic weather make for  an enchanting and drool-worthy hike along this route. After spending a relaxing night here, trek from Odi Thatch to Mantalai, the next day. The trek from Odi thach to Mantalai is 9km long and passes through green and vibrant meadows, carpets of beautiful blue and pink flowers and huge gigantic boulders. You will also come across lands of swamps, ridges and even get to witness the gushing Parvati River distributed into streams tricking down the landscapes. Spend a delightful night here and wake up refreshed the next morning.  Trek from Mantalai to Parvati base camp this day. The trail from Mantalai to Parvati base camp is surreal with enchanting views but it remains quite challenging and tricky. After crossing a few mountain slopes as well as a freezing cold river surrounded by mighty mountain peaks, a trail with boulders has to be traversed to reach the Parvati base camp. Set up your camps and relax for the night. Wake up to a beautiful sunrise and trek from Parvati base camp to Pin base camp via Pin Parvati Pass today. This day tends to be the most anticipated and sought after day of the entire expedition where you elevate to a height of 17,457 ft; the highest altitude of the entire expedition. The day also tends to be the most difficult and challenging day of the expedition with quite low temperatures. From steep climbs, to tricky fierce stream crossings, to treks through tough and rugged mountains; the trek from Parvati base camp to Pin base camp via Pin Parvati Pass remains electrifying, exhilarating and nail biting altogether. Wash off the exhaustion by grabbing some quality sleep at the Pin Base camp and start afresh the next day. Trek from Pin base to Tia and further to Mud, this day. The trek from Tia to Mud opens into a different world quite literally. The landscapes change in color and texture refreshing into new and unique panoramic views of the Spiti Valley. Halt at Mud and resume the expedition the next morning by trekking from Mud to Gulling. The route from the village of Mud to Gulling remains unbelievably fancy with a tint of brown smeared on landscapes making it dramatic as well as cinematic. Drive to Kaza the same day and pull out your tents to sleep here for the night. The last day of the expedition begins with a swift and long drive through moraines and cold deserted mountains of Kaza to the hill station of Manali. Enjoy the pleasing drive and bring your expedition to an end in Manali. 

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