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Safety and Emergency



〉 Our trek leaders will conduct routine health checkups which will analyze your oxygen level and pulse rate at least once a day. If your readings are low than the normal requirements, the trek leaders will take the needful measures to bring them up. In some worst-case scenarios you might be asked to return to lower altitudes and trekmunk will ensure you are accompanied by one of our guides. We carry optimum safety equipment with us all the time as an emergency protocol.

〉  Watch your step, it could be your last.

〉  Though trekmunk ensures you are fully acclimatized for every altitude, if you ever feel light-headed or breathless, immediately tell your trek leader about the same so that appropriate measure can be taken.

〉  Self evaluate your fitness level before you register for the trek.

〉  Drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited during the trek as it can seriously take a toll on your liver and lungs at such high altitudes and can cause severe after- effects. Any trekker found violating this specific criterion will be asked to leave the trek that very moment.

〉 So peeps, what do we say to the god of death? Not today.  (We hope you know this from the game of thrones. If you did not, we will probably push you off that cliff ourselves.)