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Chomolhari Trek

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  • Vacation Style High Altitude Trek
  • Activity Level Moderate

All about the Chomolhari Trek.

Straddled between Bhutan and Tibet is the “Mountain of Goddess” known as, Chomolhari, which is 24,035 ft above the sea level. It is known to be the Goddess’s mount as the community of locals and Buddhists believe that it is the very place where one of the Five Tsheringma Sisters live. It is also pronounced as Jomolhari and provides an escape from the stressors of daily life. The stay at Basecamp will provide you a holistic beauty of the whole range. From various other peaks to fascinating forests and from grassy landscapes to the chilly glaciers, you’ll have a thrilling and peaceful time.

The trek to the mount’s peak is a peaceful and moderate one. You’ll be first made to acclimatize. We’ll start the trek from a crumbled ancient monastery, Drugkyel Dzong. You’ll further climb amidst the farming pastures then into the wilderness, blurring soon with the meadows. You’ll smell the aroma of juniper and rhododendrons, from where we will reach the Jomolhari Base called, Jangothang, from where we will trek towards the Tsho Phu, where you’ll walk along the twin lakes and ascend to Bonte La, which can be called one of the most beautiful valleys of the region. Lastly, we will move to pass Thombu La, ending through the actual path and reaching back to where we started the trek from.

Maximum Altitude – 24035 ft

Duration – 10 Days

Difficulty Level – Moderate

Highlights –

  1. Drugkyel Dzong, Jangothang Base
  2. Juniper and Rhododendrons filled landscapes
  3. Tsho Phu’s twin lake
  4. Bonte La Valley
  5. Jigme Dorje National Park while descending back through the actual trail
  1. Day 1 Reach Paro 7,218 ft)

    It’ll be good if you reach Paro two days before so as to adapt and adjust to Bhutan’s climate and culture. You can visit the Thimpu, the marketplace and the Palace of Tashichoedzong. Sleep early on the night before you’ll have to reach to the decided gathering point in Paru itself.

    Altitude – 7,218 ft

  2. Day 2 Hike to Taktsang (10,170 ft)

    This’ll be in a way your day one on the trek, where you’ll finally meet your guide and other group members. We will hike to the Taktsang monastery, which is also known as the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. It is structured around the Guru Ringpoche’s meditative cave and hangs on the edge of it. Overnight will be at respective hotels.

    Altitude – 10,170 ft

  3. Day 3 Drive to Dzong and Trek to Shana (9,383 ft)

    We will have a short drive to Drukyel Dzong from where we will begin our trek towards the Shana region. You’ll see the peak’s summit for the first time while heading towards it. It’ll be five to six hours long climbing day. At Shana, we will spend the night at the campsite which is near the stream and on the green meadow.

    Altitude – 9,383 ft

  4. Day 4 Trek to Soi Thangthang (11,811 ft)

    Next day, we will go into the wilderness, where you’ll see the maple, oaks, birch, alders etc and further, the pines and rhododendrons, as we will reach higher altitudes. This is the trek through the National Park, Jigme Dorje. We will spend the night at Soi’s camp.

    Altitude – 11,811 ft

  5. Day 5 and Day 6 Trek to Jangothang (13,415 ft)

    Today, we will ascend towards the base of Chomolhari, that is, Jangothang, which have the landscapes of alpines, mountains, and glaciers. We will be spending the night and the next day at such a splendid landscape, where you’ll forget about all the chaos of life. We might also go for an excursion towards the Tsho Phu’s twin lakes.

    Altitude – (13,415 ft)

  6. Day 7 Trek to Dumzo, Bonte La (15,977 ft)

    We will resume our trek and from Tsho Phu we will continue further upwards towards the summit. You’ll experience the scenic beauty of Chomolhari, Jitchu Drake and also of one of the world’s greatest Kanchenjunga mountains. From there we will walk towards the Valley of Soi Yaksa. It’ll be a six to seven hours long climbing day.


  7. Day 8 Trek to Thombu Shong, Tagulun La (14,895 ft)

    Today we will climb through forests of birch, rhododendron, and oak towards the Tagulun. You’ll be able to see the old views and adding to them will also be Makalu mountain. We will reach the campsite at Thombu Shong where we will spend the night.

    Altitude – 14,895 ft

  8. Day 9 Trek to Shana Zam (9,481 ft)

    After breakfast, we will start climbing back. We will again trek through the forest walking towards the Thombu and further to Shana Zam. We will cross a ridge and continuing from there, we will walk downwards towards the campsite near Paro Chu. We will spend our night here.

    Altitude – (9,481 ft)

  9. Day 10 Trek to Dzong and drive back to Paro (7,218 ft)

    Finally, we will spend our last day trekking towards the Drukyel Dzango through the stunning landscape of campsite at Peru Chu. We will have a relaxing drive back to the Paro, from where you are free to go back to your hotels and further towards the airport, bidding each other last adios.

    Altitude – 7,218 ft

Questions about the Trek
Who can go for this trek?

If you are an individual looking for going exploring a bit adventurous a bit peaceful vacation or wish to explore the culture of Tibet-Bhutan, then this is amongst the few treks you can choose. Also, anyone who likes a bit challenging yet moderate climbing ranges, then this trek is a good option. This trek is also for the ones who have done beginner treks in the past.

What does the trek demand?

Acclimatization can’t be ignored or taken lightly in this trek as the altitude is above 9,842 ft and will gain a relatively higher altitude as the journey will move forwards. Also, you’ll be walking six hours almost on all the trek days. Thus, if you are through with the easy treks, then you can try this one.

Is it an easy trip?

This trek if not a difficult one considering the technical aspects of mountaineering. It is tough because its altitudes are high and temperatures are significantly colder than usual. Thus, it requires good acclimatization, patience, and an optimistic attitude. It will be more like a trip than a trek if you’ll have these few things.

What is the best time to go for this trek?

Most of the trekking trails in Bhutan are on higher altitudes, thus providing the people/tourists with very limited time-frame to really go for these treks. Months of Spring and fall, like from March to May and September to November, respectively. During these months, the temperatures are comparatively lower at particularly Cholmolhari trek and various alike. There are a few others which are better during winters.

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