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  • Health and Safety

How to prevent motion sickness

Published On 21 May 2020 by Max Sharma


Motions sickness is one of the main problems faced by most travellers and is not necessarily experienced by occasional travellers but can also be experienced by a very frequent traveller.

It is just a very general phenomenon and can happen to anyone. Motion is majorly experienced by people while travelling in:-

  • Planes
  • Long drives (mostly to hill stations)
  • Ships
  • Trains

Today, then let?s talk about motion sickness as we hope the information provided below will be helpful to you.


  2. First, let?s talk about plane sickness. Motion sickness in flight known as air sickness is the most common problems people face. Common symptoms faced by people are- nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and dizziness. These are caused by the movements and oscillations of the plane and the sickness can heighten with the turbulence in planes due to weather conditions.
    To help the sickness following are the remedies you can try:-

    • One should preferably eat light before boarding the plane, neither should one remain empty stomach as both the situations doesn?t decrease sickness but only increases your chances of having one. I would, therefore, suggest you to go for light snacks like fruits, nuts, salads, or any other ?feel-good? light snacks that you may like but we would highly suggest you avoid coffee, alcohol, fatty foods, smoking as these items take a longer time to be absorbed by your body and can ultimately cause indigestion and vomiting.

    • Try to reach the airport before time and pick a seat of your choice preferably close to the window if you are travelling in the daylight and try to focus outside on the horizons to make your brain feel more relaxed. If you are travelling after sunset, try to get a seat in the middle of the plane where the movements of the plane can be less dramatic and can be ignored easily. Finally, listen to the instructions carefully told at the beginning of your flight to know where the air sickness bag is kept

    • If you are prone to air sickness then we would recommend you control your inner bookworm and stay away from reading and you also contain your inner movie buff and stay away from staring at an electric screen for a long period of time. This is because just like carsickness, concentrating on anything in your hands can lead to nausea. Therefore, try to look out of the window.

    • When travelling by plane carry some mint gums and when the flight takes off chew them and try to focus on your breath. Chewing helps in digestion and relaxation and mint flavour gives you a soothing effect, alleviating the sensation of nausea and indigestion and try to take deep breaths and ease yourself to a sound sleep.

    • If you have tried all the above things and still can?t fight off the sickness then try consulting a doctor before taking a flight and ask for some drugs.


  4. Many people feel car sickness when going on a long drive, especially to hill stations, this may be due to their psychological belief that they can smell petrol or diesel in the car or due to the movements of the car they may fear something or the other. Common symptoms of car sickness can be vomiting, nausea, indigestion, etc. Below are some tips to tell you how to prevent car sickness and have a beautiful long drive with your loved ones:-

    • One should sit in the front seat to avoid any car sickness. Now you might think that sitting in the front seat can increase your car sickness but in reality, it only decreases your sickness, why? Well because when you are sitting in front you are able to focus on the road along with the scenery around you and therefore you focus less on the height you are on and you feel less scared and your sickness reduces. The next thing is that when you sit in the front you can see the road in front of you and this gives your body the time to prepare for what is to come next and therefore you are mentally prepared and this your body is not surprised from the sudden motion.

    • This implies not only when you are driving but also when you are sitting in a car. Just like airsickness reading books and watching something on your phone can not only lead to accidents but also contribute towards motion sickness. This is because when you are sitting inside a vehicle and you are reading something which is constantly moving then your brain is not able to register anything properly and therefore you feel sick.

    • This now seems to be like a golden rule written in the book how to travel without getting sick. One should not eat heavy like aloo paranthas, or anything oily. If you are craving so bad then have no more than one and try to stick to your "Ghar jaisa" halka khaana. The heavier you eat the more queasy you will feel.

    • Lack of ventilation means that your brain may feel suffocated and you may feel nauseous. Soooo, roll down your windows and enjoy the beautiful fresh air straight from the mountains or fresh from the seas and let them touch your face and take a deep breath and I promise you will surely feel refreshed and more alive. Sometimes it?s nice to switch off the A/Cs in your car and take a fresh breath especially if you are out of cities and away from pollution plus these A/Cs don?t circulate the air in your car.

    • When people travel out of cities to the hill stations you don?t always get mobile signals so use your time and try to get to know about your family, friends, and other travellers with you and I?m sure you won?t even remember there is something like carsickness. And if you are an introvert and don?t like socialising or if you are awkward while talking to people then just remember to carry your earphones and when you feel bored and sick just put them on listening to your favourite songs.


  6. Seasickness occurs when one part of your body senses your movement but your parts do not. This sensory dismatch confuses your brain and you feel sick. Common symptoms may include dry mouth, cold sweats, dizziness and drowsiness to mild headaches, nausea and vomiting.
    You can prevent seasickness by following these steps:-

    • It is really important to take a sound sleep as lack of sleep reduces your stamina and makes you more prone to sickness. U. S. navy research told that sleep magnifies the occurrence of seasickness as it disturbs the vestibular system.

    • Before boarding any ship/cruise/boat consult your doctor about what all medicines one should take if they face seasickness and whether you are actually fir to even board the ship.

Hope these informations may be of some use to you and can help you cure your motion sickness.

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