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All about the MERA PEAK CLIMB.

On the south of Mt. Everest is the Mera Peak which is of best summit to have an extensive view of five grand peaks of Himalayas (Makalu, Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Kantega, Cho Oyu, Ama Dablam, Chamlang, Baruntse and Kangchenjunga) and thus is one of the popular treks between mountaineers. Although the trek is not extremely difficult, it still is an adventurous one.

You’ll encounter many beautiful things during your journey towards the Mera Peak. These include, extremely stunning, Rhododendron Forests,  an attractive remote village, Pangkongma, originated via Everest massif, Dudh Kosi or Milk River, moraine Tangang and also, Mera Glacier, climbing through which we will have first glimpses of few of the peaks mentioned above.

This trek is tough only because one thing, (which we will mostly focus on also), that is, acclimatizing to the high altitude and varying temperatures of the area. This is the prerequisite for this trek. We will start our trek journey through easy routes, crossing the Pang Kongma La, entering the forested, Hinku valley, seeing the Chamlang and Baruntse mounts. We will spend time in tea-houses and tent at different Campsites.

Maximum Altitude – 21,247 ft

Duration – 18-19 Days

Difficulty Level – Moderate- difficult

Highlights –

  1. Rhododendron Forest
  2. Hinku valley, Chamlang, and Baruntse peaks
  3. Pang Kongma La and Dudh Kosi (‘Milk River’)
  4. Tangnag

Mera Glacier, Mera Peak and view of world’s greatest peaks (Makalu, Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Kantega, Cho Oyu, Ama Dablam, Chamlang, Baruntse, and Kangchenjunga)

  1. Day 1 Reach Lukla and trek to Paiya (8,957 ft)

    Try to reach Kathmandu a day before, so as to adjust, adapt and gear up for the next morning. We will gather at Lukla, which is like the check-in point to the valley Khumbu, and will serve as the starting point for our trek to Paiya. We will be climbing opposite to the trail moving towards Everest. We will spend our nights at camp.

    Altitude – 8,957 ft

  2. Day 2 Trek to Pangkongma (9,337 ft)

    After our first day trek to Paiya, we will continue our climbing towards Pangkongma La, which will be covered in three parts: first ascending to a small ridge, then descending to the Khare Khola and finally reaching the destination of the day. Overnight at the campsite.

    Altitude -9,337 ft

  3. Day 3 Trek to Gnashing Dingma (8,501 ft)

    Today, we will hike upwards through the rhododendron (and bamboo) wilderness or forest. We will get down through a pass and walk up the rope bridge, crossing the Hinku Khola. After that, we will ascend and reach Gnashing Dingma, where we will stay in camp during the night.

    Altitude – 8,501 ft

  4. Day 4 Trek to Cholem Kharka (11,811 ft)

    Next day, we will start again, climbing up towards the Sureka La which is dominated by lush green shades of nature and before the pass, gets quite precipitous. We will gradually climb down towards our campsite, which is between the calming beauty of evergreen trees. Overnight at camp.

    Altitude – 11,811 ft

  5. Day 5 and Day 6 Trek to Changbu Kharka (13,780 ft)

    After covering the beauty of evergreen behind we will trek on the rocky terrain, passing through the pastures, crossing the small pass and arriving at the Khola Kharka campsite, where we will spend our night and complete another day, so as to acclimatize.

    Altitude – 13,780 ft

  6. Day 7 Continue towards Khote (11,811 ft)

    We will resume our trekking journey after our acclimatizing day off. We will go through a few slanting paths, entering another deep forest and finally reaching the Hinku valley. Our nights will be spent in a camp beside the beautiful stream.

    Altitude – 11,811 ft

  7. Day 9 and Day 10 Trek to Tangnag (11,811 ft)

    After spending a relaxing night near the river, we will resume our journey climbing upwards along the river. The sight around you will change to a tough and rocky landscape. You’ll be able to feel the weather change and see the mountains stacked with snow. Thus we will spend another day adjusting and adapting to the temperature of our surroundings.

    Altitude – 11,811 ft

  8. Day 11 Trek to Khare (16,404 ft)

    The next day, we will carry our loads and hike upwards. The destination of the day will be Khare, which is a place before the Mera Glacier. Overnight will be in the camp.

    Altitude – 16,404 ft

  9. Day 12 and Day 13 Cross Mera La and reach Mera Peak Base Camp (17,388 ft)

    We will keep walking on the rough paths, till we reach the Mera Glacier. You’ll enjoy an adventurous time being tied to a rope and climbing the snowy and slippery slopes, so as to reach Mera La. We will finally cross Mera La and walk to our base campsite, where we will spend the night and the next whole day, acclimatizing.

    Altitude – 17,388 ft

  10. Day 14 Climb to High Camp (19,029 ft)

    Next day we will resume our trekking journey, covering relatively simpler paths. We will spend most of our day hiking upwards, the slopes will be less slippery towards the high campsite. You’ll have to be cautious about the crevasses.

    Altitude – 19,028 ft

  11. Day 15 Climb Down to Mera Peak and Trek to Khare

    We will descend from the Mera Peak, seeing the landscapes of snowy fields. Through these fields, we will reach the much steeper section of, from where we will reach the Mera summit, from where you’ll be able to see the panoramic view of few of the globe’s grandest mountains. From there we will descend back to Khare.

    Altitude –  21,247 ft

  12. Day 16 Contingency Day

    This trek is on a very high altitude. We spend most of our time acclimatizing to the weather, but that doesn’t stop the bad situations that might occur. An extra day is presumed and kept for any kind of emergency, like bad weather.

  13. Day 17 and Day 18 Trek to Thuli Kharka (14,108 ft)

    We will spend two days of mapping down our steps back towards Khote and Thuli. One day will be spent descending towards Khote from Khare and another from Khote to Thuli Kharka. The nights will be spent in camps.

    Altitude – 14,108 ft

  14. Day 19 Trek to Lukla

    Finally, we will reach back to our hotel at Lukla. From here, it is advisable that you spend the night resting at the hotel and leave the next morn back to Kathmandu. If you wish, you can spend an extra day at Kathmandu. Finally, we will bid adieu to each other.

    Altitude – 8,957 ft

Questions about the Trek
What does the trek demand?

This trek is a moderate-difficult one and above 19,685 ft, thus demanding acclimatization, basic trek skills, mountaineering boots, ropes, and crampons etc. The journey also demands, physical fitness, patience and a little bit of technicality.

Who can go for this trek?

If you are an individual looking for going above the Himalayan summit for the first time, then this is amongst the few treks you can choose. Also, anyone who likes a bit challenging yet moderate climbing ranges, then Mera Peak Climb is a good option.

Is it an easy trip?

This trek is not a very difficult one but demands good physique and patience. It will be more like a trip than a trek if you’ll have these two things. A few technical skills will come handy. The trek is difficult because of the snow-capped regions, from where one has to hike, climb, be roped etc. The snowy paths make the paths tough. Thus, the trek is a moderate-difficult one.

How can I reach my home or Lukla in case of flight cancellation or delay due to bad weather in Kathmandu-Lukla?

It is advisable that you reach Kathmandu a day before. After you reach Kathmandu from Lukla by the end of your trip, book your tickets of beforehand, which will provide you with a day against the flight delays. You can also try for helicopters which fly when fixed aircraft wing are not able to fly. In case you still miss the flight towards your hometown, then it is advisable to have insurance for the cancellation of your flight.

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