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Best Cameras for Adventure Photography

Published On 01 Mar 2020 by Oshank Soni

You've planned your trip. Booked the tickets. Searched for the best accommodation. But, there's one more thing you want to check off your list: buying the perfect camera. After all, memories need to be captured. And to get the best shot, you need the best camera.

There are several factors you need to consider before you go ahead and buy one: photo quality, portability, price, purpose, knowledge, and willingness to learn.

Cameras can be broadly put into 4 categories - Point and Shoot (small, compact, cheaper and easy to learn), DSLR (largest and heaviest), Mirrorless (compact, but great quality) and Action (compact, waterproof and durable; this one is a great option for water sports)

Bearing these in mind, here is our list of top cameras for travel and adventure photography:


With its EOS 5D camera, Canon presents a comparatively small, affordable, full-35mm-size digital camera. With this model, Canon says goodbye to large and heavy, slow-focusing, lower megapixel cameras. The Canon 5D Mark III includes HD video recording on its full-frame sensor. This is a revolutionizing feature, encouraging the troupe of amateur filmmakers.


The Sony A7 series is simply put: perfection. Brilliant image quality, 4K video capacity, wifi, light, and compact making them the perfect companions for adventure.

The Sony A7ii, a model lower than A7Rii, is comparatively cheaper. But, there are quite a few differences like 24MP vs 42MP and improved low-light performance. However, if you devote quite a chunk of your time to travel and adventure, investing more cash in the higher version is completely worth it.


The A99 comes with an electronic viewfinder, making the typical viewing mirror, redundant. This mirror means you can view even while shooting action sequences. One feature that we absolutely adore is a brilliant back screen - good for candid portraits.

The 24MP, 35mm full-frame camera is our pick for landscapes, especially because of its skilfully crafted sensor.


The popular, 36 megapixel D800E is excellent for landscapes and portraits.

Wonderful image quality, decent flash and the possibility to shoot the lens wide open in full sunlight puts Nikon D800E on our list. It's not just about the megapixels, but also about rich detailing and brilliant photographic tonality.

Other unique features include a high-speed, high-performance, image-processing engine and realizing the sharpest images possible.


Most of us now own smartphones. And they take decent photographs, don't they? There are many advantages to using your phone as your main camera - light, compact and easy to use.

The smartphone is usually well-protected by a case or cover and it's incredibly convenient to shoot, edit and share them with the world. However, there are obvious drawbacks here: the image quality and capability of your smartphone are far from a proper professional camera; when it comes to taking pictures, even if it is the best in the market.

Always remember to test out a camera before you buy it. Some places even allow you to rent it for a day and get a feel before you invest in it. After all, it's going to cost you quite a lot of cash, so you need to make sure it's worth it.

And finally, with this list, it's time to venture into the wild and click!

Adventure photography should be what it sounds like: an Adventure!

  1. Co-Founder at Trekmunk. Has travelled to 28 Indian States, has led more than 50 high altitude treks in the Indian Himalayas. He is an Investment Banker by profession but a traveller by passion. He has led treks in Kashmir, Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Sikkim and Nepal. He is a NOLS certified First Aid Responder. Chasing the sun is his full-time job, a Storyteller, Travel photographer and Videographer at Insane Traveller Productions.

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