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Hampta Pass and Chandra Tal Trek

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Himachal Pradesh  |  5D/4N  |  14,000 Ft

June to October

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  • Vacation Style High Altitude Trek
  • Activity Level Moderate
  • Group Size Medium Group

All about the Hampta Pass and Chandra Tal Trek.

Trekking in Manali has always left everyone spellbound. One of those treks is the Hampta pass trek. A splendid crossover trek, the Hampta Pass trek is one of the most popular treks in Himachal Pradesh for fit beginners. The trek weaves past the beautiful verdant valleys of Kullu and climbs up to an altitude of 14,035 ft.. The beautiful overhang at 14,035 ft. Is the spectacular culmination of the 6 days of the trek. The hampta pass and chandratal trek is also famous for the dramatically changing landscape that surprises trekkers throughout. The most striking of all views is the sprawling deserts of Lahaul, along with sweeping vistas of the iconic Lahaul valley.

Hampta Pass Trekking is a buffet of a large variety of landscapes, all fused into one mesmerizing journey. The verdant meadows of Jwara, graced by several grazing horses are a sight to behold. The campsites hampta pass to the chandratal lake each carries a unique terrain – Jobra skirts a beautiful forest, while Balu Ka Ghera is distinguished by a river delta and the Shea Goru campsite touches a beautiful desert oasis! The final treat awaits you in the form of the iconic Chandratal Lake trek as the trek ends!


Best time to do the Hampta Pass trek

is between July to mid-September when the sky shower a little and the flowers are in full bloom. Hampta pass weather and hampta pass temperature are perfect to beat that summer heat and break away from the mad hustle of the cities. Though perfect in August, hampta pass trek in May is also a good option and amongst the best treks available in the month of May. Hampta pass trek distance from Jobra to Chatru is 26 km and is stretched across a period of 5 days.

The Trek To Hampta Pass begins from Chika, which is easily accessible from Manali. This Trek in Manali with the backdrop of Lahaul and Spiti valleys, along with the astounding Pir Panjal ranges will leave you stunned throughout. On the final day, the trail runs past the iconic Chandratal Lake in Spiti. The blues of the lake will wash away all the fatigue, and refill your senses. Book or customize your Hampta Pass trek package with us today!

If you’re looking to experience the landscape and splendor of Hampta Pass with lesser efforts, consider the Hampta Circuit trek, which is a short yet equally beautiful trek that traces a more unexplored trail. Give yourself a chance to delight yourself with the Hampta Pass & Chandratal Trek in Manali. Hampta Pass Trek With Trekmunk will surely make you come back for more.


  1. Day 1 Drive from Manali to Jobra and Trek to Chika

     The drive from Manali to Jobra is about 2 hours long, and a real treat to the eyes. Watch out for the sprawling views of the stunning Kullu Valley. Somewhere along the way the Rani Nallah pops out and starts running alongside throughout the trek until the snow of Hampta Pass finally covers it. Once you reach Jobra, the trek to the day’s campsite is about 2 hours away. It winds through beautiful forests of pine, silver birch and maple. Once off at Jobra, you’ll find a narrow path entering the forest. Take this trail. The lofty canopies of pine are broken intermittently by green maple, a welcoming sight. About 25 minutes into the trail, a beautiful meadow looms into view, just below a huge boulder. 

    The Jobra meadow is divided by the Rani Nallah, and beautiful hills can be seen on both sides. It is not uncommon to see cows and sheep grazing in the meadows. You have an option to either trek through the meadow or go over the hill on the left side, which slightly shortens the trail. From here on, take a slight right, and stick to the left bank of the river till the end. Initially, there are many stones and boulders on the trail, but a little bit of cautious treading does the trick. You can see beautiful dwarf Rhododendrons on the lower and mid sections of the mountain, and Birch on the higher ends. Behind you, the Dhauladhar ranges can be viewed in a panoramic sprawl. The waterfall on your left can be used to refill your bottles here. Past the waterfall, turn slightly right and make for the river. If you want to cross the river, take off your shoes and leap through the rocks across the river. Entering a bordered valley marks the halfway point of the trek. On the other side of the river lies the beautiful Chika campsite.

    Altitude: 10,800 ft.

    Time Taken: 2 hours trek and 2 hours drive

    Trek Distance: 6 km

    Difficulty – Easy to moderate

  2. Day 2 Trek form Chika to Balu Ka Ghera

    The river is fed continuously by the melting snow, and you can see marvelous snowy peaks which guard the Hampta Pass. Take the trail that runs along the river, and soon enters a rectangular valley. The trail is laced with a mix of floral colors like purple, pink, and yellow. The area is also devoid of trees, which don’t reappear for quite a while. After around a half hour of trekking, you leave the valley behind, and walk further till the trail eases out into a level walk just as you reach Chota Balu Ka Ghera. You can rest and have a quick bite here. Past here you trek further along the same trail.

    Just before you reach the campsite, the trail is laden with big rocks, dispersed unevenly and a bit far apart. This makes crossing them a bit difficult. Once you’ve crossed that section, Balu Ka Ghera greets you. It is mainly made up of the sand and dust that the river brings forth.
    Just behind you are the very mountains that you’ll trek through the next day to reach the Hampta Pass.

    The sun looks phenomenal as it sets behind the lofty Hanuman Tibba peak.

    Altitude:  12,4111 ft.

    Time Taken: 4-5 hours

    Trek Distance: 5 km

    Difficulty – Moderate

  3. Day 3 Trek from Balu Ka Ghera to Shea Goru via Hampta Pass

    The most important day of the trek. The trail to Hampta Pass is a steep climb, followed by an equally steep descent down to Shea Goru. We aim to reach the Pass by lunch time, and start descending to Shea Goru post lunch.

    Post breakfast, you begin the trek by making for the mountains just before the Hampta Pass. The trail is carpeted with beautiful flowers along the river banks, which you follow for about an hour till the river is right below you. The trail begins to fade at certain points along today’s trek, so make sure you don’t lose your way. The ascent becomes considerably steeper as you cross a rockfall prone area. You reach a scenic plateau in about a half hour, with the looming Deo Tibba peak right before you. Take a short halt here to catch your breath, and make for the next big ascent. The climb takes about 30 minutes before it ends at a ridge, from where a parallel ridge pops into view – your next stop. From the second ridge, your final destination is only a turn away! The end of the first ridge will give you jaw-dropping views of the surrounding ranges. The perfect place to exercise your photography skills. Once you’ve descended down the first ridge, the climb to the second one is almost a vertical one, and takes nearly 20 minutes.

    From the right side of the pass, you can see the Lahaul side unfolding right below. Descend in a zig-zag manner to ease the stress on your knees, and to make the descent slightly more comfortable. The first downhill walk takes about half an hour, after which, a u-bend will land you just below the Hampta Pass. Now it is a total downhill trek on snow, and the same zig-zag route must be followed right till the valley. Once you’re at the foot of the valley flanked by majestic snowy peaks on three sides, trek along the open side, which leads you to Shea Goru.

    The trail is now levelled out, and quite easy. The river re-emerges on your right. Camp here for the night, and bask in the adrenaline rush and happiness of the pass-crossing.

    Altitude at different points of the trek:  12,254 ft. via 14,035 ft.

    Time Taken: 9 hours

    Trek Distance: 6.65 km

    Difficulty – Moderate

  4. Day 4 Trek from Shea Goru to Chatru; Drive to Chandratal and back to Chatru

    The descent is a bit difficult as you approach the road. You must walk along the sides of rocks, while at times it might be preferable to traverse down through the river / glacier bed and skip the rocks altogether. The trail might have slippery soil in some parts too, so be extra cautious, and try to leap over these sections to avoid slipping and sliding down. Once you’ve left the mountains behind, in about 3 hours you can see the Chandra river, flanked by a couple of glacial streams which must be crossed in order to reach the road on the other side. The Chhatru campsite crops up into view, circled by the mountains of Lahaul.

    A visit to Chandratal lake, the iconic ’Moon Lake’ of Spiti, is possible only when the roads are clear of snow. The lake is about 70 km away, and the drive up to it is a tad uncomfortable. For those with motion sickness, keep Avomine tablets handy.

    At 14,100 ft., Chandratal is a treat to the senses. Although, given the high altitude, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated to avoid AMS.

    Altitude changes at different points of trek:  Time Taken: 4-4.5 hours
    Trek Distance: 6.87 km
    Difficulty – Moderate

  5. Day 5 Drive from Chhatru to Manali

    The final day of your trek. Leaving the beautiful desert of Spiti valley behind, you drive back to Manali via the legendary Rohtang Pass. The four hours drive a picturesque one.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
Inclusions in the package:
  •  Accommodation: All accommodation on the trek will be on twin sharing basis in Tents or Homestays. Any accommodation in a hotel/guest house/hostel (if mentioned in the itinerary and not mentioned in exclusions) will be in a 2-3 star accommodation unless mentioned otherwise.
  • Trek Leader and Guides: A team of an experienced and certified Trek Leader, as well as a professional guide, will accompany you for the trek.
  • Services of a Professional Trekking Team: A team of an experienced Cook, Camp Staff, Porters/Mules will accompany you for all the arrangements on the trek.
  •  Meals: All Meals on the Trek are included. We will serve Vegetarian Indian food on the trek which will be cooked by our high altitude chefs. It will be a five meal plan including Morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner. You will be provided with clean mountain water from the streams to drink. You can carry water purification tablets if you deem necessary but we advise otherwise.
  • Trekking and Safety Equipment: All the camping equipment such as Tents, Sleeping bags, Toilet Tents, Dining Tent, Mattresses, and other things will be provided by us and we guarantee the quality. Safety Equipment including Medical kit, Oxygen Cylinder, Oximeter, Crampons & Gaiters(if required) will be provided by us. We recommend you to bring your own sleeping bags if possible.
  • Permits and Forest Camping Charges: Only for Indian Clients, All the applicable trekking permits, Camping Charges, Forest Entry Fee etc will be paid by us. Foreigners have to pay these charges if not mentioned.
  • A Life Changing Experience: We assure you that by trekking in the Himalayas you will have a life changing experience and we will do everything we can to provide you with the best services and make your venture in the wild an unforgettable one.
Exclusions in the package:
  • GST and Other Taxes: The goods and services tax is not included in the price mentioned with the trek. They will be charged once you add the trek in your cart. They are subjected to change according to government rules of India.
  • Accommodation and Food in Manali: Food and stay in Manali are not included in the package. You can book your hotels or homestays in Manali, we can recommend a few good options.
  • Flights and Transportation: Flights or other means of transport is not included in the package. Transportation from home to Manali and vice versa is not included in the package. We can arrange a cab for you according to your requirements but you will be liable to pay for the same. Any expenses occurred during the journey are not included in the package cost.
  • Personal Trekking Equipment: Your Rucksack, personal clothing, shoes, trek poles, and other personal trekking gear is not included in this package. You have to bring your own gear according to that weather and difficulty of the trek.
  • Portage of Personal Bags(Offloading): We highly advise you to carry your own burden (your rucksack) but due to any reason if you wish to not carry your rucksack, we can arrange for a porter/mule to carry it. For this service, you will be charged over and above the trek cost. The charges for offloading vary with every trek.
  • Travel Insurance: Travel Insurance is not included in this package. We recommend you to have travel insurance before opting for such adventures.
  • Personal Expenses: Any personal expenses incurred (laundry, Bottled Water, Beverages, snacks, orders tea houses or dhabas, Tips for guides etc) are not included in the package.
  • Emergency Expenses: Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, bad weather, landslides, road conditions and any other circumstances beyond our control are not included in the package.
  • Anything not mentioned in Inclusions of the package.
Questions about the Trek
Who is this trek meant for?

Hampta is a moderate trek but well prepared beginners can easily do this one.  

The best season for this trek?

The best season for the trek is from June to October. It is a bit risky during rainy season but that is fun to do.

What things are needed to be carried?

Rucksack, high ankle trekking shoes, one fleece jacket, one down feather / hollofil jacket, 3 pairs of quick dry T-shirts and trek pants, 5-6 pairs of socks, balaclava, a daypack, sunscreen SPF 50+, scarf, towel, lip balm, headlamp / torch, 2 water bottles of 1 litre, and personal medicines.For a complete checklist,  download the checklist from the footer.

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