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What is the weather during the Kuari pass trek?

The summer temperature remains between 19 and 29 C while the winter temperature drops to-8 C, and the maximum temperature can be as high as 12 C. Thus, these two seasons are suitable for the Kuari Pass trek.

The weather becomes clear from October, and you can see a mesmerizing view throughout the trek. From late November to early December, snowing begins on a regular winter. As the winter progresses, the snow deposited increases during February and reaches a maximum. Beautiful campsites add more enjoyment and charm.

It is essential to wear proper winter clothing as the temperatures of the campsite are below zero in winter. The daytime temperature remains cool from November, and the nights are cold. Temperatures will be minimal late at night / early in the morning as you camp higher. The temperature of the Lower Khullara and Tali Jungle Camp may drop to -10 ° C/-15 ° C as winter progresses between December and February. Although the temperature inside the tent will be about 8 ° C to 10 ° C warmer than outside, it can still be freezing.

Kuari Pass Trek is best from April to mid-June during the summer season.

  • Summer: Summer sun is calm and pleasant, making the trek enjoyable. It is recommended to carry light woolens clothes.

  • Monsoon: For the trekkers, the road becomes muddy and slippery in the storm. In this season, it is best to avoid trekking.

  • Spring: Trekking Kuari Pass is considered the best time from mid-September to early November in the spring month. The trek is fun with greenery and calm weather all around.

  • Winter: During the winter season, the trek becomes difficult. During the winter, heavy woolen clothes and shoes are required for trekking.