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How is Kuari pass trek in summers?

Kuari Pass Trek is said to be incredible during the summer season, which starts from April and lasts till the mid of June. The summer sun, which has a sort of silence, makes the experience very enjoyable. The trek gets interesting with the golden element of sunlight that is there in the mountains during summers. An added point is that the tourists get to click sun-kissed pictures that are quite in demand these days.

Despite the weather being warm, it is advisable to carry light warm clothes. Taking warm clothes is suggested because there is a combination of a little heat and a bit of chill. Sometimes, the temperature can keep varying. During summer the scenes are gorgeous. The weather is bound to give you a splendid view of the greenery around. The greenery is present across the ground. There are mountains in the background which are likely to keep anyone to keep looking at it.

Auli is a very relaxing destination. Auli provides relaxation because there is this Alaknanda gorge, which flanks its North. The grassy slopes all around are never-ending. So, this can be said that it is in the list of the most mind moving hill zone in the Indian Himalayas. A lot of visitors visit it during the summer. The shepherds that live here, somewhere around the Rishikesh and Haridwar area, are involved in grazing sheep and goats throughout the summer. Almost at every point, you can find these animals which also provide a lot of products.