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How is Kuari Pass Trek in winters?

Trekking to the Kuari Pass is difficult during winters as compared to summers. Trekking is difficult mostly because there is a requirement of heavy boots and woolen clothes required for coping up with the weather. There is a bit of uneasiness in trekking when you are piled up with heavy clothes all over you. Also, this arises due to the luggage, which can get very heavy.

But then, whatever may be the issues with the trek, it is entirely worth it. It becomes magnificent during winters. The massive layers of snow that cover the mountains make it a breathtaking sight for tourists that undertake the trekking. By its virtue of being a colorful season, winter brings with it colorful vegetation and the pleasure of enjoying the slightest warmth that one gets in the chilly situations that it provides.

So, during this trek, you will be able to visualize how winter provides a complete transformation to the green forests containing those huge pine trees. The stark rock faces turn into glittering white scenes. This trek moves you towards the best and the most exceptional selected views that you can encounter throughout the year. Most of these views comprise of the Himalayan giants like Nanda Devi, Dronagiri, and Trishul. It has been said that the opinions that come under the Kuari Pass are the best in the Himalayas. Winter is deemed to be the best season for visiting Kauri Pass. This is because camping and hiking are superb experiences during this period.

Winter starts in December and addedly ends in March. The weather during this phase is a little harsh due to the freezing conditions. The snow cover keeps varying due to the snowfall each year. There are several delicacies available. These can be relished in the winter. The treats include some traditional hot drinks which prove to be very soothing.