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How is Kuari Pass Trek in Monsoons?

During monsoons, the Kuari Pass trek gets slippery and dangerous. But, the love or hate for hurricanes varies according to the preferences of the visitors. Some trekkers can be in favor of taking the trek during rains because of the lavish greenery it presents. They like to enjoy the comfort of hot snacks with tea that is available in so many different flavors. The opinion on whether trekking in Kuari pass is suitable in monsoons or not varies according to the perspectives of the customers. Some don’t find it enjoyable at all. They are not fond of the muddy path that gets created due to the water, which is very obvious. Also, it has been seen that landslides and flash floods are likely to occur during this time. This happens around the month of July.

Some people have also written in their experiences that the beauty of the trek gets washed away during this season. The vision gets destroyed, and whatever scenes are available during the entire year gets washed away. Moreover, the toughness and rigidness of trekking cannot be enjoyed as its all wet and gross all around. Unwanted waste is also generated. These consist of broken leaves and mud. Sediments are deposited here and there, and it is not a good view. Some may believe that such beautiful experiences cannot happen if you have to invest your time protecting things from getting wet. It is not favored by many to be covered in raincoats and go roaming around.