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trekking during periods

Trekking During Periods

Thinking about canceling your trek because your bleeding dates clash with the batch dates? You were not raised with adventure in your heart to scare away from such a petty issue!

You might think enduring exertion will lead you having worse cramps but on the contrary, the more you exercise, the less painful your periods are. The thought of being physically active during your periods might feel like a punch in your uterus but believe us, the more you move it the less you will feel it.



How to handle your periods while you are trekking? Don’t worry we got everything you need.



Come on now, as much as we don’t want men to know about it, *News Flash* – THEY KNOW ALL ABOUT IT, and when it comes to the trek leaders, they probably know more about the problems faced during treks, about the aspirin you should take. ( Meftal Spas is our savior girls). So shut the opposing voices in your head, walk up to your trek leader, ask and you shall be served with the solution.



Sanitary pads and tampons are made of non-biodegradable material. So it is a big no-no to throw them away in the wild because all they will do is pollute the nature and lay there forever. The solution for this is to carry a ziplock pouches with you, stuff your used absorbents in them, carry it to the nearest town and respectfully dispose them off in a bin. Yes, the thought is a little gross and might feel like the vein of your nose is just being pulled out, but hey, we have some duties towards our mother nature (but yes it is totally gross).



Blooper alert’, you are more prone to urinary tract infections during your periods. So to be of the safer side, carry enough sanitary pads and change them at regular intervals. Carry hand sanitizer, tissues, extra bottom layer (just in case) and you are suited up my ‘SUPERWOMEN’.