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Top 4 Bugyal Treks in 2023

Published On 11 Mar 2023 by Sumanta Paul

Scenery-wise, every trekker has a different taste. Some prefer views of distant snow-covered peaks while others adore treks through the woods. If the thought of walking through green meadows while on treks sparks joy, then this blog is for you. 

Nothing compares to the beauty of green bugyals in the summer, these vast alpine meadows make for a magnificent view, especially when they are in full bloom, with vibrant hues of flowers all around.

The landscapes make such a beautiful backdrop for photos ? It's a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, away from the views of tall buildings crowding the skies.

Join us on this walk through of the best bugyal treks for you to visit this year. Each one of these has pleasant views and will inevitably steal your heart. In this blog, we share the top 5 Bugyal treks you must add to your bucket list. Let's dive right in, starting with the Dayara Bugyal trek.


1. Dayara Bugyal trek

The DayaraBugyal trek is one of the easier treks but with no less scenery than the others. One of the most sought-after things in Dayara Bugyal is the scenic view of the Gangotri pass. Vast stretches of lush green grass make up the main meadows of this place.

It?s a 23-kilometer-long trek and ideally takes about 6 days to completely explore and successfully complete. It is home to the iconic butter festival, on this occasion, the locals make butter by churning the milk from local cows in big barrels.

The Dayara Bugyal trek shelters a lot of Hindu pilgrimage sites and temples. The greenery is all year long, however, winters see an influx of sports like skiing.

2. Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek

It?s 31 Kilometers of trekking through vast stretches of land filled with rhododendrons and green patches of grass. The Ali Bedni Bugyal trek houses the Bedini Kund, a pretty little lake amidst mountains at 11000 feet altitude.

The climb is pretty moderate difficulty-wise, people of all ages can give it a shot. The trek starts from the base camp at Wan village. You?ll come across a huge variety of flora and fauna on your way to Ghairoli Paatal, the next camp in the trek. Right after that is the trek to Ali Bedni Bugyal.

Once you set foot in Ali Bedni Bugyal, you?ll notice the endlessness of the meadows, it is the highest point in the trek. On the way to Ali Bedni Bugyal trek, is a series of small, dense forests which are greatly overshadowed by the vastness of the meadows.

3. Kuari Pass Trek

The KuariPass Trek is often regarded as one of the best suited for winters. This trek gets its name from a Hindu legend that depicts lord Shiva?s marriage. It is said that lord Shiva?s residence was the Nilkantha, which is right next to the Kuari Pass, the pass gets its name from lord Shiva meeting Goddess Parvati who was a bachelor (Kuari) at the time and hence the name.


It?s about 12700 feet high, with 6 days' worth of trekking on a 34-kilometer-long trail full of rhododendrons and deodars. The trek initiates at Joshimath, with a quick drive to Dhak village. On the way to Dhak, you?ll witness the mountains of Joshimath, a spectacular view from the safety of a car.

Dhak is where the walking part begins, the first trek is to the Guling top campsite where you?re supposed to camp for the night and set out on the journey at sunrise. Kuari pass is quite a bit demanding physically so make sure you have your stamina levels bulked up.

4. Roopkund Trek

A cluster of rocky snow-covered mountains at 16000 feet altitude, the Roopkund Trek is the highest and most difficult trek on this list. The area is prone to landslides during monsoons so it?s advisable to plan your visit amidst spring.

Not only is it calm during spring, but the temperature is about perfect and the flora is blooming. You can trek to Roopkund from the Bedni Bugyal Trek given you opt for the route that leads to Patar Nachauni. What awaits is a rather steep trek from 12.7k feet to 14k feet in Bhagwabhasa.

The last part of the upwards trek leads to the Roopkund summit standing at an altitude of 15.7k, you can tell it?s by no means an easy trek, but a worthy one! The best part is that the trek is quite accessible, you can always task us with planning your next trek to Roopkund!

While these are some of the best treks Uttarakhand has to offer, these are by no means the only ones. One honorable mention would be the Devkyara trek, home to the magnificent valleys of Supin and Obra. Check out our website for more climbs in Uttarakhand and Kashmir and choose the right one for you!

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6 Days
Location : Uttarakhand
Difficulty : Easy to Moderate
Best time : May to June; Sept to Oct
6 Days
USD 125 / INR 8,950/-
Location : Uttarakhand
Difficulty : Easy
Best time : Sept- May
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