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Photography Tour - Hornbill Festival and Assam

How about visiting the lesser explored regions of Nagaland for your next vacation? To this date and century, people in India remain in the dark about the beautiful culture and traditions of North-Eastern regions.
  • 8 Days
  • Easy
  • ₹ 55000
    $ 750*

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  • Since we have talked so much about the Hornbill festival, it is the main attraction of this tour, and for all the right reasons.
  • Visit Kaziranga National Park and getting to know about wildlife photography a bit.
  • Visit nearby villages. When it comes to learning about the customs and traditions of a place one cannot skip visiting the villages nearby, as they give the true picture of cultural practices of any place.
  • Photography sessions with your mentors so that you learn the art of clicking pictures that come alive


How about visiting the lesser explored regions of Nagaland for your next vacation? To this date and century, people in India remain in the dark about the beautiful culture and traditions of North-Eastern regions. It is sad to see that we as Indians still haven't wrapped around our heads the simple fact that Northeast India a huge part of our country and has lots of unique things to offer.

But worry not, if you want to get in touch with the colorful and distinct customs of North- East, then this photography tour is just what you need. In order to make you more familiar with the customs of North-eastern people, people in Nagaland to be specific, we have planned this trip in accordance with the famous Hornbill festival.

Hornbill festival is truly one of a kind, even at a place like Nagaland, where each tribe has their own festivals that they celebrate. Hornbill Festival is celebrated in Nagaland during the first week of December. Most of the population works in the agricultural fields in Nagaland and every tribe has its own festivals to celebrate the gifts of nature. The main motive of the Hornbill festival then is to maintain inter-tribe relations, all tribes of Nagaland come together to celebrate this unique festival. It is also because of this reason that the Hornbill festival is also called the"festival of festivals", how exquisite!

The festival is held at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama. All kinds of art and crafts are on display during this festival. Along with the traditional arts numerous competitions are also held during this festival. This is truly the place to be if you wish to explore the culture of Nagaland. All this humdrum will also give you the perfect opportunity to click beautiful pictures. There is truly no better way to spend your vacation than to visit Nagaland and be a part of this amazing festival. Apart from the festival this photography tour will allow you to explore the awesome Kaziranga National Park and all the fauna present inside it. You will be able to get tips on wildlife photography as well. To get you properly acquainted with the culture and people of Nagaland this tour will also include visits to nearby villages. Here you can interact with the natives and get to know about their lifestyles during first-hand conversations. What better way is there to know about the culture of a place than to talk with people dwelling there.

Brief Itinerary

Detailed Itinerary

You will be arriving in Guwahati, and from there we will be heading straight to Kaziranga National Park. You will be staying here overnight in order to wake up refreshed in the morning for a day full of new experiences.

Meals : L, D
Accommodation : Hotel

Get ready today to explore the Kaziranga National Park. Wake up early in the morning to go on a safari in the park. You will find a variety of birds and animals throughout the safari. Look out for the one-horned Rhinos, which are prized possessions of this national park. They are present in great numbers here and will be very easy to spot. Click some amazing pictures here as you will be heading out for Majuli later in the day. A ferry ride over the Brahmaputra will be concluding your day after which you will get to go in your rooms for a comfortable night.

Meals : B, L, D
Accommodation : Hotel

This day starts with exploring the Majuli river island. This place is a hub for Vaishnavite and Mishing tribal culture. You will be roaming around in the village and interacting with people in order to get to know about their culture. This day will also include visits to monasteries located nearby. Here you may also get to a dance performance by the monks. A tour of Namghar (prayer hall) is a must when you are exploring Majuli. The night will be spent at Majuli.

Meals : B, L, D
Accommodation : Hotel

Today you will be heading out of Majuli and towards Kohima. The drive will be a pleasant one as you will passing tea plantations and rice fields. We will make stops to ensure that you get to look at the plantations more closely. These will also make for amazing shots on your camera, so do not forget to click pictures here. You will reach Kohima in the evening and make sure you rest properly for the big day tomorrow.

Meals : B, L, D
Accommodation : Hotel

Finally, today you will be right in the centre of the Hornbill festival! During the span of these two days, you will get to see amazing performances, watch people as they compete with each other in different fields. There is no shortage of things to take notice of during this festival. For two days you will be amongst happy people who are filled with energy. Experiencing this exquisite festival where so many tribes come together for celebration is sure to inculcate a feeling of brotherhood inside you.

Everywhere you look you will be welcomed by beautiful, colourful sights and people. All these colours will make for a perfect opportunity to click vibrant photos. Bask in the culture of Nagaland as you move through the festival to explore different things. Try the local cuisine and visit the street markets of Kohima for a full experience. All the time you will be guided by your photography mentors on how to click awe-inspiring pictures. All these festivities will leave you rejoiced without a doubt.

Meals : B, L, D
Accommodation : Hotel

After experiencing the Hornbill festival you will be heading out today to explore more cultural aspects of Nagaland. You will be visiting Angami villages to understand more about the lifestyles of Angami and Naga people. The day will include interacting with the natives of the villages. You will be in close proximity with these people and will be clicking pictures of how these people spend their day to day lives. A soothing experience that will ensure that you learn a lot.

Meals : B, L, D
Accommodation : Homestay/ Hotel

Now, it’s time to end this exquisite and charming trip. You will be heading back to the airport today, and from there to your normal lives. What you will be heading back with though- countless beautiful memories, and countless beautiful photographs- is of significance.

Meals : B, L, D
Accommodation : Hotel

How To Reach

You can reach Dimapur by taking flight from different parts of the country. Our team will meet you at the airport.


  • Accommodations: All accommodations will be on twin sharing basis in Hotels or Homestays. Any accommodation in a hotel/homestay will be in a 3 star or higher hotel.
  • Transportation: All means of transportation as per the itinerary are included in the package.
  • Photographer Menor and an Assistant: A Photographer mentor and an assistant will be assisting and guiding you on this trip.
  • Meals: All Meals are included. We will serve Vegetarian Indian food.
  • A Life-Changing Experience: We assure you that by trekking in the Himalayas you will have a life-changing experience and we will do everything we can to provide you with the best services and make your venture in the wild an unforgettable one.

Note: Prior to booking any adventure with Trekmunk, it will be mandatory to sign the waiver form and get a medical certificate from a doctor in due time, without these, you will not be allowed to start the trek. All this will be done online without using any paper.


  • GST and Other Taxes: The goods and services tax is not included in the price mentioned with the trek. They are subjected to change according to the government rules of India.
  • Flights: Flights are not included in the package. 
  • Personal Equipment: Your camera equipment, Rucksack, personal clothing, shoes and other personal gear is not included in this package. You have to bring your own gear according to the weather and difficulty of the trek.
  • Travel Insurance: Travel Insurance is not included in this package. We recommend you to have travel insurance before opting for such adventures. You can buy insurance from us while booking the trek, it is optional.
  • Personal Expenses: Any personal expenses incurred (Laundry, Bottled Water, Beverages, Snacks, Orders at tea houses or dhabas, Tips for guides, Camera fees, etc) are not included in the package.
  • Emergency Expenses: Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, bad weather, landslides, road conditions, and any other circumstances beyond our control are not included in the package.
  • Anything not mentioned in Inclusions of the package.

Cancellation Policy And More Information

Booking Terms:

1. Confirmation Policy:

Upon Booking, An invoice will be sent to your mail & within 12 to 24 hours the booking confirmation with additional details will be sent to your mail.

2. Cancellation Policy:

(a) 10 percent of the prices of our trips/treks/tours or product or service is your deposit and is not refundable, in any case.

(b) Cancellation received 45 days or more: 90% refund

(c) Cancellation received 30 - 44 days: 60% refund

(d) Cancellation received 30 - 15 days: 30% refund

(e) Cancellation less than 15 days: No refund

For more details, go to

3. Refund Policy:

Any refund applicable will be processed within 10 to 15 business days as per the company policy.

4. Postpone/Transfer of a booked trek:

1. You can postpone your booked trek for a period of two months (61 days) but we will charge a 20% processing fee. The last date for the postponement will be 15 days before the start of the trek. Failing to book the slot in 2 months (61 days) time, would be considered a cancellation with no refund of any kind. Postpone of a booked trek can only be done once. 

2. You can transfer your booked slot for the trek to any fit person till 15 days before the trek. You just have to mail us the request and rest we will handle. The new person has to get all the mandatory documents duly signed for the trek.

More Information: 

1. We Trek for a Cause: For overall development of the areas we run our operations in, we donate Rs 100/- per booking from our profits which are used for the upliftment of the local people and conserving nature. We have named this initiative as - Trek for a Cause. For more details, follow:

2. We are paperless: We are focusing on Sustainable Tourism and to do that we are trying all measures to convert our trek operations to be Eco-Friendly. Going Paperless is one step closer to our aim. 

3. Single-Use Plastic: Trekmunk does not encourage the use of single-use plastic items. We are ensuring that our team is working together to reduce the problem and educate those around them. We will send you instructions on how to go plastic-free on your adventures.

4. Preparing for your Holiday: Getting some additional exercise makes a lot of sense to spend time before coming on a trekking adventure. The fitter you are, the more enjoyable you will find the experience. Hiking in the hill country is the best training but jogging, squash and swimming are also good for developing cardiovascular fitness and stamina. To read more on how to get fit, follow: 

5. Electricity Supply & Plug: You will get electricity supply till the starting point of the trek. If not Indian, We recommend you check if you require an adaptor for your electrical items at:

6. Currency: The unit of currency in India is the Indian Rupees.

7. Health & Vaccinations: 

Severe Allergies: If you have a severe allergy please inform the Trekmunk office before you travel. We will do all we can to help, but we cannot guarantee an allergy-free environment on trekmunk trips. You will need to carry your own treatment for the allergy with you, as 'adrenaline auto-injectors' are not carried as standard by our leaders and staff. You should inform your leader on the arrival of your allergy, and let them know where you keep your adrenaline pen.

Vaccinations: You should contact your doctor or travel clinic to check whether you require any specific vaccinations or other preventive measures. You should be up to date with routine courses and boosters as recommended e.g. diphtheria-tetanus-polio and measles-mumps-rubella, along with hepatitis A and typhoid. Malarial prophylaxis is not usually required for trips in the mountains, however, if you are visiting rural and remote low lying areas then they might be necessary. 

8. Passport & Visas/Identity Proofs: If foreigner, Validity for 6 months, should have blank pages, and should be kept with yourself all the time.

9. Water: If you are on a trekking or cycling holiday, water is supplied to fill up your individual bottles. This will be boiled or filtered. Additionally, you should take purification tablets or a filter bottle (such as a LifeStraw, Sawyer Filter) to treat your water when in towns or where water is not supplied. We do not encourage the purchasing of single-use plastic bottles.

10. Altitude: This adventure involves going to a very high altitude. This is not something that you should worry about; the human body is quite capable of adapting to a very wide range of altitudes, but it is important that we follow some simple rules in order to acclimatize successfully. We will send you the information in your mailbox about Acute Mountain Sickness and trekking in high altitudes. On this trip, we carry bottled oxygen for use in emergencies.

11. Guidance on Tipping: Tipping is the accepted way of saying thank you for good service. Normally the guide and any other trek staff are given their tips at the end of the trek and this is best done as a group. The main guide will make sure that the tip is appropriately distributed among all the staff members on the trek.

12. Spending/Emergency Money: Approximately Rs. 8000-10000/- (in Indian Currency)should be carried for miscellaneous expenses including porter and trek crew tips, drinks, soft drinks, etc. We recommend that you carry your travel money in the form of cash as the availability of ATM is less in these remote areas. This can also serve as your emergency spending money.

13. Travel Insurance: It is recommended to have travel insurance for these kinds of adventures. When taking out insurance please ensure the policy you choose covers you for the activities and altitude included in your itinerary. We will ask for the Travel Insurance Details over a mail. Indians can buy insurance from us while booking the trek.


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