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Will there be snow in Sandakphu during February?

Singalila Ridge or the Sandakphu Trek is said to be one of the most ethereal pathways in the eastern part of India. Coincidentally, it turns out to be the topmost point in the eastern state of West Bengal. This trek gives you an opportunity to witness some of the most awesome views of the Himalayan range. With perfect views of the peaks and some of the highest mountains on the planet, a Sandakphu trek could be taken in February and has much to offer.

Sandakphu weather conditions in the month of February are highlighted with chilly cold winds and layers of snow. It requires an experienced trekker to go around this place during the month of February. However, if you are a newbie you can seek professional guidance and go on to this trek.
When you start trekking along the path from Manebhanjan, you are very near to crossing the Nepal-India international line too often. As a matter of fact, Tumling and Sandakphu are in the borderline of both countries.