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Can I get some local trekking guide contact numbers for Dudhsagar trekking?

Dudhsagar water is found on the Goa-Karnataka border and it’s a region of Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary. Yes, it’s a hidden gem of Goa aside from the beaches. Mountain range of Western Ghats is known for waters and Dudhsagar waterfall is one in every one of them. It recently became a lot of note among the trekkers and Travellers.
Thanks to the Madras categorical moving-picture show and Rohit Shetty a lot of exactly. once that everybody started finding out the Dudhsagar Trek and their square measure hardly any solutions on the market on Google, therefore I believed of writing concerning it very well as an entire orient Dudhsagar water visit.

Monsoon is that the best time to go to water, however, risks succeeding in falls doubles, therefore it’s perpetually recommended to go to the falls in winter and summer seasons.
I will advocate visiting this water with the putative organization rather than occurring your own. largely Mumbai-Pune & Bangalore crowd have started visiting the place because it has become common recently. There are few sensible organizers that organize Dudhsagar trek from city & Pune. My recommendations – Explorers cluster from Pune, tiny STEPS ADVENTURES from city and Nature Walkers from the urban center.