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Are there any long-trekking trails in India like PCT (Pacific Crest Trail)?

Nepal has one extraordinarily latitude long trail which is known as “The Great Himalaya Trail”.

It is one of the longest and one of the toughest trekking pathways in the blue planet. The trail encompasses a lot of peak places in Nepal. It starts with the Kanchenjunga. It is on Nepal’s east region border towards a place called Humla on its west region border. The approximate latitudinal length of this trek is about 1700 km.

The Great Himalaya Trail was invented and discovered around in the year 2009 with rugged descriptions of local pathways, traveling sprees, pilgrimage hosts and local pathways. But now it is extensively researched and one of the well-documented trails. These checkpoints can be traveled through beautiful landscapes.

This is one of the most awesome pathways because we go through the length and breadth of Nepal. The pathways have many diverse mountainous terrains to explore everything ranging from dense jungles to elevated altitudes of Alpine.

The place offers more than just a beautiful hill like mountain ridges and natural sceneries. You travel along with the diverse heritages of Nepal encompassing the Hindu settlements, Buddhists settlements, Sherpa settlements, Refugee settlements.