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Would it be safe visiting the Kheerganga trek on 12th-13th of February 2020?

The beautiful picturesque landscape of the breathtakingly beautiful kheerganga will be a great feast to your eyes and soul. Located along the banks of the Parvati River, in Kasol is a nature calling for all those who seek to witness heaven on Earth. This place is one of the most awesome places for wanderers. It is a perfect place for someone who wants to trek the mountains, bask in the warm sun rays and form an everlasting bond with the mountain people. Kasol in winter is indeed a heaven on Earth.
The weather of Kasol during winter is a chilly one. Those who are pro trekkers can make it through an adventurous place. In February, a lot of the roads to Kasol are blocked due to the heavy downpour of snow. The cold and dry winds make it difficult to explore Kasol during the months of winter. Kheerganga is indeed a tough trek during winter months. So, if you are an experienced trekker then only plan it during the month of February.