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Will there be snow in June on the Chanderkhani trek?

Himachal Pradesh hosts a great range of beautiful meadows and treks around the Indian subcontinent. Chandrerkhani trek is one of the most beautiful treks going around the awesome place Manali. Manali is a hill station and hill stations are best during June. June is a month when you find an optimum balance of cold and hot temperatures. So yes, you get to see snow in June at Chanderkhani Pass Trek. Manali is a paradise and one of the greatest places in the Indian subcontinent, you should make it a point to visit. These exciting places have so much to offer ranging from beautiful ice-capped peaks with mesmerizing thrilling activities such as Rappelling, Paragliding, Rock Climbing, River Rafting, River Crossing, Trekking, Camping, Hiking, etc. These activities will surely give you an experience of a lifetime. Just go on and visit this beautiful place and get the memories to cherish forever. Take a step forward towards this Chanderkhani trek in Manali and yes you can very well visit this place during the month of June.