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Will I require spikes with my snow trekking shoes, as I will be doing the Kedarkantha trek (Uttrakhand) in January 2020?

Generally, the snow downpour is coming late in recent years and first snow downpour in Garhwal was around 25th Dec morning.
Miniature spikes or non-slipping grips are not a mandate for Kedarkantha trek. When you are walking on newly snow downpour, these shoes are not at all required. These find practical use only in heavy ice or slushy path to have a good grip. Anyhow, if you are wearing a decent rubber sole having around mid or high ankle boots, you will find it manageable.

However, it also is dependent upon the previous experience of a person walking in snow or ice. Your comfort is directly proportional to your experience.

However, recently a lot of the adventure undertaking companies give you these spikes. If you are planning on going on your own, you should consult with some local guide, who can give you suggestions as per the prevailing situation.
So, in short, you need not have those high fashioned spikes but a light rubber with minimal spikes should do for the trek. If you are going with some trekking company, you need not carry your own spikes.