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Why shouldn’t I trek alone in the mountains?

The chills of the feeling of trekking alone might sound like a big thrill but it is very risky if you are not a pro trekker. Here are some of the reasons as to why trekking alone is yes or no.

· You have a great opportunity to introspect and find more about yourself. You are free to delve into yourself and your interests.
· You have the serene time to experience nature (in its rawest form).
· You will be able to discover new paths and roads. You may get to see rare varieties of flora and fauna.
· You may find your life’s higher goals. You may get a sense of direction and clarity.

· You can all tingly and have a feeling of homesickness.
· You will be in a stressful situation emotionally if by chance you got lost.
· You could not be able to get to a locality as you are inexperienced.
· You should take risk according to your capacity.