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Why is the Bir-Billing Trek so famous?

Bir Billing, which is located in the Kangra is one of the gems of Himachal Pradesh. It is quite famous for several reasons. The culture of the Himachalis and its ethereal beautiful landscape will surely enchant a trekker. But the most appropriate reason for this beautiful place to be famous is Thus, Bir Billing is very famous as the deemed Paragliding capital on this blue planet. Apart from this, the awesome culture of Tibetian monasteries provides a thrill to your spiritual gamut. The place is often included in the package on a trip to Manali or Shimla. This makes it ideal for a short 3 days visit. You can go for paragliding all through the year, but it is most sought for in the wintry months of October or November. However, the entire summer is ideal. One can head on to this place to get away from the consistent warm sun rays. It’s the ultimate adventure of a lifetime. You should go to this place and enjoy nature from the height of a bird’s eye.