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What is the difficulty level of the Kuari pass trek?

Kuari Pass Trek is a Himalayan trek of high altitude. This trek’s level is easy to moderate, involving physical fitness, endurance, and stamina. There is no need for prior trekking experience, which means that beginners are always welcome. The trek’s duration is just about six days, and it’s all about 33 kilometers. You’d find some steep slopes or dangerous ridges where woods covers most of the trail. It may get a bit difficult during most of the winter when the snow begins to play its part because the path gets plunged into the snow; otherwise, it is considered to be an easy trek throughout the year.

Kauri Pass trek is highly recommended for beginners due to the moderate level of trekking involved. Sometimes referred to as the Lord Curzon Trail, the trek is top-rated among people trekking in the Himalayan Garhwal region. Kauri Pass trek, however, happens to be a Lord Curzon Trail segment that ends at Ghats. As the autumn season approaches, these treks are held as pre-monsoon and post-monsoon treks.

And as to the difficulty level, simple climbing techniques would be sufficient to take you through some challenging trek segments. Any fit person is eligible for this trek from the age of 14 onwards. It starts with trekking through the slopes of Auli, considered to be a moderate trek. Your final climb to Kauri Pass might be a little challenging, where you’d have to cross an ice floored bridge.