Vaishali Puranik

“Chadar Trek !!!!   Lucky to witness the nature’s wonder. A dream. A fantasy. The ultimate bucket list item.  I can honestly say that this journey was everything I hoped it would be and more! From the beginning TrekMunk was super helpful in preparing for the trip. The packing list provided was extremely conducive to what was truly needed for the trip. The briefing that took place the night before allowed us to meet our group. Our trek leaders gave us a great overview of the adventure ahead . TrekMunk team truly did a flawless job of making our trek a stress free experience. Having the company so organized allowed me to enjoy the journey without having to worry about anything except being right there in the moment, taking it all in. The camps were always set up by the time we arrived and the porters cheered us on as we celebrated making it through the walk. I do not know how the porters managed to do various activities so effortlessly , was truly blessed to know some amazing people up close. It felt great to be welcomed so warmly after a day of tough walk on a frozen river. I think our small group size of 9 people bought together by common interest helped the bonding process with other members and have a meaningful experience compared to some of the other larger groups we saw. Trekking with TrekMunk is like going on an adventure with friends .It’s obvious that Harshit ,Oshank & Mohit love the outdoors and they did everything possible to make our Chadar trek a fantastic and safe experience. I will choose and recommend TrekMunk again when looking for another adventure!!!  Thank you team TrekMunk!!”