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We believe that a true backpacker has no fixed plan. For us, we travel not to reach anywhere and tick off places from the map but to move; move from the monotony and experience whatever is out there, wherever it is.  When backpacking, there are certain rules that everyone will tell you,

        〉  pack less than what you can carry, you will pick things on the way

        〉  be careful when hitchhiking

        〉  follow your gut instinct

        〉 stick to your budget


What no one tells you is,

        〉  how lonely and beautiful it is arriving in a town where nobody knows your name.

        〉  how to make friends which is the best part about travelling.

        〉  how to leave the tourist in you behind and take forward the traveller inside you.


Leave those corporate grabs behind. Learn that life is more than your corner office aspirations and job promotions. Get ready for the real backpacking experience as Trekmunk brings to you backpacking in its rawest form. Without any itinerary, exploring off beat places that are not marked on maps, living with the locals and learning there way of life, eating authentic local cuisine that developed our taste buds; come travel with us as we teach you the art of backpacking by creating situations on the go. take part in spontaneous scenarios that will lead you to hitchhike/ find your own way on the map/ talk to strangers/ do insane things to get the desired outcome we set. You wont just learn how to be on your own for your next solo backpacking trip but also what the lifestyle of a true traveller is. You will be taught  how to  correctly pack your backpack and medical kits by NOLS certified wilderness first responders. If you want to be a traveller not a tourist, and looking for an adventure and not luxury, we promise to curate your backpacking experience a life altering one.

So come join us as we Replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity because we believe that life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

With travel on your mind; now, be.

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    Kerala Backpacking

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      Sikkim Backpacking

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