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Are there any trek groups in Pune which have girls as well?

Various pathways around Pune provide the best trekking groups for a short expedition. Here is a shortlist of some of the awesome trek organizers groups in the Pune region.

1) Gadvede trekkers: Gadvede trekker is a body that organizes the most difficult Sahyadri Trek along the Himalayan region, the remarkable safari ride in the jungle, camping around natural sites, corporate out the park trek. There is ample opportunity for a couple of adventurous activities like climbing on the rocks, rafting around the river, paragliding in the blue skies. They organize it meticulously in the laps of nature.

2) AwaraRahi: A start-up trekking team has been extraordinarily packed up around the last few days. The packages offered will give you an easy and cheap expedition towards all places in Mumbai and Pune.

3) Ashwamedh adventures: The Ashwamedh Adventures, is a scripted group of nature and planning which makes up plans for several adventurous events during all along the days of the year.