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Are there any accommodation facilities for an overnight stay in the Rajmachi Fort area?

You will find appropriate accommodation places in the Rajmachi Fort area which are open to tourists. The local people who are staying there can provide you with decent accommodation in their huts. You can also carry a tent and set it up. There is enough open ground for the same. The best possible way would be to visit a Decathlon shop before your trek. Carry a beautiful handy and portable tent. It may cost you around one thousand eight hundred Indian rupees. These tents are best for two people. Just get a prior training on how to set up a tent and practice it twice. This much would be enough for you to go on setting up this tent anywhere. Carry this tent and reach Ramachi ideally by 6 in the evening. This time has a significant amount of light enabling you to set up a tent. You may also need to carry a mosquito repellent, some packed food maybe canned or slices of sandwiches. Have an ample dinner at around 8 in the night.