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Are Fila Shoes good for trekking in India?

On the point that whether FILA shoes would be good for trekking, the answer would be NO, to a large extent. If you are going for an easy trek such as the Triund, then yes it can be done with FILA shoes but if you are going for a moderate or difficult trek, then it is advised to choose a good pair of trekking shoes. Hiking Shoes: Hiking shoes are a lot like trail running shoes. They are lightweight and have flexible soles. They are meant for short treks (one day or weekend). These shoes are good when you don’t have to carry heavy loads. They are superb for warm weather and dry terrain. Running shoe soles will compress over time, but they are usually good for at least 500 trail miles, sometimes much more. This depends on the individual and the terrain to be hiked. If you are hiking only on dry packed-earth trails, and carrying a light pack, and have strong ankles, you can hike in running shoes. Check Out The Best Hiking Shoes: Adidas Men’s Ax2 Trekking Shoes, Wildcraft Men’s Trekking Shoes, Salomon X Ultra 2 Hiking Shoes, Quechua Forclaz WTP Trekking Shoes.