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Porters to carry your stuff, cooks to make food, gulab-jamuns at 12,000 ft, pre-pitched tents- trekking in 2017 shall be renamed as luxury trekking. The true meaning of trekking got lost somewhere in transition from an art to feel alive to an adventure sport. We at TrekMunk strongly believe that people should experience real alpine trekking and hence came out with the alpinist range.  All that said, going alpine does not under any circumstances mean taking risks; it is solely a way to earn the respect of the mountains.


A list of things that you should expect from this kind of trekking:

  • You will start from the scratch, making a list of ration you will be carrying as you will have to buy them and cook your food yourself. This will help you note how to manage the limited ration you have over the number of days.

  • Though we will provide you with the equipment(tents, sleeping bags, etc.), you will have to carry them on your own. You will learn one of  the most important skill of trekking, i.e. selecting a campsite. One has to keep many things in mind when selecting a campsite as many a trekkers have lost their lives just because they chose the wrong place to pitch their tents.

  • You will be accompanied by a ghost trek leader and a guide, who will only help you when asked for. These ghost trek leaders and guides are extremely experienced in all aspects of trekking ranging from trails to medical situations.

  • This experience will surely make you realize the importance of each grain in your backpack.

  • When you get back, you will have the most unique trekking story to share.


Book an alpine trek if you want to experience what trekking really feels like. Get ready to change your perception towards being in the wild.