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Trekmunk is a story of three average guys who decided to make their lives large. It is story of three guys who decided to join the cult of overcoming fears and following their passion and most importantly,their dream. They met in 2016 and over a period of just some months,forged a brotherhood that would literally take them places

After leading thousand of trekkers sucessfully to the most renowned summits and through jow dropping passes,their aim is to provide every mountain lover the means to scale the Himalayas. All they do is pick up some adrenaline junkies, and move towords the sound that calls them upwards; the siren-song of the summit.


Dream Team
The Dream Team


"Trekmunk is changing the indian trekking industry"
"10 Most Promising Adventure Sporting and Trekking Companies - 2020"
" Things you do for the Passion for Travel"

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