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We deliver workshops around India which usually cover the following topics:


1. What to carry:

People usually overpack their bags and have an issue of carrying it on the slopes. We would provide them with just the right checklist to pick the right amount of everything.

2. How to pack your bag:

Under this we would be teaching people about the ABCD of packing the bag the right way; A-Accessibility, B-Balance, C- Compression, D- Done with above

3. How to physically and mentally prepare yourself:

How to perfectly train your body for what is not used to doing and the drawbacks of not preparing yourself.

4. The basics about altitude sickness and the do’s and dont’s of it:

The most important and the most ignored thing is altitude sickness. If not prepared for this, it can turn into a fatal thing.

We will try our level best to pour out all the knowledge in the best form we could and hope that people benefit from it.



After leading 100’s of batches on different Himalayan slopes, we realized that people don’t have the appropriate information and knowledge about the dangers in the wild and the risk they undertake when the fill the booking form.

‘We have seen people: offloading suitcases instead of backpacks, carrying branded leather jackets in temperatures below zero degrees, carrying 5 t-shirts for a 4-day trek, coming to a slope without zero preparation, taking medicines without consulting us and many other fatal bloopers.’ our trek leaders say.

To avoid these things or atleast bring them down by even a small portion is what we aim through these workshops.



  • Decathlon, Noida
  • Decathlon, Pacific Mall, Delhi
  • Decathlon, Ahmedabad
  • Decathlon, OMR (Bangalore)
  • Decathlon, Bannerghetta (Bangalore)
  • La Vida Travel Café, Ahmedabad
  • Kunzum Travel Café, Delhi
  • Decathlon, Sohna Road, Gurgaon


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