Shivna Pandya

Recently we took a trekking trip to Hampta pass with Trekmunk as our organizers.
We are 16 young adults, studying medicine to become doctors. Now I ain’t boasting, but as to-be-doctors we are taught very definitively that ill planning and lack of organisation can cost life.
And Trekmunk made sure that, we 16 hard-to-please white collars, had the most amazing time of our lives. A perfectly detailed trip with absolutely no ill planned calamities.
So what made us choose Trekmunk over the other organizers?
Truthfully, their presentation.
Once we had contacted them, their follow up emails and links had a quirky touch! Professional yet very friendly approach.
Eventually, once we had a deal struck, from payment installments to pre-trip planning, everything was handled without a fuss.
We also received time to time emails ranging from exercise routines to develop stamina, to list of things that we must carry!
I realised that Trekmunk believes in two things firmly.
One, to take care of you
And two, to take care of the nature.
And they make sure that none harms the other.
At the base camp, the trek leaders briefed us in detail (the irony!) about all the health hazard and precaution, the itinerary and of course the very basic, how to smart-pack your bag!
Their scientific approach was pretty impressive too. Oximeter readings everyday and regulated water intake, they take your health pretty seriously.
As for the food and the stay, it was satisfactory and up to the mark.
The tents were well maintained and so were the sleeping bags and mattresses they provided.
So comfortable and cosy was all of it, that you literally would want to stay in there all day long! They also pitched a big canopy tent, where the entire group would huddle and revel, once the day’s walking was over!
The food was amazing. Among the mountains where all the resources are scarce, they sure whipped scrumptious meals with a touch of local ingredients. Also offered us apples every day, a filler snack while walking.
Don’t worry they weren’t trying to keep us to-be-doctors away, just taking care of us!
And yes, they are pretty serious about protecting the nature. Hence after-camping-cleaning routine and not-a-single-wrapper littering, are rules they strictly abide by.
In a nutshell, Trekmunk, a brain child of three dreamers, ensures you services of a professional organization but the ambience of unpretentious nature lovers.
Their logo reads Go Alpine Or Go Home.
I’ll tell you a secret, you don’t have to choose. They help you feel at home among the alpines.